Elegant breakfast in the "Mandarin Oriental Taipei" Club floor dedicated Oriental Club


"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"Of the Club as guests、
6It is in the floorOriental ClubNow、
morning's6:30-10:30The time zone、
Breakfast with Champagne you can enjoy ♪

[Club floor available schedule]
6:30To 22:00Light refreshments and high-quality still offers tea and coffee
(Specially in the morning from the open kitchen and the menu、Serving warm dishes to chef cooked to order)
14:30~ 16:30Afternoon tea time
17:30-19:30Evening cocktail hour


In buffet-style breakfast、
Serial、Milk、Yogurt、Taiwan fruit started.、Smell good matching Danish bread and milk Pan。

Grilled tomatoes on the counter、Sauteed mushrooms、Bacon、
Winner、Egg、Sort is the waffles hot dish、
The thickness sensation you can enjoy roast pork、Served with Apple sauce。
Guests can enjoy a green salad and cheese。
One cup of a high aroma in espresso EGRO (eguro) awakening。

Drinks are、Prepare fresh juice and soft drinks、
Alcohol is、Taiwan beer started.、Japan's Asahi Breweries, Ltd.、
Philippines San Miguel beer、Gas mineral water、Variety of juice.


The floor of the lounge、While the precious white soft lighting by directing the softness。
Art using pictures of European building black and white flowers only color plus、GEM just tickle a woman's mind。
Nearly 50 seats or so floors are spacious and have、You can comfortable elegance!

As Japan to order menu、Please contact the staff。


From morning Champagne "Ruinart ル イ ナ ー ル"In cheers!
The privileges of the Club floor accommodation in Shan morning drinks、Morning6:30-10:30The hours would be available。
Offer elegance and comfort in a relaxed space、1, a comfortable start.


"Porridge (chicken)"

The hot dish、From the book menu can be ordered。
Still make the porridge at breakfast in Taiwan。
Topping、And cucumber pickles

Chinese fried bread and oil co., Ltd. (Youtiao)、With dried scallop scallop、Increases the flavor you like and mix。
Especially the last day also available、Because the stomach is tired、I feel the taste more than usual。
There chicken broth for taste、Dish!


"Tart、Macaroons、Chocolate "

The fruit tart、Mouth spread the smell of crispy texture and coconut powder、
Brings out the natural sweetness of the fruit。
Moist cake、Dense chocolate、Karkur、Time women like sweets in the form will be。
It will be the morning Suites brain happy ♪



After the meal、Refreshing and fragrant oolong tea for you.、Take a breath。
Friendly fun during "good", that is considered one of the major factors、
Click here、Mandarin Oriental TaipeiBreakfast is the best without complaint ♪ in Oriental Club

Mandarin Oriental Taipei
Location:158 Dunhua North Road, Taipei 10548, Taiwan (10548-Taipei dunhua North Road 158-go)
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888

No. 158, Dunhua N Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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