To Taiwan is history! Seeking a natural to most of the major hotel and restaurant coverage


The Web Magazine lade will interview business trip to Taiwan!
Hotel was newly opened in the "Taipei" started.、
Beautiful Lake and the coming of the first "Sun Moon Lake"、And carries a foot in Eastern Taiwan "Hualien".
But long term stay、Not to mention the restaurants until now attention as well as coverage、
This time you will attend in Taiwan wedding plan! Taiwan wedding first experience!
Will be updated in Real time on Facebook so please look forward to!



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Welade Gourmet & Hotel Web MagazineWhich support the Toyama Prefecture in Japan、
This time-travel with the series as the second、We traveled together with two sets of artists of the work of Toyama Prefecture !

1 pair is in Yatsuo-machi, Toyama Prefecture unit writer "Shimoo Design"of
It is a wooden instrument produces the caudate, Kazuhiko and caudate pole Kaori and his wife!

2 persons activities, beautiful tool based on the concept、
Aesthetics culture of Japan and Japanese have a sizeable modern Life style、
Tools in Japan do not feel stylish and age to pursue、While you should try burning the traditional techniques、
That made in Japan of wooden furniture and Interior Accessories into the beauty of Japan is important!

Traditional relief is to have this instrument (quail hollow) techniques devised in the basic
Next to "floating like (fuyou) series.、Budget wood、Like weathered landscape pattern woven wood natural pleasure enjoy!

World of building up their "beauty"、I would like to know how many.

Shimoo Deaisn



Compare the size... or variety is (1)


2 pairs has been working in Takaoka city, Toyama Prefecture
Sima Thani rising Dragon Studio 4 Hokage shimatani Yoshinori, produce "syouryu"The ' Tin is only" is!
"syouryu"、For the Temple of 0/1909 was founded 107 years followed by "p" produced
And the brand new "Sima Thani rising Dragon Studio、
"Tin is found", is a new item created by striking with a hammer Tin technology!
The interesting thing about this instrument、In can change the shape according to use、
Bend、Rounded or、Launch angle、Or sometimes、And will be free to change!
"syouryu"Building up the beauty of the world、I would like to know how many.


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