Hotel amba-North mountain Japan Japanese resident's stay safe! After breakfast check-out.

Designer hotel situated along Zhongshan North Road lined with trees of Taipei "amba Taipei Zhongshan"Now、日本語が話せる常駐スタッフのおかげで様々なサポートを得られ快適な滞在を過ごすことができました!

朝目が覚めると曇り空ではありましたが気温18℃と過ごしやすい気候だったため時間の許す限りホテル周辺となる中山の街を散策しようと試みマップを見ながら日本語で丁寧に街案内をしてくれるMisaki Wuちゃんに感謝!謝謝!



Home-made bread baked every morning、Fruit yogurt and Western、Japanese dishes such as miso soup and grilled fish、And、Still unique to Taiwan with rice pork "rurohan (ruloafen)" and "Congee (porridge of Taiwan).、It is where you can enjoy a wide variety of breakfast!

Our aroma of the spices used in the "rurohan" "octagonal" is not very good.、Rurohan this is done reasonably priced, very easy to eat!

In happend、Please provide a staff are freshly brewed coffee、目覚めの一杯を楽しめます!


And lush landscaping and trees in front of the hotel、A bright airy filled with natural light from the large Windows and surrounded by invigorating atmosphere、From the morning pamper themselves so refreshing!


On this day、日本語が話せるタクシードライバーの陳韋良(Terry)さんの友人である龔兆文(Kon)さんをタクシーチャーターし車で小1時間ほど走り次の滞在先である宜蘭へと向かいます!


Now、お世話になった「amba台北中山」をチェックアウトし、GM'sElmo Chenさんと日本語スタッフのMisaki Wuちゃんに見送りしていただきながらお別れです!またお会いしましょう!再見!

TEL:+886 2 2565 2898
Chinese & Western cuisine buffet
Adults (including children over 13 years old):One person 500 Taiwan dollars
6Years old-12 years old children:One person 300 Taiwan dollars
5Children under the age of:Free

Zhongshan amba Taipei (Taipei Zhongshan Italian House Hotel) amba Taipei Zhongshan
Location:Taiwan Taipei Zhongshan North Road two-57-1,
Contact TEL:+886 2 2565 2828
Reservation TEL:+886 2 2525 2828
Local toll free number:0800 88 2828

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2018/4/15Taiwan Travel/amba Hotel Taipei Zhongshan


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