City of gastronomy! "Silks Place Tainan" Tainan unique specialties breakfast "Chinese Edition"


Conveniently situated in the historic town of Tainan at proclivities you can experience world class hospitality on
"Silks Place Tainan"。
TainanThe 'The city of gastronomy"And even if there are popular、
"Food"Tourists carried forward foot no less。
So tourists will fail "Food"Where you can enjoy the、But here's a。
Usually breakfast is on the first floor is open only restaurant、
On this day many in full but King Guest、To take a seat and relax、
As an additional venue on the second floor there Chinese buffet they had was。
In this case、1Is the selection of breakfast on the floor or second floor Chinese。
Immediately、Let's go to a Chinese buffet!


But as an additional venue for special、
Can ask the State convinced Chinese buffet assortment.


In a special round table in the great Hall、Though the full but King to avoid、
Security services are provided.


Chinese buffet also features a variety of hot dish、
Menu incorporates local ingredients and vegetables in abundance.


Tender chicken stew and fried rice!


Mini steamed rice and dim sum hot offers!


Black sugar types and steamed buns are normal!


Chinese rice porridge topped with fun!


Taiwan fruit oodles!


Morning coffee at the machine!


Also of the Executive Sous-ChefChiChai WuOur guide、
TainanOnly the menu and、Said Chai noodles and beef soup are recommended for you!
To build a per order、Gratin, are provided.


"Tainan birthplace of Tantan noodles are delicious!"And only had heard rumors that one of the fun also!
Simple calf-noodles serve with bean sprouts and green onions.


Counter stand steaming and Smokey、The aroma of beef soup.


"Tantan noodles"、"Beef soup"、"Minced pork rice"

"Tainan's city of gastronomy"The words lie not、
"Tantan noodles"Also"Beef soup"Even and deep flavored broth-based were felt full-bodied、
But the taste is gentle、Taste enough like、
I think that the pleasing Japanese flavor of the delicate broth to taste。
"Beef soup"The texture of fine no smell、Burning fine with refills!
"Minced pork rice"Regarding the、Spice star anise are afraid to tell the truth.、
Here the gentle scent of star anise、Feels like lean meat is not that easy to eat、
Wonder and tongue out and started picking up、Which is also delicious!


But we were tasting little by little、
Those who want to enjoy Western food、It's nice to have choices, sharing and enjoying Chinese!
TainanThe body seems to come, was really nice and happy staff.

Silks Place Tainan
Location:No. 1, Heyi Rd, West Central District, Tainan City
TEL:+886 6 213 6290

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