Enjoy the elegant in the lobby restaurant of the Peninsula Bangkok Thailand cuisine lunch


"The Peninsula Bangkok"And it was renewed in theThe lobbyThe、Without interrupting the line of sight in the soaring atrium space open, high-quality colours and、The glass Windows、Chao Phraya RiverFor it is possible to enjoy the view。Here you will、Breakfast、Lunch、Cafe、DinnerAnd are available throughout the day all day dining。Breakfast is6Time 11: 30-、Lunch11At 18: 00、Dinner18At 23: 00、The last order for drinks23When the half-Next、Is open24oclockUntil the next.。According to the PM check-in time14Time-17:45In between the、18Time-22:45Until the unveiling of the live music and the and、Spend a pleasant time.


Ginger ale



Crunchy sesame seeds with plenty of bread and milk Pan、Grissini。Like a triangle of fried chips、Please give sources such as Tapenade is very tasty!


"Phad Thai Pad Thai (Thailand language:ผัดไทย) "B420 (Japan yen approximately 1,500 yen)

Phad Thai Pad Thai (Thailand language:ผัดไทย)And the、By using a slightly thicker rice noodles made of rice flour and make、Say in JapanCHOW MeinOf such as are。"Swish (Thailand language:ผัด) "The、"FRY""Thailand (Thailand language:ไทย) "The、"Kingdom of Thailand"The means that。So good with shrimp or chicken、This time theShrimp Pad ThaiIt is。And wrapped in a thin omelet、Squeezing the lime sauce.、And favorite flavored with seasonings such as fish sauce (Nam PLA)、Carefully mix。Noodles made of rice flour no longer getting dust and the feeling of the soft、Is a fried sweet and elegant taste.




"Goong Geang Kiew Wan Green Curry (Thailand language:แกงเขียวหวาน) ' B480 (Japan Yen about 1700 yen)

Green Curry (Thailand language:แกงเขียวหวาน)The、In JapanThai CurryIt is known as the Thailand food。"Goong Geang Kiew Wan Gan Cao WAA"And the、In Thai"Soup, green and sweet"The mean。Is in the mellow with coconut milk、Green CurryThe never, not sweet.SweetIs a named。Good texture Thailand Eggplant and mushroom FCRO、River shrimp are preppy! Stand the scent of fresh herbs、With various spices spices and spicy but delicious classy tastes delicious!


"Pla-Ka-Pong Neung Ma-Nao play Capone nun specifically (Thailand language:ปลากะพงนึ่งมะนาว) "B520 (Japan Yen Yen 1870 or so)

Pla-Ka-Pong Neung Ma-Nao play Capone nueng Manao (Thailand language:ปลากะพงนึ่งมะนาว)The、Steamed fish with、"Pracapon" (Thailand language:ปลากะพง)The、"Suzuki kind (barramundi or barramundi)" in、"Nueng (Thailand language:นึ่ง) "The、"Steaming""Mathew (Thailand language:มะนาว) "The、"Thailand lime"The mean。Thailand with herbs and lime、Garlic、In a healthy steamed fish seasoned with red pepper and、Plainly, it is delicious!


The lobbyThe views from the large Windows、Chao Phraya RiverThe calm waters and a high-rise tower with views。An elegant lunch in a relaxed space and now!


Private Peninsula Bangkok tuk-tuk

Peninsula BangkokWho is、DedicatedTuk-tukAnd、Tourists through the streets of Bangkok while drivingTuk-tuk toursThere。Rates are、Per personB1, 500 ( Japan yen and about 5,400 Yen ) inConciergeAdvance reservations are required, by。Tour contents、3Two coursesAnd、Wat Prayoon wongsawat ( Turtle temple )And visiting the temples is said、Princess Mother MemorialSaid national park tour、Chee Chin Khor Moral Uplifting SocietiesAnd the society around it。Also、If you wish to find alternative routes、Tuk-tukCharter、Could you please guide to the desired location near by if you。Ride around townTuk-tukAnd the appearance are equipped with different、In the beautifulAudio guideIs useful to tourism since.

The Peninsula Bangkok

The Peninsula Bangkok Khlong Ton Sai-Bangkok Thailand


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