Ancient capital of Tainan attractions stroll Taiwan's oldest school of "Confucius Temple" 1665 foundation


Along with many temples and historic sitesTainanThe 'Kyoto of Taiwan"Both will be referred to ancient。
Its history in 1624 at Executive Netherlands begins、
After changing rulers also、Approximately 400 years, had prospered as a center of southern Taiwan。
And while walking through the street with the old nostalgic atmosphere、Has become a popular tourist attraction where you feel good because。
First visited、Taiwan's oldest "Confucius Temple"And that is"Tainan Confucius Temple"。
This is from 1665 to next yearZheng ChenggongThe son ofZhengWe also established、
In Taiwan as the school's first student who is attending、Where to study in。
"Tainan Confucius Temple"The、1983In the year "First class artifacts"The specified。
To indicate that the birthplace of scholarship in Taiwan "Taiwan's first science"And written"Tung Shing Square"The gate。
"Silks Place Tainan"The 4th floor
"Kid's Club"The gates were painted on the wall in front of you could!


On the wall next to the gate "Horse Monument under"The stone is embedded、
Writing in the right、On the left who carved sentence。
"When you pay a visit to the Confucius Temple must get off from the vehicle, such as a horse or any person"
And written and、Confucian respect and will respect any language。
According to this manner Japan colonial period、Upon entering the Fuchu city people of any vehicle from rain、
Fuchu city, street, walking、"Confucius Temple"I've heard the visit!


East Gate "Tung Shing Square"Passin、Lush there is spreading.、
Found out roots big banyan tree on the left、Good staff development space.


"Dacheng Gate"In the West、1888Erected in "Filial piety Festival Temple" And "Koko Temple"There。
Originally, Town Square, virtuous paragons Temple and Dongan County School filial piety Festival Temple Square、
Destroyed during Japan colonial period、Collection of tiles place, are enshrined in the new。


Tainan Confucius TempleThe、Right becomes Learning Center on the left temple、"Confucius Temple"The standard structure。
Mausoleum is in the 3 decimal structure、The first decimal "Dacheng Gate"、The second is "Great Hall"、No. 3 is "Tsung shrine"、
As an academic Institute "Minglun" And "Wenchang Pavilion"There。
"Dacheng Gate"The、And the entrance to the grounds of the Temple of Confucius、108 gate nail is struck by the gate。
Giving out a simple structure、Honor Confucius。
"Dacheng Gate"The right ticket for、
Entry you would like to buy tickets here!
Admission fee:25TWD (Japan Yen:About 90 yen)


"Great Hall"In the、We are honoured that Confucius。
The number of "tablet" around the、
Emperors and the President during the inauguration "Tainan Confucius Temple"To be dedicated。
Copy these to the、Addition of "Confucius Temple"Also it is hung.


"The door into Germany"Through the、University "Minglun"Let me see!


University "Minglun"The commemorative photo in front of the students。
"Minglun"The 1700 increase construction has been。


"Minglun"、17To study Confucianism from the University。
In front of the、One of the classics. "University"Of the over 1 chapter of the book it is written。
And the word "righteous" Hsiao on the wall on the left side on the wall、Character "Zhong", "section" is written on the wall on the right side、
From "loyalty" the right character to the character of the filial of the left、And read the "righteousness" of the left from the right "bushi"、"One Day"It will be words。
Who owns the interpreterJames Tsaiis、Doubles as a guide, guided me around! (Xie Xie! )


"Confucius Temple"Architectural figure was built when you build a monument is now obsolete。


"Minglun"In 1712 placed next to"Wenchang Pavilion"There。
This 3-tier structure is、1On the floor is a rectangle、2On the floor is circular.、3On the floor is an octagon。
Also、2God of study on the floor "Wenchang"、
3Guardian of the exam on the floor "Quebec Yeh"Dedicated to each。


"Tainan Confucius Temple"The 3 on the front of beams 4 cornerstone construction
"Pan Palace Shihfang"The、1777As the entrance is built in。
At that time was built "Tung Shing Square"The outside there、"South Gate Road"When built and moved to the East、
Is the current position。


"Pan Palace Shihfang"In the"Fuchu Street"And、
This became the 400 years of history、Approximately 200 metres as follows。
Followed by a lush green trees gift shop and grocery store、Tea shop、Range Cafe、
Becomes pleasant Street to explore!

Tainan Confucius Temple
Location:No. 144, Nanning St, West Central District, Tainan City
Opening hours:8:30-21:00(Dacheng Hall 8.:30-17:30-
Admission fee:25TWD (Japan Yen:About 90 yen)
Open every day

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