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"HOTEL QUOTE TAIPEI" "333 Restaurant&Bar "in the buffet breakfast with organic vegetables



Nanjing dong in many buildings sat quietly、
Retreat-like atmosphere "HOTEL QUOTE Taipei"The、
"GLORIA HOTEL GROUP"Is one of the hotel。
Breakfast for hotel guests、"333 RESTAURANT & BAR (333 Restaurant&Bar)It will be "♪


You choose your seat。
"333 RESTAURANT & BAR (333 Restaurant&Bar)"Staff
Biaggi ChenTo ask、Order a cup of wake up!
You can choose either the coffee or tea!


Enjoy breakfast in buffet style、There is so much food、
While hotel owners also culinary Director responsible for、
In addition there farmerFudy ChenBegin to make
Cuisine based on organic farms fresh organic vegetables in the Center、Provides slight Japanese taste like food!


Stir-fried vegetables and radish cake


Penne with grilled seasonal vegetables


Scrambled eggs with sausage


With miso soup and rice porridge


Prosciutto and panzanella


L’IDIOT BAKERY baked bread


That should be characteristic of this hotel group breakfast、
Still, hotel ownerFudy ChenBegin to make
Will be living organic farm fresh organic vegetables!


Taiwan fruit and organic vegetables


Cereal and milk and juice


Hot coffee and tea


Garden Salad & Fresh juice Bar

Is good organic vegetables grown in the home garden filled with fresh salad、
Better efficiency、To you at the same time large quantities of vegetables、
"Robot coupe"The juicer、It is possible to enjoy the luxury of fresh juice from morning。
Choose vegetables and fruits are also good.、
As to make delicious juice recipes、It would be helpful。
The organic vegetable and fruit juices、
Serves the entire、Taste delicious!


Perched on a table by the window get the morning sun、Commute time as East Nanjing Road, people go people-watching!


Organic Green Salad with prosciutto and panzanella、
Scrambled eggs sausage plate it is。
I recommend fresh juices can be made in the scheme of your choice!
Because Taiwan is delicious all year round fruit、
Organic vegetables to fit the original mix juice and enjoy!


On this day、Hotel before returning to visit another one for、
Early check-out at the front deskOwen ChenTo asked.。
Connected to the breakfast room and the reception are for、
After the meal、At tea time between check-out and convenient.


The front desk staffSteffy LinTo ask、We will call a taxi for one。
Basic、Please call a taxi from the hotel and、
Please present the destination、For taxi numbers can ahead、
Very helpful no problems I wonder when。
If、Not in the Cruiser、Would you like to arrange a taxi through the hotel.


Baggage check and taxis can be arranged, all staff moving to agile us、Service for peace of mind! (Xie Xie! )
Hotel hideaway "HOTEL QUOTE Taipei"The、
Indulgent to feel at home、Young children is a popular hotel!
We say goodbye to the staff helped me tell、
Heading to the final destination.

333 RESTAURANT & BAR (333 Restaurant&Bar)
Location:Taipei Songshan district Nanjing 3 333, 1st floor
TEL:+886 2 2175 5588
Hours of operation
Day-Thursday 11:30-24:00、Gold、Sat 11:30Late-night 2:00

Location:Songshan district, Taipei city Nanjing East Road, section 3, No. 333
TEL:+886 2 2175 5588

Songshan district, Taipei city Nanjing East Road, section 3, No. 333

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"HOTEL QUOTE Taipei" prohibition-era cocktails and cuisine to enjoy "333 restaurant & bar"! "Mandarin Oriental Taipei" "Café Un Deux Trois" Elegant branch of the semi-buffet!
"HOTEL QUOTE Taipei" prohibition-era cocktails and cuisine to enjoy "333 restaurant & bar"!
"Mandarin Oriental Taipei" "Café Un Deux Trois" Elegant branch of the semi-buffet!


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