Through the turbulent history "Fort Provintia" castle Dutch was built in the Dutch colonial era


During the reign of the Netherlands was built in 1653 by the hands of Netherlands
"Fort Provintia"The、1983Designated national first-class artifacts in、TainanAnd sites artifacts to represent、1990In the early
Is culture Park, was developed by the Tainan City Government and the Cheng Kung University professors。
Known as Bo Luo Min barrier Castle (Zarandia Castle) was built at that time、
For the Netherlands who was once calling "hallmark" and Han people、"Fort Provintia"Even if known。
Netherlands Government、Ming cheng era、Qing dynasty、To spend time in Japan during the occupation and upheaval、Through the development of various Government、
Repairs and renovations several times been decorated。
Because the ticket gate next to the entrance on both sides watched lion、
'Ll pay the entry fee money.


Admission fee is、50TWD (Japan Yen:About 180 yen)Will be!


Acre's suite was composed of Green Garden、
Beautiful trees and grass-covered red brick "Fort Provintia"Shine better!


Passing the round arch、You can watch the original Chihkan、
Now、Was built during the Qing dynasty "Tanah Lot Temple"And are lined with"Wenchang Pavilion".


In a vivid color main color incorporated "Tanah Lot Temple"The brilliant、
Look under the eaves of the roof slowly stretches empty draws curves are also beautiful、
At the end of the roof using a dripping pile heavy rafters expression of ancient architecture with traditional techniques、
Watch a molding of the CARP alive and dancing in the water。
Sheen is seen in the Chinese-style we also leave different quirky charm.


"Tanah Lot Temple"The materials exhibit is on the first floor and second floor、
"Zheng Chenggong' , 'Fort Provintia"Information and commentary、Writing at the time、Map、Exhibits ship models, etc.!


Chihkan Tower model


Portrait of the Tei success


The beautiful contrast of red and blue


Wooden stairs creaking and scraping it up、2Let's to the floor。
Worn wood is reduced, so are、Should be taken at your feet。
Of the translatorJames TsaiNice supplement.


"Tanah Lot Temple"On the second floor、Photos of the Qing dynasty ruled Taiwan and ancient Taiwan and inland marine traffic map、
Topographic variation of Taiwan and mainland China、
And、Old Han Lou ship、Shipyard、Nanjing ship、Meng triumph boats、Large ship models are exhibited.


Add eye-catching brilliant beams decorated with colorful coloring!


"Tanah Lot Temple"Very pleasant views from the second floor Green、
Along with the gentle feel of Tainan、Mind you can enjoy peaceful moments.


"Tanah Lot Temple"Located next to、Emperor xiaowen, to worship "Wenchang Pavilion"That has been built in 1886。
The "tablet" was unfurled、Served as the Governor of Taiwan in the Qing dynastyShen by KenThe prosy "Wenchang Pavilion"And the epilogue、Is very valuable。
Here you will、Examination is very famous in "Quebec Yeh"Eliciting、
Many students came to pray for success.


"Wenchang Pavilion"On the first floor、In examination
"Quebec Yeh"The is adorned with pictures、2The floor is "Quebec Yeh"Is this creature。
"Quebec Yeh"The、In his right hand a brush、It has a chalk line on the left。
"Quebec Yeh"The success blessings for、Many students come to pray for success、
Fully equipped Board tags such as EMA are hung!


Learning handwriting book!


The bronze statue of Hatori or man Tainan Mayor and now!


Japanese bronze statue represents a tribute!


Excavations in 1944, the Japanese "Cover general public northeast of the city Bastion"The Foundation is、
Of sticky juice into sugar water、Stacks using a mixture of oyster shells were reduced to ashes by the bond red brick walls。
And fortress ruins was built during the colonial period the Netherlands、As the ruins of the Castle remain.


"Wenchang Pavilion"The Northwest corner、"Penghu College" And "Tuas temple"There。
In a field study and learning to learn、The role of current school。
After the Taiwan Prefecture was abolished、1886In the year "Fort Provintia"The West side"Penghu College"Has been established.


Lined up in books related to learning!


Study of Naoki!


Repaired and colourful stacks!


"Wenchang Pavilion"Placed under"Stone Horse of the shear legs"The、
And still remains on the forefoot repaired、There is a sad legend。
In the ancient China、The Minister made a significant contribution or General、Mr. Zhong and stone sheep、Stone Tiger、And put the stone horse、
Stone Horse、The originalZheng ChenggongThe Tomb, and had。
However,、After the tomb was moved to Fujian province、This place is so devastated、
The head of the militiaZheng ChenggongOf the referred to grave where buried。
Stone Horse、To protect the graves refuse、At night near the rice I will cause trampling paddy fields that plague、
Angry farmers would cut sawing legs, and took on the form of the nowStone Horse diaryOn it is written。
Some sad fancy stone horses also seem to have a face。
Sad feeling.。


"Wenchang Pavilion"For on the basis of the mausoleum、There the old gate of the Netherlands colonial period。
Here in 1944 "Fort Provintia"When you repair"Tuas temple"This gate is found so far destroyed!


Now、Blocked and can't get through、
Cool air feel、Could be that at the time of。


In the premises、There is a garden pond、Beautiful Koi swimming leisurely、
CARP bait to give tourists have seen!


In the garden pond waterfall also has、Kumamoto city.


Along the garden pond-9 "Bixi monument"Has been built。
His efforts were pacified the uprising of Shuang Lin、It was a gift from the "Emperor Qianlong" to "General Fukang'an"、Historic monument。
Bixi is in the children of the Dragon.、Has a shape resembling a turtle、It helped King Dayu's flood control。
Has been and is capable of shouldering three five "、Uses the base stone and stone carving。
"Fort Provintia"And then crossed the history of four countries、
Is filled with historic buildings has been continued watching the roller-coaster!

Fort Provintia
Location: No. 212, Section 2, Minzu Rd, West Central District, Tainan City
Opening hours:8:30-17:30(Saturday 21.:30Until )
Admission fee:50TWD (Japan Yen:About 180 yen)
Open every day

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