"HOTEL QUOTE Taipei" Check-in to the stylish hideaway hotel in compact size


Located in the heart of Taipei City、"Taipei arena"More than within a few minutes walking distance、
Located in Nanjing Dong that many buildings located
"HOTEL QUOTE Taipei"The、
"GLORIA HOTEL GROUP"One of managing hotels、
Is a nice compact size such as a retreat。
Effortlessly interviewed the other day "HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEI"The design is also、
"The most influential designers in Asia"As the award is
It is a building designer of attentionRay ChenHotel in 2009, and will be!
Place、MRT "Nanjing East Road station"For from exit No. 6 East Nanjing Road towards the Taipei arena 5 minutes ' walk away.


"HOTEL QUOTE Taipei"The、
"Small Luxury Hotels"Short"SLH"Even registered.。
"SLH"、75 countries around the world、500It is composed of small, upscale hotel than an independent hotel brands!
Hotel became a 12-story、1On the floor at the front and a restaurant & bar "333 RESTAURANT & BAR (333 Restaurant&Bar)"Established、
The rooms are on the second floor to prepare on the 12th floor、All rooms have compact size with a 64-room hideaway atmosphere、
Fascinated by the restless like a home find out designer hotel of charm!


At the hotel entrance、Has become a mascot of the hotel
"Deer" Huge mascot is me welcome!
"Deer"The、Taiwan native bovine hoof first deer of deer in the deer of the genus、
But once inhabited forests and mountainous regions of Taiwan、It is extinct in the wild, and overfishing to gather the horns and deer leather。
That left only now were bred at the Zoo。
The origin of the name、That looks like Plum spots of the summer "Deer"And are named。
"Deer"The character is、From a shy, nice and friendly、
Due to the concept of this hotel、No guest's feeling sense of intimacy、So you can relax、
Has been adopted as the image character。
The giant deer wearing a cheongsam、Love is so good!


Waiting booth in front of the front。
deer stuffed has me watching gently trends of guest♪


Check-in time is 15.:00And from、Check in at the front of the。
Languages available、Currently is only in Chinese or English。
Behind the front、1Floor restaurant & bar "333 RESTAURANT & BAR (333 Restaurant&Bar)"Spread、
Are all dining!


The check-in、Youthful, energetic and beautiful Senior Assirtant Service Manager
Teresa HsuStaff! (Xie Xie! )
As the atmosphere of the hotel、An actor home without being pretentious atmosphere.


After check-in to、To your room, this will guide!
Luggage is safe of me carrying Porter ♪


11th floor elevator Hall、
While the simple design、With the warmth of wood、
Reducing brightness using indirect lighting, lighting、Keep a relaxed atmosphere、I feel the peace.


Provided in the elevator Hall, antique black telephone、
that leads to the front without a dial♪


Dim light room plate glass with LED light、Unleash the modern impression。
Now、The next room, 11th floor 1101 of this room "O Room" introduction!

Location:Songshan district, Taipei city Nanjing East Road, section 3, No. 333
TEL:+886 2 2175 5588

Songshan district, Taipei city Nanjing East Road, section 3, No. 333

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