Enjoy the natural ecological park in the promised land flower Lotus bamburafting!

Hualien hotel "Flower Lotus ideal Earth passed Crowne Plaza Hotel Promisedland Resort & Lagoon Promised land resort & Lagoon "is、Is the attached Hotel in ecological park "Valley of rich natural ecological park".、Incorporates the concept of a permanent culture (Permaculture) build up natural with rich, such as relationships with people!

And、In the ecological park、See Bamber raft tour (Bamboo Raft Tour)"in one of the hotel activity is very popular!

Here you will、The groundwater in the rich water resources of the central mountains、Such a wide expanse of greenery、To have nourished a rich aquatic fauna and flora、In the Bamber rafting cruise、Typical tropical plants and flowers、Birds and insects、Frog、Duck、Fish and meet with various creatures!

The last、Who owns the city guideKim s.Facebook and were able to meet you again! Old watch、Kim s.!!
Kim s.、Speak is Japan as part of a 3 man is (laughs)、The only Chinese、In a very cheerful and friendly、Has been working as a hotel activity guide!

Handed feed the fish was prepared to cart、All bait to try!
See next!?! Come on、Come on! "And while the attendants and、The sow feeding on small fish、Now very hungry but could not (laughs)

Feeding watering up、In about 15 minutes cruising、Nature in Hualien, with plenty of whats we experience!



After cruising、Explore the "tea garden (Tea Tree Area)!

Underscoring its increased looking up at the clear sky and flying gracefully "ultralight aircraft (Ultralight Plain).、Outdoor peeing Ultra light plane flight is prohibited where houses and roads! That it can fly、How large is the area that you can see!

Continue to explore the、At the feet、What! The nests of the birds fell from the trees!

And to see what's inside、No cracked eggs, relieved to be safe!

The inhabiting Australia "tea tree (Tea Tree).、And evergreen trees from ancient Aboriginal employed as a panacea、As used in modern aromatherapy essential oil known!
Rub the twigs、Enjoy the smell and、Will be healed, feeling the soft, such as eucalyptus scent drifting!

This drink the tea.、Can enhance the immune system、Also has excellent antimicrobial for、This ecological park walking tour offers sample tea "(Tea Tree) tea tree"!


After a stroll surrounded by trees and flowers、Breath on the terrace of a lakeside Cafe。
Unbelievably happy sight "fish fishing (Fishing) in the programme of activities、Heartwarming!

While the nature of the facility and full contact activity continues!

Promised land resort & Lagoon
Promisedland Resort & Lagoon
Flower Lotus ideal Earth passed Crowne Plaza Hotel
Location:Hualien County Shou Feng village ideal channel 1 No.

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2018/4/22Taiwan travel /Promisedland flowers Lotus Vol.3


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