Taipei Station directly connected "Palais de Chine Hotel" Check-in to the stately five-star hotel in Europe!


Located on the North to Taipei main station、Taipei City was built as a joint project with the Government of、
Large shopping mall "Q square"In the bar
"Palais de Chine Hotel"The、Connected to the underground station, Taipei, boasts a perfect location。
2010March 5In the opened、The hotel attracts attention、
Among the prominent architects and designersRay ChenHas been handled、
Décor oozes style of European design。
A red sign emerges around a bustling Taipei main station、
The logo image of stamp、In the name of the hotel "Your products"The characters are conspicuous!
"Your products"、"King of quality"Means and、Pale Decin's first hotel chain brand in Taiwan
"LDC Hotels & Resorts Group"Run is a 5 star hotel!


First floor of pale Decin is in relation to space、Only the Concierge counter seating、
To support the travel guides and taxi、Bertha virus、Banquet reservations are possible。
With a nostalgic atmosphere in the old town
In the popular tourist spotJioufenAs to the taxi, such as Withers also has。
Taoyuan International AirportUntil the1,300TWD (Japan Yen:4,680Yen)In our guide!


Concierge counter

The concierge's bookshelf is inspired by the library of Carlos I (King Carl V, Holy Roman Emperor)。
To the taste of owners who like European history and art、
Ray ChenDesign and、Various elements are incorporated throughout the hotel。
At the top of the concierge、In Latin, "PLVS VLTRA (Plus Ultra)"And has written、
"Further away"、"More over"、"Further progress"That means to have、
Adopted from the personal motto of Carlos、And the motto in the country of Spain、Is the word written coat of arms。
In establishing this term at the entrance、
"Anything over the limit soar through!"That owners love although it is written!


In the entrance hall.、Sparkling chandeliers and beautiful velour curtains are placed、
Exhibits of antique wooden horses with presence and、Its size is and life-size and real horse!
This horse introduce later served in the tours more happy!


At the Concierge counter、
Deposits with non-valuable items of luggage、Ask our morning Bell。
Was this day near midnight midnight、Please accept in 24-hour Bell.


Boarded an elevator from the ground floor、6Go to the floor at the front counter。
Click here 2-4F is a Department established。
Decorated like a Merlot in the mirror in the elevator design、And antique inspired design.


The information in the elevator、And touch screen、
And Japan language besides English, Chinese, and is very easy and useful.


Get off at the 6th floor elevator、Spread out in front of the front desk lobby。
Colours and shades of dark tones filled with restless、
Using the walls quarried rock walls and chandeliers、And is the image of the European、
Well embraces the new design with the classical elements。
And beams.Ray ChenThe design due to the、Light and mirror well used!


Japan to speak.、Very friendly front desk staffEsther Wuis
A check-in call。
In the hotel、For the Japan front desk staff are deployed at all times you should try is the、
And friendly reassurance.


On the front left、Hotel has won numerous accolades card is posted。
"World Luxury Hotel Awards"So in 2012、2014 year、2015Years and more is winning、
"Taiwan sightseeing Light Board"Admits"5 star hotel"The has been awarded honors、
Each staff and skills、Knowledge other than equipment and refuge route in case of fire
The whole hotel was tested、Normal、3Rigorous checks are so in every。
Also、Etc. you can accession certain independent hotel who meet strict screening criteria
"Preferred Hotels & Resorts"The group in Taiwan has been Member for the first time, has gained a reputation.


Taiwan Tourism Bureau finds five-star hotel


Our award-winning


Certificate of international tourism


Check-in、An elevator will take care of the rooms.。
7th floor on the standard floor-12th floor used khaki colours、And the fabric used。
Executive floor and the 14th floor ~ located on the 16th floor、
In a modern and chic attire、Is heavily filled with calm colours and high-quality wood。
And image of horse-drawn carriage ceiling hallway、Loosely drawn curve design is wonderful!


Located on the Executive floor "Junior suite"In prior to、
The library has installed、A collection of the owner
Books related to international history and art are often placed, is freely available.


This room is a room 1636, 16 floor
"Executive Deluxe"Next I。
Next is the introduction to your room!

Palais de Chine Hotel
Location: No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

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