To revisit the "Mandarin Oriental, Taipei" classic modern luxury hotel!


Hong KongTo set up home、
Currently under construction including44The hotelTo24 countries around the worldTo expand the、
5 star hotelOf the Crown to seeMandarin Oriental Hotel Group"
Taipei CityThe classical-modern European-style City Center decorated with taste、
8 yearThings over the years, and construction、It's opened2014 May 18,.Of that。
I was allowed to interview before about half a year
"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"In
We stayed this time。

"Mandarin Oriental Taipei" Hospitable Wonderful 5-star hotel accommodation Symbol

Place、MRTOfNanjing station (formerly named:Nanjing East Road Station)From8 minutes walking distanceAnd with、
The beauty and the city、Lush greenDunhua North RoadAlong the landmarks。
Taipei Songshan AirportUntil the carApproximately 5 minutesTaoyuan Chiang Kai-shek International AirportAlso in the carAbout 40 minutes distance.Next、
famousTaipei 101 TowerUntil well in the car15 minutes distance.、Located convenient to local shopping areas as well as、
Taipei tourismTo say that was really fantastic!


Startled and Taipei City、The huge and heavy feeling building entrance、
And teeming in tranquillity and dignity、
Smiling in "Welcome to the Mandarin Oriental! ."And、
The gentle smile of a doorman who greeted、"Was also this is back ♪"And you can dance heart ♪


Fans represent the Mandarin Oriental's brand culture。
"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"The、In the Chinese language "Mandarin Oriental Hotel Taipei"And represents a。


The precious whiteMarbleUsingEntrance hallThe、To welcome guests to the appropriate、
The luxurious gorgeous that symbolizes the here hotelsCrystal chandelierShows up brightly。
Here is、CzechoslovakiaThe designer is giving the design、
510,000 pieces.Those with Crystal、1.4tWhat are chandeliers shine bright weight!


Go to the left entrance hall、
FrontAndConciergeWill be on the reception floor mounted。
While the precious white、Subdued colours、
Incorporates elegant element to all the glitz。
For check-in、Two front cel or loom cel check-in is possible.


As well as the last、Japanese staffAnd various reeds strike serves as the Auditor, the、
The Guest Relations supervisorMorikawa NatsukiSan。
"Welcome back ♪"And、Kindly welcome!
She born in Mie Prefecture、Bright、Manner should be soft、Very cute woman feel familiar.。
Mandarin Oriental TaipeiNow、Basic、Chinese and EnglishIn the language and will be、
Japanese staffMorikawaIs it and、While local people、
Japan language proficiency qualificationSo staff have several follow up visit is safe。
Japan language proficiency qualifications your staff it is、On the chestJapan flag pin badgeIt will be the mark and the are with a ♪


Classical figured that an elevator Hall


In the elevator、Decorated with the hammering of the beautiful cherry blossoms in bronze


17Floor elevator Hall entrance


Hallway lighting brightness and calm down to show。
High-quality carpeting of thick legs gently、Kakemasen the burden on knees.


This time、And top floor of the hotel and hotel rooms、Of the floor "1712 room"This is the arrival to ♪


Loom cel Quinn

This also、We loom cel check-in.。
Description of rooms and facilities、Ask for hotel system、
Travel dates、After a review and prices、If you note that the sign is OK!


Welcome tea、Lok subsection tea (tea locan)
Winter melonAndLongan fruitAndLok God flower (Japanese name:Roselle、Chinese name:Rovsenfa)Made from
You can feel the rich sweet and gentle acidityVitamin CWomen with plenty of NiceBeauty teaIt is。
Lok God flowersAnd the 聞kinaremasenn is、
Hibiscus teaSaid once familiar I have!


Morikawa Natsuki,、He told us the news in the last six months、
A few days I heard after the Chinese test is waiting。
Japanese、English is her fluent in both、It seems truly struggling in Chinese pinyin。
Seems to be a bit sharper than the previous impression、
So slim you can ask、
As she is working hard in a foreign land seemed alive and well and happy,。
Now、Next in line、Comfortable rooms "Club Deluxe Room (King size bed)" introduction!

Mandarin Oriental Taipei
Location:158 Dunhua North Road, Taipei 10548, Taiwan (10548-Taipei dunhua North Road 158-go)
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888

No. 158, Dunhua N Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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