Marine orchid tree Park as in Yaku Island! To the Holy land in northern Taiwan such as Princess Mononoke world!

Located in Yilan County great fellow countryman in northern Taiwan "Marine ran-he Lin Yu Lok,"To go"Marine Park of orchid treeEcological tour "experience!

Rough Misty trail was getting.、Arrived "Horse advice ecological park sacred garden(Cilan & Shenmu Park) "is、Located on 1611 m、Sacred tree lined with mainly Taiwan cypress、Unexplored, such as in Japan "Yakushima".

Also、Cool all year round, with 80% humidity which is characterized by humid environments is a mystical world view because Bryophyte communities on the trees and ground cover、Like "Princess Mononoke" stage and made、In order to protect this region、Taiwan Government aims of UNESCO World Heritage registration!

Must this area to apply for permission in advance.、Admission charges will apply! This "Marine Orchid sacred gardenEcological tour "will guide、Pleasant staff «Miyuki!

In the sacred garden、Thousands of years of red cypress and Taiwan-bian Kashiwa has 62 confirmed from a 400-year-old is protected!

In its 51 book、Depending on the characteristics of trees and tree is "Confucius" and "Han Wudi.、See Cao Cao.、And given the history of person names, such as "Genghis Khan"、51Guide Board with all the sacred books!

Guide «Miyuki was the kind of story!
"You very inspirational and sacred tree 1、"Ohhhhh!!!!!"And will divulge a voice filled with glee! The second book "Ohh!!"And will amaze you! And、3The second "Ah ~" and increases voice、4From the second、"..." Why voice is gone (lol) "and、All across the very unique guidance、It became true! (Lol)

During the、And the sacred tree of NHK Japan enters the coverage、Touching the divine and the appearance more than 1,000 years old, for bringing to forests power、It is thought to be a welcome antidote to the energy emitted by the natural world in!

1An hour or so walking forward and、Sign into all courses and short courses will appear、Guide «Miyuki's Guide is fine or you have selected! Tour 10 people have unanimously selected short courses!

Here is the area protected in the country for、1Day cannot be allowed only up to 750、17:30Since absolutely no admittance for、Proceed at a quick pace to catch within the time limit!

Trees tinged with complex flavors and formed very naturally to her as、On solid ground has taken deep roots。

Occasionally、"Dragon", or come across trees create the illusion of a "bear"、Feel like something got lost in the spirit world in like atomized world unseen was ahead 1。

During vegetation of subtropical fern series、Also to see the rare flowers。

The Taiwan 1 newtouch seems to be also be able to see his pheasant is the national bird of Taiwan endemic species listed in the circular tags and Imperial pheasant (Syrmaticus mikado)、Photo is indicated in the mobile guide «Miyuki's and Bill show compare us! The tail of the male is longer、Overall it's Violet、Face has a crisp red eye dock、 It is a very beautiful bird!

Because forests are also poisonous plants is "the cat's bite people (Urtica thunbergiana)"、You must forward, being careful to not touch!

In addition、By the time enters into the end of the course full of German、Trees have fallen to block the way to come across!
Because the Guide «Miyuki's saying that "presented those who revert this fallen so take too good is."、Tried to lift the、Of course we should be、Through the gaps in the tree bent down。

About 2 hours, around for short courses、Touching a mysterious and unexplored wilderness、Mind and body both very refreshing!

Hiking after Yi ran's famous onion plenty of juicy meat and tea leaves and high mountain tea day getting stiff and break! After a small movement that so?、This meat was so delicious!

Guide «Miyuki stopped the car on the way home, everyone started and guide out!

Rare orchid varieties Taiwan they bloom only at the moment of leaf orchids (Pleione formosana) bloom!

And also being kept is extremely rare "Indigo belly 鷴 (Lophura swinhoii)" crossing the road、Guide «Miyuki-San said "you guys are so lucky! "And!

Harmony with nature resort suggested activities。Please everyone!

The Westin, Ilan, resort
Yi-LAN power Li Wei migiwa degrees Crowne Plaza Hotel (The Westin Resort Yilan)
Location:Yong said road three-268-go, Fellow mountain 鄉, yilan, 台灣
TEL:+886 3 923 2111

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