French Japan colonial period Western "PASADENA" Tainan Mayor's Office renovation


Erected during Japan colonial period from 1974, the Tainan Mayor "Tainan Mayor's Office"As a European-style building was used
From the molding of rubber and plastics are involved in integrated EMI electroless plating process
"Pushpower"The ownerHsuis、2014-South Government public tender in years
"Pasadena Internatinal Group"As the right to obtain。
More than 100 years old garden with towering trees to、Although at the time of、
Hotel under renovation significantly、
French restaurant "Pasadena"Open。
Lush beauty and urban location.


PasadenaThe brand began in 2000、Kaohsiung as a bakery French restaurant
"Pasadena Restaurant"Since the establishment、An instant popularity、
After that、Italian restaurants Japan restaurant、
Restaurants such as pizza and Grill burgers is to open one after another。
It becomes shop name "Pasadena"、In the luxury residential area located in Northeast Los Angeles、
Known as the location of the research institution of science and art、
In the name of high art and beautiful town、
The ownerHsuFor that it was next to the town children had been studying there、
Memorable thoughts not put from being named。
Also、"Pasadena"、From the native American word with the meaning "Crown of the Valley"、
All guests visiting the restaurant's Crown to become、
Spare no effort that I have in mind is!


ManagerAmanda LinA greeting and、
InterpreterJames TsaiWill show and tell you about.


ManagerAmanda LinYou explain the description of the mark.


Who owns the interpreterJames TsaiThe、While our core business is a photographer and、
Guest House was renovated people's national front 14 years 1897, revival
"Sai Kau Kin Old House"Also operated。
Helpful and speak for approximately 20 years ago, has international experience to Japan Japan。
Guest House will be introduced later.


Represents the site map is.、Established a bakery on the left、Studio attached to the back。
In the extensive grounds、Jade Orchid flowers over a quiet ticking from the Japan rule age 110 years old and plethora of 苳 plants (Akagi) of trees and
More than 70-year-old suffering brick plants、And there was more than 60-year-old Rakan pine (Podocarpus)、
4 this is、Tainan CityFrom will be designated as a very valuable and。
A garden with big trees、Restaurants are wrapped in a calm atmosphere, lush!


In a separate building adjacent to the on-site "Pasadena The Bakery"Now、
Baker won the Crown at the World ChampionshipsWu Pao ChunProduce、
Home-made bread was awarded the award "dragon eye bread"Menu item and then、
Cakes and baked goods in the other、Deli, etc are sold!


Bright interior with natural wood taste。
Craft gym is、Guests can enjoy daily fresh baked goodness、
Cute package is avant-garde wall glass shelves design becomes complete.、
All products are very happy also as souvenirs.


In the garden、Patio seating is available、
It was purchased at a bakery breads and desserts are available。
It is recommended as a place of rest for quiet time to spend in the city.


In the grass、Nature exhibits and works of contemporary art that represent the peaceful coexistence of ecology、
Golden pig and rabbit、CARP、Frog、And the crab、Watch the shape of various animals.


In the restaurant the restaurant entrance、And equipped open plan kitchen,、
"VALORIANI"The firing has been introduced for、Provide authentic pizza。
In the over-the-counter、Filled with good ingredients and seasonings are sold!


The gift of baked goods!


Pineapple cake gift!


Package the image of the Crown!


Shop、The ceiling height is.、And bright spaces filled with natural light, airy spaciousness、
1st floor seats.、2Fit the floor seats, and have about 100 seats、Space for relaxing。
The ingredients used in cooking、And been try to use local ingredients in Tainan、
Solar terms to two months each menu to change your、Based on French and Italian cuisine are offered.


Capacity: 10 people upstairs private room


Round table 6 private rooms for


Private party room


On this day、We have a 2-course menu Special.


InterpreterJames TsaiOf friends and by chance is coming、
For the Japanese, to ask、To ask me to sit、We support!
In Chofu City, Tokyo in 1984, born inAtsushi Daido(28 years old)。
While studying at Meiji University graduate schoolTaipeiFrom joining the made video production workshopTaiwanA fascinated、
After the Chinese learned through karaoke and volunteering at the Japan language school, etc.、
Whats on in 2012TainanTo been settled, resulting in a current。
TainanNow、Soba "Fruiting-Dong"Managing side of noodle maker、Okinawa 3-wire Government approved street performers activity also has、
It is a versatile people have been writing guidebooks related to Taiwan。
In the wedding being held back two days later and to this day、
I heard just that marry Taiwan women!
DaidoSan、In your busy schedule、Thank you for the translation thank you very much!


