"Westin Ilan" Goshiki、Gomi、5 method、Tasteful Japan culinary senses kaiseki

"Marine Park of orchid tree' From 'Yi LAN power Li Wei Cummins migiwa degree Crowne Plaza Hotel The Westin Yilan ResortThe Westin, Ilan and resort "to a quandary all day when I was back、Illuminated facade welcomes you!

2Day eyes Japan restaurant on the second floor of the hotel Mai (Mai) private at a mess dinner!

Here is、Japan food "Goshiki、Gomi、5 method、Five senses "in using the principles、Black、White、Yellow、Red、Using colors, such as green for each type of produce、"Raw、Cook、Bake、FRY、Double-boiled "of 5 different cooking methods、Both eye and mind fun Japan cuisine。

In addition、For the tasting were stationed at the hotel、Sake pairing is possible according to your tastes and cooking!

Shop、And Taiwan cypress and solid teak luxury feel sum was in abundance!

Were training Japan foodLiao Feng Yi(Winston Liao) and suggests that which chef's counter、Permeability of a space is engineered into the design、Other amenities include private shelves of Japanese sake using partition!

This day's dinner、"Storm of people management" kaiseki, tried to 1,980TWD+10% (Japan Yen:8060 JPY) and enjoy sushi "Shinshu Lok sashimi kaiseki" 1,780TWD+10% (Japan Yen:About 7240 yen) order!

Mountain President tofu、Four seasons beans with sesame sauce、Orange 醋 angler fish liver、Shrimp 蓴菜 醋、Domyoji silver fish fried、Amber egg、唐墨 sashimi and、7Start from each species with beautiful bowls to delicate and elegant appetizer!

"Boiled Bowl thing.

Wild salmon fish 粕汁
In the gentle sweetness go Samsung Leek of Yi-LAN 粕汁、And soft salmon's body and trickled、Ingredients of Taiwan also enjoy cuisine of Japan!

"Sashimi" * stormwater
Seasonal sashimi 4 products
Provide seasonal sashimi of seasonal fish。Otoro tuna and red meat、Blue fish、Scallop and salmon served with vinegar Tachibana。

"Fried" * Shin music
Hiroshima oysters fried
Roundhouse oysters from Hiroshima and crispy fries、Eggplant、Ingen Tempura sauce。


Baked fish * stormwater
Grilled abalone fish shoots
Finished with plenty of refreshing coolness with colourful dressed in low-temperature cooking and slow cooked abalone Kinome miso!

Pottery * Shin music
Shrimp was plethora of NaCl Koji pottery
With Ilan Angel red shrimp、Fresh tomato and eggplant、Zucchini and salt malt flavor and burned in a Dutch oven、The article brought out the flavor of ingredients!

"Strong relish" * stormwater
Cheap price such beef drizzle sauce
By Angus cattle for a long time at low temperature cooking and moist finish、Bean sauce drizzle boiling。

"Strong relish" * Shin music
Grasp sashimi 7
Tuna、Salmon、Yellowtail、Horse manure with sea urchin、Hokkaido、Scallop、Shrimp、Egg sponge cake。
Shari、Glazed and sticky、Enjoy the sweet taste of Hokkaido "nanatsuiro Boshi" use!
In the sense of like dude、Undo properly in the mouth grip。

Your meals * stormwater
Matsuba crab broth rice
Hokkaido "nanatsuiro Boshi"and"Matsuba crab" the fragrant luxury Pilaf with meat and crab with homemade pickles!

Sillago fish egg tofu
Egg tofu with kisses and tender taste。

Organic sweet potato cloth Ding
A thick pudding finished organic purple sweet potato and sweet potato with fresh eggs and milk!

"Drink products.
Uji soy nut drink
Kyoto Uji Matcha green tea the organic soy milk and glutinous、Well nuts、Finished in rich and green tea is thick!

Here you will、As well as multi-course dinners、A sumptuous lunch menu "Chowder gozen (2 minutes) 999 TWD +10% (Japan Yen:4060 JPY) also became a very popular menu、Many guests the Japan food seems have entertained here Ilan!

Japan food Mai (Mai)
Make a reservation-only dial:+886 3 9232111 Extension number:3115
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:00、17:30-21:00

The Westin, Ilan, resort
Yi-LAN power Li Wei migiwa degrees Crowne Plaza Hotel (The Westin Resort Yilan)
Location:Yong said road three-268-go, Fellow mountain 鄉, yilan, 台灣
TEL:+886 3 923 2111

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2018/4/18Taiwan travel / Westin Ilan orchids Vol.2


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