Using the free shuttle boat provided by the Peninsula Bangkok and public boat cruise!


"The Peninsula Bangkok"Mr. a、
Hotel's guests with peace of mind, you can use4 free shuttle boatsToMorning from 6: 00 evening 23:30Until the
And in the constant-time navigation、Across the riverOriental Pier Oriental PierAndPeninsula landing The Peninsula Pier、
In addition to theSaphan TaksinTrain station Saphan Taksin StationUntil can go
Sathorn Pier Sathorn PierUntil the guides you through 3 routes。
Bangkok, ThailandEnter in the evening of the first day of the、2012April 27.In that open from the hot topic in the night market
"The Asiatic Asiatique The Riverfront Riverfront"To me I went!


Chao Phraya RiverAmong the boat people come and go、Boat itself the Navigator and I wonder if giving light、
Peninsula Bangkok hotel shuttle boat and identify clearly and I of shuttle boats will be。
1To date approximately650Round tripEven here the shuttle boat is really useful!


One shuttle boat pilot and Board members.。
Is on board、For a somewhat shaken by the water、Please pick up properly。
It is OK if you tell where during the ride on the three routes where would you go?。
At this time "To the Asiatic"And to ask the、Saphan Taksin stationUntil can goSathon PierUntil we ride!


This time、Few users of the hotels?、Chartered status is。
So he runs, regardless of the number、Very helpful!


Bangkok at night、The less moisture than thought、Very pleasant temperatures.。
And run a boat、Comfortable style、Will produce a romantic sparkle of shimmer and swaying and high-rise towers at night time.


On the left hand、Bearing the golden dome "lebua lebua"、
Before the right hand "Shangri La Hotel Bangkok Shangri La Hotel Bangkok"And 5-star hotels can be found.


From the hotelSaphan Taksin stationUntil can goSathon PierUntil the、
In about 5 minutes ride、Oh that is between!


Sathon PierFrom、AsiaticTo many tourists head for、
Walk along the stream、Free shuttle boat to the AsiaticFerry。
17oclockFrom the openingAsiaticThat is the、18Time from many shops open out、
No fun in going too early taking into consideration the night。
As a result、18Sometimes after 20 pmAbout the time extremely expect large crowds。
Unless you go for the first time、20:-21:Would recommend starting space of time!


To wait for the boat twice at crowded during this time of considerable、
10Minutes-15 minutes intervalThe are currently running、30There was a waiting time of approximately。
A free shuttle boat to the Asiatic times、16Time-23:30Up in between.


A free shuttle boat to the Asiatic、Marked by Red Hulk "FREE SHUTTLE BOAT ASIATIQUE"And is written。
It is also not a big boat、To sit outside、
From the tip of the steamer boarded gyuu packed until the end、Seems to take for granted the Standing。
But like Motley also、Arouses the feeling of a little excitement (laugh)


Sathon PierFromAsiaticUntil the ride is、Approximately10: ~ 15 minutesAnd will be。
Could embark on the edge of the boat、With beautiful views at night、Will be lucky because the wind is soothing.


AsiaticThe big attraction is also in the landmarkFerris wheelWe have seen。
Is finally arrived!


Now、19Using the landing site of the century、The redeveloped spots
"The Asiatic Asiatique The Riverfront Riverfront"Let's explore!

The Peninsula Bangkok


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