Retro old house cafe of the back alley of Tainan "Cafe Flaneur" Walk around Puji Street


Standing at the intersection of minzu road and Maple Street "Jingfu Temple"。
"Jingfu Temple"Is one of port of Gojo、Land Park Temple which enshrines the people who live near the Buddha head Harbour.。
And was built in the Qing Qianlong 15 years (1750)、TainanThe only dynasties designated is class 3.


"Jingfu Temple"In the alley opposite the Tan and go、
Maple StreetGuide meJames TsaiSan。
In the old town of Tainan、Scattered went one step from this small alley、
Casula is an interesting place to explore.


A quaint old houses of brick。


Lined with old houses from、
To witness the bizarre spectacle suitcase hanging on the front of the House!
James Tsai.、
Say who introduce a friend's Cafe!


Its name is "Cafe Flaneur"。
"Flaneur"、In France, "Ronin's journey"Means and、"Warm snake"The Taiwan language"Hanging outThere is a meaning, such as、
Who enjoy travelChih Yung Jon Fangis、2012The signboard of the cafe which opened in October、
Migrating birds designated as endangered speciesBlack-faced spoonbillThere is a figure of]、
"I want to travel freely.It seems to be an example of the desire♪

Cafe Flaneur
Address:No.53 Puji Street, Central West District, Tainan City
TEL:+886 6 221 6569
Hours of operation:13:00To 22:00(Fri-Sat 23 am:00Until )
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday


In the shop、Pasted photos of the wall taken by owner of travel abroad.。
There are many books related to travel on the bookshelf.、Is freely available。
Is still enjoying reading tea recommend seat you want is on the second floor.


Bird of passage of Tainan on the signboard、黑 face is a rabbit!


Photo taken by owner of love!


Full travel-related books!


"Sketch of the Taiwan environment Island wind"And you discover a book entitled!
Here "Pasadena"In the、
Who can assist with translationAtsushi DaidoIs it the book。
Fascinated by the TaiwanTainanThe author emigratedDaido.、
Taiwan the island the Taiwan ring by bike and on foot, was found face is depicted。
Taiwan and many local people involved know the real charm、
Not just over the tourist attractions、And books delve into the goodness of Taiwan.


Are welcomed with a smile at the counter、
James TsaiAnd it's friendsBird of passage of Tainan on the signboardChan。
On this day、Unfortunately for the ownerChih Yung Jon FangIs it the was and you are away!


Love traveling together cozy Cafe、Trip talked about what is good.


And Cafe、Go back alley。


The light alight from the blue door、Glass doors open and faintly suggests in。
TainanThe is the Act of the back alley glimpse the lives of local people.


May never meet but will not guide them back alley。
Exciting while a localTainanAlso please Please touch!

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