Enjoy the chef promised land flower Lotus Spain Spanish dinner!

Hualien hotel "Flower Lotus ideal Earth passed Crowne Plaza Hotel Promisedland Resort & Lagoon Promised land resort & Lagoon "of"liralestran (Lira Restaurant)-Plast 餐廳"by Spanish special dinner!

Have fun changing the blue of the sky to evening shows、I think better accommodation cottage restaurant exploring by foot we want to!

Started and lighted street lamps、Time on the water sparkle lights。
It's、Very romantic atmosphere、Thanks to the extraordinary moments。

Hotel canals、16There are various bridges of、Views from any bridge is the best!

In the Canal cruise aboard the silent ecological boat、Slowly slip through under the bridge in 16 locations、If you prefer can be integrated naturally elegant cruising!

The cottage 19 building liralestran (Lira Restaurant)-Plast restaurant procuratorial、The image of Spain's Andalusian style all dining buffet restaurant.

To this day, special、Of general managerY. Tomio(Jerry Kang) Mr. in together in private rooms in、In Spain people welcomed in the new restaurantSergio Lahora Cruz(Sergio) will be the chef's Omakase special course!

First of all,、Louis Eschenauer Sauvignon Blanc 2014 seafood fresh white wine in a toast!

General Manager, wealth male (Jerry Kang), it is、In fact became established members of the opening of the hotel、While in a hotel in Suzhou, China and Yunnan province's success was、RIM and he brought back, this hotel has an extraordinary feelings! In a very casual, General Manager、History location 30 years experienced in tracing、Various us still tell the story!

(1) "oil of clams sauce"
A plump and wearing thick, Asari、Spicy garlic olive oil, such as olive oil sauce next to、Unbearable in your dish!

(2) "special mushroom sauce, served with fresh seafood (Chinese distribution will, fresh seafood Tower mud).
Fresh tuna tataki with a rich mushroom sauce chef's original!

(3) "Mussel Gratin (fresh baked roasted seafood dishes).
The Gratin was poisoned shellfish、Mussel meat and vegetables, chopped、Easier to eat blended into the bechamel sauce au gratin、Also on alcohol!

(4) "seafood soup poached eggs with prosciutto, from Spain (西班牙 seafood of fire and thigh Dark Tower boiled water coordination IPAP).
Much enters and large clams than amuse Asari、It's very much juicier! The Asari soup I can't believe my thick cream soup、Accent served with poached egg and prosciutto from Spain!

(5) "squid ink pasta (Angel black fish seafood noodles).
Micro noodle video used for making pasta paella "Fidelia" the happy Squid in ink sauce! Sauteed sea bass and shrimp、Served with Squid!

(6) "corner of the pork cheek sauce (honey Apple fruit Tower arrangement jowl 頰 meat, fresh potato)"
Corner of the pork cheek meat in Japan with。Join sweet honey apples、Skin surface is shining there、From paritto、During the Guinea fowl and soft cooked.。Serve with mashed potatoes!

(7) "vanilla-flavored rice pudding (herb rice cloth exactly).
In one of the traditional dessert of Spain、This is recall chef MOM that made rice pudding, made of! And refrigerated well、Sweet, mildly、That accent a refreshing scent of cinnamon!

The chef Sergio、Previous "like President (Doing Good!) "To visit once to meet the chef、From Barcelona to、Show you photo album visited Barcelona in Spain in the autumn of last year and "very nostalgic! "And me happy、That was someone I know in common、Kindred spirits I、Very lively and enjoyable dinner!

Liralestran (Lira Restaurant)-Plast 餐廳

Promised land resort & Lagoon
Promisedland Resort & Lagoon
Flower Lotus ideal Earth passed Crowne Plaza Hotel
Location:Hualien County Shou Feng village ideal channel 1 No.

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2018/4/21Taiwan Travel/promisedland Flower Lotus vol.2


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