City of gastronomy! "Silks Place Tainan" Assortment of rich buffet-style breakfast "Western Edition"


Conveniently situated in the historic town of Tainan at proclivities you can experience world class hospitality on
"Silks Place Tainan"。
TainanThe 'The city of gastronomy"And even if there are popular、
"Food"Tourists carried forward foot no less。
So tourists will fail "Food"Where you can enjoy the、Hotel in here!


Silks Place TainanIn on the ground floorRegent Taipei Renowned restaurant
"ROBIN's Grill & Teppan"Enter、Buzz。
Here you will、Utilizing the deliciousness of materials carefully selected high-quality beef and seafood、
Skilled chefs served a charcoal grill or griddle-cooked。
Also、Morning 6:30-10:30The time and venue for breakfast guests、
If within the time specified、And the main dining room where you can enjoy your favorite time an extensive buffet style.


F fresh&B ManagerHsieh TedAlso standing in the reception、
I was motivated to guest。
This presents and room number、You enter!


Of the Executive Sous-ChefChiChai Wuis、
Contents of the ingredients and lovely! Xie Xie!


Center counter、There are dinner as well as locally grown vegetables and organic vegetables with salad bar、
Colorful peace、Guests can enjoy just like delicious organic vegetables safely。
From this 4/2016 "Enegy House Agricultural Cooperatives"ofTomo LinIs it the adoption of organic vegetables and、
The other day、It just was a big Hotel Ballroom party!
Including many unusual vegetablesTomoAnd it's organic vegetables are already called buzz、Seems to be very popular.


Taiwan fruit!


To salad toppings galore!


Freshly baked baguettes are a lot!


Western style buffet and we are、
And there is also a corner of Taiwan cuisine、It is possible to enjoy both。
Chai noodles and beef soup、Such as fish soup、TainanOnly the dishes they have to order!


Taiwan rice porridge or milk (soy bean) soup!


Tomo's vegetable is rich!


To bread the other pastries too!


The smoky sweet waffles、For me baking per order、
Crunchy surface、While guests can enjoy a moist texture。
Enjoy the taste, such as honey or whipped cream and jams.


Walk to rich hot dish、A taste of various amounts of
Is a nice place for buffet!


Pasta and Apple putting!


Scrambled eggs and sausages!


Bean and meat stew!


Coffee and milk!


Such as drinking yogurt too!


Fresh juices are good color!


Egg dishes、Iron plate is fried (baked on one side、Double-sided grilling allows) or in an omelet。
An omelet、Bacon corn and onion、With mushrooms and cheese、
Select your choice of topping, freshly prepared.


Romaine lettuce to onion、Red onion、Carrot、Mustard、
Baby leaf、Tomato、Edible Cactus、Beetroot etc
Enjoy freshly picked vegetables, fresher, fresh salad bar。
TomoIs it the tomato is a rarity!


Staff will come to order coffee or tea per table.


I ordered hot coffee to fit the bread in the morning。
Silks Place TainanThe staff all smile is so lovely!


Fruit in a salad、Small breads and quiche、Plate of cheese and Bacon, served with。
Executive Pastry ChefDelcourt LaurentIs provided
If you prefer the Apple Cinnamon pudding was so、Will try the desserts!


We put the mushrooms, onion and cheese
Boiled omelet, salad and together!




Secluded from the main street of Kazuo mind stepSilks Place TainanThe、
Comfortable landscape facing the approaches to roadside trees and fountains、You recommend eating at the window。
Usually breakfast is on the first floor is open only restaurant、
On this day many in full but King Guest、To take a seat and relax、
As an additional venue on the second floor there Chinese buffet they had was。
In this case、1Is the selection of breakfast on the floor or second floor Chinese。
Let us so damn Chinese buffet!

ROBIN's Grill & Teppan
The ground floor
TEL:+886 6 390 3010
Hours of operation:Breakfast 6:30-10:30、Lunch 12:00-14:00、Dinner 18:00To 22:00

Silks Place Tainan
Location:No. 1, Heyi Rd, West Central District, Tainan City
TEL:+886 6 213 6290

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