"Mandarin Oriental Taipei, check out goodbye、Also until we meet


Hong KongTo set up home、
Currently under construction including44The hotelTo24 countries around the worldTo expand the、
5 star hotelOf the Crown to seeMandarin Oriental Hotel Group"
Taipei CityThe classical-modern European-style City Center decorated with taste、
8 yearThings over the years, and construction、2014 May 18,.It was opened in
"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"。
During a visit to Taipei、And there are many great hotels want to experience once by all means.


Check-out is done on the reception floor。
And precious white、The reception floor combines the elegance in the glitz、
For a comfortable hotel stay of guestsFrontAndConciergeIt is installed ♪


Marys during their settlement、The check-out signs。
This time the、Because it was only one night stay、
The Guest Relations supervisorMorikawa Natsuki.、Could not talk too slowly、
Thanks to the support of her mind at ease we have spent。
NatsukiSan、Thank you for always.


The Guest Relations supervisorMorikawa NatsukiSan
(Language:Japan Japanese / English / Chinese studies)
Stationed in Mie Prefecture, yet she did not exist.、Bright、Manner should be soft、Very cute woman feel familiar.。
She even today also、Introduction to Japanese、In order to welcome more guests are active in foreign lands。
Mandarin Oriental TaipeiNow、More Japan staff、
Welcomed with great hospitality staff for、You can enjoy a pleasant journey。
It is also best hotels from the heart seems to always want to visit!

You guys、Thank you very much!

Now、This time9MoonThe finished here in Taipei trip articles、
10MoonI want to connect directly to the article of Taipei interview trip scheduled to visit ♪

Mandarin Oriental Taipei
Location:158 Dunhua North Road, Taipei 10548, Taiwan (10548-Taipei dunhua North Road 158-go)
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888

No. 158, Dunhua N Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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