"dragon eye bread and Petit France"

The dragon eye with home-made bread、In the bread crowned champions in the World Championship、
In the bakery shop、As a menu item are sold in large size。
TainanOf using dried longan in Higashiyama、
It is very delicious in taste also contain walnuts, wine, food。
Flour is made in Japan and has used home-made yeast fermented for 6 days、
Sticking to ingredients used like it is!


"The duck Terrine"

Terrine of duck foie gras in a rich while、Will be a delicate flavor。
Green peas with duck broth jelly color even better cool fancy attire。
Changes made to taste by adding pears and figs、Put Sesame leaf aroma fills the air.


"The pig's feet and pig ear with Herb Terrine"

Pork leg stewed in a number of types of herbs and pig ear with the finish and beautiful Terrine、
Collagen also has plenty of、Crunchy texture、
Enjoy a refreshing taste and refreshing, served with tartar sauce, a mixture of eggs and pickles.


"The homemade ricotta cheese salad"

Homemade ricotta cheese and used plenty of milk with whipped cream、
Lettuce and tomato、Turnip、Paprika、Baby leaf、As Uzumaki beets、
Pulls the sweet and crunchy taste and fresh vegetables and grilled tomato、And mixed, boiled turnip、
Olive oil, tomato and basil sauce。
"TOMO's FARM"ofTomo LinAnd it's organic vegetables and used、
Beautiful colors enjoy the taste of the vegetable salad.


"Swordfish with roasted Niçoise salad"

Lightly broiled swordfish、Thick cut and eat meet sense nicoise salad。
Marinated sardines, pickles、Hard-boiled egg、Kidney beans、NAS Tatum、Along with baby leaf salad、
Guests can enjoy a rich variety.


"Consomme soup"

Using based on collagen mother hen soup。
With a dry mushroom。
In addition dried scallop soup、Exemplifies the depth on the palate.


"Mushroom soup"

Several kinds of mushrooms and onion、Fragrant with garlic, such as thick soup。
Along with dried mushrooms and milk esperma。
During the、Big Hokkaido scallops, too.



The sorbet palate freshener、With Japan peach、Thick and sweet taste.


"Hokkaido shrimp Saute"

And sauteed shrimp from Hokkaido, and entrées、
Covered with an Italian pasta and milk esperma、Served with fried milk powder。
Thick and chewy texture you can enjoy!


"Grill beef and seasonal vegetable"

Thick beef cooked medium、
Seasonal vegetables, carrot、Broccoli、Wild rice mushroom、Hot Tower、
Blue flower shoots、Purple sweet potato、And Emperor beans are Braising in herb butter。
Garnish with truffle sauce.


Overlooking the lush gardens、Restaurant filled with the sense of spaciousness。
I was relaxedTainanThe place to spend a relaxing time can say!


"Original dessert"

Chocolate cake with raspberries、Enjoy the tartness of the berries flavoring。
BlackBerry、Koume、Meringue、Elle、Served with Mint。
With Strawberry sorbet.


"Herbal tea"

Because it was a nice restaurant garden、Whats the herbal tea, not coffee。
Lemon grass or lemon balm、Marjoram、5 types, such as stevia herb blends.


Leveraging Japan colonial architecture、Spend a luxurious restaurant。
In the lush green garden、With trees more than 100 years old、Mind relaxing rest.


After enjoying a meal、TainanOf tourist attractionsJames Tsai.
It will guide you through! (Xie Xie! )
You arrange a taxi、Headed to the city of Tainan.


South Gate road along "Pasadena"The、
In about five minutes by car "Confucius Temple"To and located where we will celebrate、Conveniently located!

Address:No. 239, Nanmen Rd, West Central District, Tainan City
TEL:+886 6 213 6039
Hours of operation
Lunch 11:30-14:30、Afternoon tea 14:30-17:00、Dinner 17:30To 22:00
Open every day

Pasadena The Bakery
Address:No. 239, Nanmen Rd, West Central District, Tainan City
TEL:+886 6 213 6068
Hours of operation:11:00To 22:00

Pasadena Internatinal Group

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