Taipei Station directly connected hotels "Palais de Chine Hotel" Classic modern rooms Executive Deluxe


Connected to the Taipei main station、Large shopping mall "Q square"In the bar
This designer hotel "Palais de Chine Hotel"The rooms are、
97 single rooms、175 rooms、Suite 12 rooms、
Presidential Suite and Vice Presidential suites, each one provided by guest、
Provides all 286 guest rooms、
Standard floor, 7th floor ~ located on the 12th floor、14th floor, Executive floor and imposes on the 16th floor。
This time、The rooms become indebted、16th FL. 1636 room of Executive floor
"Executive Deluxe"It is。
Guests staying on the Executive floor located on the 17th floor
In the VIP lounge "Le Salon"There are freely available.


"Executive Deluxe"

37 m² "Executive Deluxe"The、
Classic modern furnished design rooms、Provides the space filled with restless。
Custom-developed "e Butler"In the system、With one remote control such as air conditioning and lighting adjustments possible and、
Most recent audio、Video systems are equipped、In spaces that are both functional and luxury comfort stay!
Mattress、English country office warrant honor given "Slumberland"And use、
In General and executive floors are separated grade mattresses。
In addition to、In the General and executive floors、Although not much different from design、
Difference is seen in the attention to detail performance speaker and TV sizes and room。
For the antique-style furniture decorated、Spend a relaxing time!


The staff at the Bell PorterKen TsoThe、
In a tall and very intelligent personality、Current、And have been studying Japan language、
Helped me so hard in Japan ♪ (Xie Xie!)


The space your sense of freedom and convenience、
Architectural designerRay ChenOf expertise in、
By separating and basin boundary in the mirror one here a work desk、
Eliminating the sense of oppression by the wall and felt the depth。
This mirror is half type、You can light a small round lights on the mirror switch provided on the side、
Very useful when the makeup woman。
In the desk drawer、Stationary goods also set、
For in the hotel all have free Wi-Fi、Business is also valid.


Daily fresh fruit!


Full stationary goods!


At the push of a button dial at the front desk!


Temperature adjustable by controller!


Multiple media outlets!


220v/110 v outlet!


Give guests a special welcome dessert、
Dessert plate Nice staffJuliad ChengWe loved! (Xie Xie! )
The other day、Concert with units had beenNamie AmurJust stayed here when、
Giant decorated cake had been up on Facebook was very nice!


With the mirror、Cool chocolate horse-shaped your hotel logo with canele、
Macaroons and ganache、Meringue、Artfully and cookies!


A relieved me heals the tired coffee time。
At taste of any original dessert、2The helpful separately for days!


Egzectiveroa has a child and heard.、
This is probably (laughs)
In addition to rooms with speakers of the egzectiveroa "Bose"Steel has been adopted、
Performed by excellent sound!


The frescoes are related to horses in the indoor、
This painting "National Palace Museum"From bought usage rights, so it is being used.
Various parts of the hotel here is why the appearance rate of the horse is often introduced later.


In the room、Sony has adopted the 40-inch LCD TV、
Custom-developed "e Butler"System has been introduced.
So far enjoy watching movies on Blu-ray high-quality, fairly ordinary service is、
The amazing thing about this、Various guide services functions can be remote control away! (Surprise)
Chinese, English, Japan, and made a multilingual、MRT route map and high iron-iron flight arrival and departure times and
Weather information and on-time rate,、It is all on the screen!
In addition、Also adjust the lighting in a room can be adjusted by remote control.、
Switching on/off of the light on the screen、
And can simulate the atmosphere turns、Had to play (laughs)


Neighborhood restaurant guide!


Guide to the attractions!


Weather forecast for Taiwan!


Transportation Guide!


The background music of various genres!


Watch a movie!


There was a closet on the entrance door left hand、Whole-body attire check is possible in front of a large mirror。
Doors provided in the shelf equipped mini bar or fridge、
Lined with white curtains、By dare blindfolded、A soft atmosphere.


Open the door and、There was a free tea bags, bottled water and other soft drinks、
Electric Kettle、Ice box、Include glass cup。
That was an instant coffee、
Tea in tea bags、Select hotel, very helpful!


Inside the refrigerator is an extra fee!


Teapot and Cup、Glass and more!


Delicious original tea Pack!


In the closet、Comprises two、Safety deposit box、Laundry bag、
Shoehorn、Gift bag、Shoe Shine service box、
Indoor slippers 2、Wooden Humber、Cushion hanger is provided.


Safe deposit box!


Shoe Shine service and indoor slippers!




Marble bathrooms、Corner baths and、Charming tear drop shaped tile flooring design!
On the left are equipped with separate shower room and WC with bidet.


This bathtub was a tear drop shaped、Is also circular type、
Because both are spacious and can bathe in two!
"Junior Suite" And "Executive Suite"The、
Will women like clawfoot bathtub。
Under the candle waveringly shakes、Slowly and soak in hot water and good will.


Independent shower room

Place faucet is installed to a strange small window by、Somehow connected with shower room。
For the leak from a small voice、Benefits while taking a bath and shower room can enjoy conversation、
My husband says、Peeping window it seems (laughs)


With a standalone bidet toilet

Rear mirror of your bathroom is to tell the truth door、
With a unique design that is connected with the living room to open!
The shy little resistance is there may be design、There's a charm (laughs)
To be useful、Provide outlets to the lead behind the desk、
Can cell phone charging while it is possible。
Or、By opening up the TV watching even though is not unreasonable as such (? )
I release a style I think.


Washbasin designed amenity rich。
Open the drawer on the right toothbrush and razor、Hair brush、
Nail file、Cotton swab、Sewing Kit etc。
Put the towel is、On the shape of the cloud, a symbol of the hotel group、筆洗. image、
Image stone SOAP、Both the image of calligraphy tools。
Owner father calligraphy to be put and、It is painted like this design!
SOAP in an elaborate design movement white jade dragon。
The Cup provided for the gargle、On the form of the seal、I'm happy so far hand fits a gradual dent。
Base item become original、Symbolizing the snuff bottle jar bottle design、
Very cute design with shades、I feel the attention to detail over originality.


The small image of the calligraphy tool!


The image of seal Cup!


Original items!


Panasonic hair dryer!




Health meter also European-style!


Select the background music and the jazz、Mind she'll settle down a quiet night、
You could spend a comfortable night in Taiwan on the first day!
Next in line、Palais de Chine HotelThe is the introduction of an extensive buffet style breakfast.

Palais de Chine Hotel
Location: No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

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