Kaohsiung's leading tourist attractions and the popular spot "Lotus pond" region around hotel


Kaohsiung's leadingThe tourist attractions include Lake is famous "Lotus Pond"。
A colorful Dragon and Tiger mouth large open waiting here "Dragon Tiger Tower"、
Many people who have never caught a glimpse in the Taiwan guide book!
In Feng ShuiDragon Tiger TowerThe 'Power spot"As has been said、FortuneAnd there is、Very popular spot and will be。
Dragon Tiger TowerThe seven-story building and、Represents the stupa of the Buddha that level 7。
Dragon Tiger TowerThe snake-like bent and Pier to the entrance of the、
This shape also means properly and、Amulet of the devil can only go straight to keep off of it。
KaohsiungThe、Taipei StationThanTaiwan high speed railIn a minimum of 90 minutes for、
Is popular as a tourist destination can enjoy day trips。
Zuoying StationFrom、Will arrive in approximately 10 minutes by car.


DragonThe mouth is"The entrance"、TigerThe mouth is"Exit"To become、No mistake!
Most good animals in Taiwan "Dragon"And then、The opposite is true "Tiger"And it is believed。
Included from the Dragon's mouth.、That comes from the mouth of a tiger、
Like their previous cleansed、Plague is gone, gone、Is believed to visit Fuzhou。
Entrance to make mistakes "Arrow"The up signs marked out.。
"Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung"of
Marketing & Of Public RelationsSarah HsuAnd
The front desk staffEvelyn Chiung-Yi HuangOn the let tour.


DragonIn going from the entrance、We've had a loose staircase、The walls on both sides made of brightly colored pottery、
Has been an example of filial piety in Chinese "Confucian classics"And、
And a graphic of sinner goes to hell after death, from the 10 Yama Kings trial and punishment punishment、
China's unique atmosphere attracts。


Central tower has a spiral staircase、7 layer tower built to climb up here!


On the ceiling, giving a stunning organized、That would be involuntarily deprived of eyes、
Do with the feet care enough!
Current、Floor penetration is prohibited、5To the floor。
For the spiral staircase is spread over 5 floors, with 100、Slowly take a break while you proceed.


Cut up the spiral staircase and、And 360 ° restaurant、Spreads soothing views。
Lotus PondThe、Around 5 km、A water area of about 75 hectares and will be left d Ward's largest freshwater lake。
Once、Many lotus flowers are planted in the pond、
That during the hot summer to Naruto Lake Lotus flower in full bloom "Lianhua Lake"Both called it!


In the depths of the Lake、Standing all alone to Pier 3-tier story Chinese-style covered gazebo "Hengchun' Ask!


DragonThe Tower down、TigerFor by the time we arrive at the Tower、Legs pretty full up (lol)
In fact、TigerFor I have heard less people going up to the Tower。
We also seeAlmost the same views, isn't it?"And the bearish remarks、This tower was abandoned。
Oh、Never in the same landscape is not so、
Tiger Tower please are yourself physically.


TigerIn the mouth "Twelve sage"And、
Heaven heaven everyday life in the Jade Emperor Temple 36 m. figure was drawn、Here is the vivid color。
TigerThe good body was cleansed from the mouth in head start and will be!


Dragon Tiger TowerOf before the eyes "Tzu Chi Temple"There。
This will build 1719、There's nearly 300 years of history、Is He worships a God that kept taipe doctor。
The temple was originally located at another、
Forced relocation to the zuoying naval construction during Japan colonial period、1959Came moved to 蓮地 channel for the current year。
And sacred lot here with a difference、God the doctor only in the、And prescription "drugs lot" of sacred lot、
Is famous for having written prescription and the future of the disease situation.


Lotus PondIn 1953, erected "Spring&Autumn Pagodas"TheT. Saint、Guan YuWe are dedicated!


Spring&Autumn PagodasThe "Spring Pavilion" And "Autumn Pavilion"The two towers are、In the meantime is custom Dragon statue、
The old、Guan Yin riding Dragons from between the clouds, appear、
Followers to build at the current position the image ordered that legend has been handed down。
Click here alsoDragonThe mouth is the entrance.


Spring&Autumn PagodasOf before the eyes "Hiroaki Hall"There。
This will was erected in 1899、At the time "A. Hall"But it was、1903In the year "Hiroaki Hall"And the name;、
T. Saint、Guan YuWe are dedicated!


Lotus PondA Taoist Ocean God 'Arctic xuantian"Worship"Former Dinh Arctic Pavilion"。


"Arctic xuantian"The image height is 22 m、
Southeast Asia's largest and known as water deities。
His right hand has a seven star sword、
Snakes and turtles stomping on the foot、Shows the heroic figure.


"Arctic xuantian"The entrance is located under the image。
Column、The ceiling a very crafted and decorated、In the eye is bright!





"Former Dinh Arctic Pavilion"The decided to try pulling the sacred lot!
In the coin slot10TWD (Japan Yen:About 36 yen)And put、Does the doll in the mausoleum.




Take exit receives a sacred lot、Wrapped around the cover for、
In a pile beside the outlet plug、Remove the cover、Let's open our sacred lot。
On the 4-character kanji written on the sacred lot、読mi取rimashou installed Handbook。
May is the beginning of a journey、"Out out"On reading、
"Ichiro's spring breeze"And there was a nice word!


Lotus PondThe on the shores of the Taiwan's largest "Confucius Temple"There。
Here "Dacheng Gate"From watching"Lingxing gate"It is。
In the mausoleum has spacious、Area is surrounded by green and very pleasant.


"Dacheng Gate"But falls under the main"Dacheng Hall.、
So the gate one、T'ai-Nan "Confucius Temple"And reveals the differences in size of compared.


Hits to the main shrine "Great Hall"The、Confucius and four diagonally、Tiles in the twelve, is enshrined。
Born in 0/551、Made the basis of Confucian thought Confucius。
In Chinese culture, Taiwan is "God of study"As widely practised.


Great HallIn on the tiles in the enshrined Confucius "Vancomycin Tsunatsune"And moreover written has been bridged、
Old steel man and always、China Zhejiang Hangzhou Yue Fei shrine marked "three characters Meng'll、Chiaki flooding blood。Tadao lifetime、Vancomycin Tsunatsune。"To and from、
"Public ethics and reason、Perpetual lasting for that "that has meaning。
On the ceiling、Rickshaws are painted wooden lanterns and hanging、
Dragon depicted on the ceiling Center、Look is very funny and well looked。
Great HallThe spacious and quiet surrounded、Unpopular within the mausoleum fills the air very solemn air.





This is a built in 1974、2013The renovation work in just、
Colorful corner isConfucius TempleAnd will be。
"Lotus Pond"The most visited tourist、Click hereConfucius TempleFar not taken legs?、
And getting cozy in a very quiet, calm air、
Spend a relaxing time!

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