"The Sherwood Taipei" Moments of relaxation in a junior suite which gives off a calm in the classical


"Your Home Away From Home"The concept that、To provide with its warm cozy
"The Sherwood Taipei"。
The 20-storey hotelSherwood TaipeiThe rooms are、8And 343 guest rooms consisting of type、
Opening of renovated furnished in 2008 after 18 years、Change the colors on each floor are also relaxed and soft feel。
By providing high-quality space than ostentatious decoration elegant and elegant European-style。

This time、We will take care rooms、
The same 19F-1906 room "Junior Suite" Is!

The key to your room、Instead of card、Dare we are using classic key。
It also "Your Home Away From Home"As the important elements、
To make you feel like home to unlock what。
The key hang those who are worried about forgetting、With confidence!
A key is required to open、Will auto-lock when closing.


Junior Suite / 62 m² (19 m2)

Consists of 2 rooms, 62 m², with separate living room and bedroom, spacious、
One loveseat sofa and table provided to the sofa, a soft cushioned two seat、
Feel the rich comfort in spacious!

"The Sherwood Taipei" Junior suites feel warm full of relaxation in the soft tones


The bedrooms are、Equipped items where you will find comfy rest in peace。
And choose from a King size bed or twin、
Bed mattress、As prepared Matt good tightness、Get relief wrap。
When it comes to pillows、Feather、Hulls、Provides 5 types, such as memory foam type、
"I can't sleep pillow is different."Do not worry!。
Bedside side table、2 there was a mineral water、Water supply in the middle of the night no problem。
Also、1The seat sofa、And original furniture、With outstanding seating comfort, ideal for reading time!


The elegant marble bathrooms、Very spacious legroom、
Independent shower room、There was a toilet with a bidet、Excellent functionality!
There are two doors to the bathroom and、Can be used from both the bedroom side from the entrance hallway side and、
Guests in the bathroom and check your own appearance from the bedroom side is possible without any difficulty。
Towel is hand.、Face、One bath towel and a range of two becomes complete.、Bath mat is available with、
Are equipped with toiletries and bath item。
In the sink、Very nice double-sided makeup mirror with
There was a Wicker Chair、Be very helpful in the morning appearance.


Wrapped in a sofa with comfortable custom-made furniture and taking a break、
Gave us some delicious Taiwan tea as a drink.


Cold hand towels、Warm aromatic Taiwan tea day I will be healed and tension!


On the table、Taiwan fruit will replace every morning with petals。
(Apple、Banana、Guava、orange、Kiwi fruit)
And、GM'sAchim V. HakeFrom greeting cards with.


The Guest Relations OfficerShinko Yokoch,、
We will then loom cel check-in procedure。
Detailed instructions in the room、And comfortable and stay again、
The description is not required、And is it OK so you tell、
On the reverse、Also did not have to explain、Guys please do visit first if you have questions!


The autograph book here、Sherwood TaipeiTo have stayed
It is a memorable thing that prominent people around the signs and messages left!
You look in the、World star and actor、Seen a sportsman, who、
Autographs of celebrities and comedians have been booked in Japanese。
During such、You may also be、"Nedachi,Please write word!"And please I have been! (Surprise! )
Also be refused once "Right or wrong!"And、Just in case it is pressed、To be entrusted to us。
I want to check-out of.


Achim V. HakeFrom just had a lovely bouquet、
Us swaps out flower-based staff、Will be staying during the healing。
This time、Sherwood TaipeiThe stay 4 nights 5 days and you will be!

The Sherwood Taipei
Location:No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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