"HOTEL QUOTE Taipei" facilities with unique designs and rich on condestable!


It is a building designer of attentionRay ChenHotel in 2009
"HOTEL QUOTE Taipei"The、
The rooms are on the second floor to prepare on the 12th floor、And all 64 rooms、
Type "Q・U・O・T・E"And took the name character by 5 types of rooms and、
"U"Type with a balcony"U-Balcony"Type and、
"Q" And "U-Balcony"Two combined"QUOTE"Type the seven。
This time the、111101 room, on the floor "O Room"To become indebted.


11F 1101 Room "O Room" 33 ㎡

Without repeating background bedroom wall Centre、With no partition intact bathroom set up、
Given degrees of freedom and openness in the layout、A unique design "O Room"。
Size is 33 m²、Keep moist and relaxed atmosphere。
Invites comfortable orthopaedic bed "Simmons"Adopted、
Choose either a King size or single size twin、
When it comes to pillows、Provide various types、According to preference, can be changed.


Senior Assirtant Service ManagerTeresa HsuIn a room! (Xie Xie! )
Capsule formula "Nespresso"The use of the coffee machine and、
Coffee and tea、In the prepared dish drawer、Light snacks and tea bags、
And、Have a drink in the fridge drinks becomes complete.、
All of whichFreeTo tell you good service!


As a drink "Herbal teas"Rooms were clean。
While sitting on the bed、Surrounded by pleasant herbal scent、Able to take a breather and。
Here you will、Massage equipment lending service is.、
For the waist、Is small parts each, such as Foot Massager、Will staff it at the front if you ask!


Dare eliminates the gap between the bedroom and bathroom、Extended field of view、
Room show to open.。
Instead of couples and married couples、If staying with friends、
And roll screens blocking the line of sight.


Also equipped with a work desk、
In the drawer、Stationary goods, including rich、Business travelers can take advantage of。
There was free WiFi、Enter the passcode is available!


"Pioneer"For there are DVD players、
TV wall mount "SONY"The LCD TV and both are made in Japan adopted.


During the earlier mini、In addition to cups and glasses、As well as fridge and stored.


"Bowers & Wilkins (B&W)"、
For short "B&W"The iPod dock speakers"Zeppelin Air"Is adopted。
Airship with a name derived from "Zeppelin type"For such are spindle-shaped design、
Morten WarrenOn the other hand、Stylish, excellent interior design of。
Wired LAN、Or via the integrated wireless LAN、
iPhone and iPad、You can easily play music iTunes installed PC, Mac、
Excellent functionality!


"Nespresso"The espresso coffee maker"Le Cube"Has been adopted、
Serving you delicious espresso!


Drinks in the refrigerator are all free!


Also snack service!


Glass also available!


In the closet、Wooden hanger and、Bathrobes、
Safe deposit boxes to umbrellas、Provides a shoehorn, etc.!


The bathrooms are、Decorated in shades of beige with a soft impression、
There was a bathtub trip tired me heals、
Made in Japan avoid the sense of oppression by a glass wall "TOTO"The toilet with Washlet
Independent shower booth is.、It is comfortable!


Half-reaped the TV!


Bathtub & bidet toilet


Independent shower room


The towels are thick, high-quality ones、Hand、Facial、And provides a variety of。
Our staff is、If there isn't enough、
24Time opening up on the second floor "H.Q.Lounge"A wide variety of replacement、It is possible to add。
Is base item、Made in Italy "Allegrini"ofNero OldHas been used、
Shampoo、Conditioner、Body SOAP、Amenities include four kinds of body lotion.


Warm bulbs light、You will provide a space for relaxation and quiet。
Now、Next in line is the introduction of the facilities in the hotel.

Location:Songshan district, Taipei city Nanjing East Road, section 3, No. 333
TEL:+886 2 2175 5588

Songshan district, Taipei city Nanjing East Road, section 3, No. 333

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