"Silks Place Tainan" Unique kids room that was designed Confucius Temple in the model !


"Silks Place Tainan"The leisure facilities are equipped on the 4th floor、
"Confucians"Theme、Famous as the God of learning "Confucius Temple"The image of a
Design "Kid's Club"Provides a、
There are a variety of activities with parents can enjoy along with the children every day.

Kid's Club
4th floor hotel
Utilization time:Morning 6:30To 22:00


At the entrance、"Confucius Temple"Even classics are one"University"Of the over 1 chapter of the book it is written。
"The way of great learning consists、in manifesting one's bright virtue,。consists in loving the people, 、consists in stopping in perfect goodness.。"
If the modern translation to、
"A great way to practice where、Is to investigate the natural virtues。
In addition to、Not only increase their virtue、
It must boost the moral progress of the day to day and instructor of the people of the general。
Purpose of study in University、
Itself, is located in the zhishan awareness of self and others, moralizing and juggle things。"As has been、
The modern Confucian culture area、In aspiring to academic and political gentlemen (rulers and ruling class) must read。


Wooden small desk and Chair are aligned and、
Equipped with bookshelves、There were like elementary school decades ago!
Has been proven designs in colours kids fun want to study will be like、
Boating IQ game!


With characters written on the Blackboard。
Children and students、Dad、Would be nice for MOM becomes a teacher.


The front desk staffHiroki KobayashiIs it and、
Office ManagerKaren Lin、The new Office staffIvan Wu
Marketing & Communications ManagerAriel YaoWill be guided in the facility.


One of Taiwan's private performing arts a traditional puppet show "Glove puppetry"The doll is decorated、
From using a "bag made of cloth dolls" thing "Glove puppetry"And has been named.


Marketing & Communications ManagerAriel YaoHand puppet、
Moving by hand like a puppet in Japan and dolls。
In the conventional bag theater、Finger head into your thumb right hand puppet, you can,、Guests can enjoy!


"Confucius Temple"The painted gate of East Dacheng Langfang、
Marked "Taiwan's first science"、Shows that the birthplace of scholarship in Taiwan.


The kids ' Club、Before the age of schoolchildren in uniform for adults and children and are available for、
Office ManagerKaren Lin、The new Office staffIvan Wuis、
In the most innocent smile was devoted to role model! It is cute!
By wearing school uniforms、While soaking up the mood became school、
You can enjoy games and learning, it is recommended.

Silks Place Tainan
Location:No. 1, Heyi Rd, West Central District, Tainan City
TEL:+886 6 213 6290

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