Imperial Hotel Tokyo and Osaka held a fair for Sherwood Taipei July! Enjoy the authentic flavor in Japan!


"Imperial Hotel"The、
"The Sherwood Taipei"With the、
Mutual-restaurant event will be held。
In the beginning in the Imperial Hotel Tokyo Imperial Hotel Osaka、
The Sherwood Taipei Chinese restaurant chef, special
To bring the menu "the Sherwood Taipei fair'、
Tokyo is 10 days from 1/2016 up to (Sunday)、In Osaka from 7/13 (Wednesday) 19, (Tuesday).、
7Will be held in a limited period of days。

In the memorable opening ceremony、Empire Hotel Manager Mr. Sterling Edition greeting starting with、
Achim V GM and owner of "the Sherwood Taipei, Mark Liu. Hake
Head Chef's Ko Kang Fei all made a tape cut、We started to celebrate the sunny gate!

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"The Sherwood Taipei"The、
Located in the civilian financial business area of Taipei city center、
It's as if you're back at home.
One of Taipei's leading five-star hotels in its service philosophy。
1990Since its launch in、From the domestic and foreign many government dignitaries and business
Parson、Has hosted star in the entertainment industry。
The name "West flower (Sherwood)、And symbolizes the fusion of Eastern and Western culture、
In every nook and cranny of the hotel expresses the beauty of compromise in the ocean。
Elegant and peaceful hotel has a total of 343 rooms、
Deluxe for business customers and fitness center、In addition to Spa、
There are Chinese, Italian, Japanese, buffet restaurant。

Please see the Sherwood Taipei post here!


Yi garden, the Sherwood Taipei Chinese food restaurant chef
High steel FAI (Huang, Canvey) profile
17Standing in the kitchen at the age of、Hong Kong S.A.R. Maxim Group、Polish arms at the Furama Hotel。
1995 year、He joined the Sherwood Taipei。
2009Restaurant King Garden (Iruan) cooking long inaugural year。
China and the West、And to express the fusion of tradition and modern cuisine、
The deep taste、Britain's former Prime Minister, Thatcher、
Receive rave reviews from a number of celebrities。
2015Also Marriott hotel chef and serves since、
Held at the Marriott Hotel on 5/20
Elegantly in the inauguration of Taiwan President、The critically acclaimed。








In Tokyo、2016July 4, (Monday) 10, from (Sunday) in 7 days、
In the 17th floor buffet restaurant "Imperial Viking Searle.、
In addition to popular menu in the buffet restaurant in the Sherwood Taipei、
Taiwan speciality food and drink into the menu。
First attempt is "Imperial Viking Searle" held a fair of Chinese food。
Also、In Osaka 7/13/2016 (Wednesday) 19, (Tuesday) for 7 days.、
23In the jasmine garden Chinese restaurant on the floor、
With gem so far many people loved "King's Garden" in the menu。
Jasmine garden、Is the Imperial Hotel only operated Chinese restaurant。

Note、After the fair、2016September 28, (Wednesday) 10/31 (Monday) period limited by the、
"The Sherwood Taipei"The expected"Empire Hotel fair"held、
9January 28, (Wednesday) 10/10 (Monday) in the restaurant "Tuscany" from
In addition to providing a menu by the Imperial Hotel Executive Chef Kenichiro Tanaka ichirou Mizuki、
9January 28, (Wednesday) from 10/31 (Monday) in the lounge and at the bar
Is expected to provide the Imperial Hotel's afternoon tea and traditional cocktails, etc.。
In addition to Tanaka、Pastry Chef Mochizuki end Jiro、Even the bartender shoots to local。


«Imperial Hotel, Tokyo:
Period of time
2016July 4, (Monday)-10, (Sunday)

Building 17th floor buffet restaurant "Imperial Viking Searle.

"The Sherwood Taipei"The famous beef noodles、
Oolong tea-flavored crispy chicken, Juicy chicken with roasted oolong tea leaves、
And mouth spread the aroma of jasmine tea and Jasmine tea jelly、
Part of the regular Viking menu and change to the Sherwood Taipei cooking, we offer。

Lunch 11:30-14:30(Last order)
Adult weekday 5500 yen.、Weekends and holidays ¥ 6000
3300 Yen children on weekdays.、Weekends and holidays ¥ 3600
* Children are 4 years old-12 years old

Dinner 17:30-21:30(Last order)
(Weekends and holidays is 17:00-21:30-
Adult weekday 8200 yen.、Holidays/8700 Yen
5000 Yen children on weekdays.、Weekends and holidays ¥ 5300

Reservations and inquiries: "Imperial Viking Searle" TEL.03-3539-8187(Direct-)

Location:1-1-1, uchisaiwai-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

«Imperial Hotel Osaka»
Period of time
2016On July 13, (Wednesday)-19, (Tuesday)

23Jasmine garden-floor Chinese cuisine

Stir fried crab with egg whites finely seasoned injury appeal and
Enjoy plenty of collagen "shark's fin shape with pot soup",、The Sherwood
A popular Chinese restaurant in Taipei Yi Garden (Iruan) course.
Served with style and a la carte。

Lunch 11:30-14:30 (Last order)
3,800Yen ~

Dinner courses 17:30-21:30 (Last order)
10,000Yen ~
* À la carte menu is also available.。

Reservations and inquiries: Jasmine garden TEL.06-6881-4884(Direct-)

* Rates are including consumption tax、Service charge

Location:Tenmanbashi 1-8-50, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka

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