"Mandarin Oriental, Taipei" pop-up coffee stand "EAVES COFFEE" business trip


Graphic designerAnd working with、"ZouZou Design Studio"He operated、
Coffee lover's interest、Casual pop-up coffee stand
"EAVES COFFEEIt is "in Taiwanese friend who launched theLee Pei-SyunMr。
LeeLike Mr. coffee drinking and talking、
"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"In" of the roomTravel coffee"It was me offered! (Happy)
In the rooms of the hotel、Of course we are a coffee Server、
Relax in the room、Me drip politely coffee bar!、It is very luxurious.


"EAVES COFFEE"The、Single-origin coffeeThe wankel、The coffee was arranged, in the original is popular!
Single-origin coffeeAnd the、Coffee-producing countries、Production area、In production process、
The mean looks safe and high-quality producers any blended coffee。
High qualitySingle-origin coffeeThe various characters that exist、
And precisely because drink without blend in a single can enjoy a taste transmitted to the direct ♪


This time、So far scheduled to come to Taipei were told on facebook、
Previous、This worked forMandarin Oriental TaipeiLeft and、
Hotel consultants of the company "Fu Yang International Hotel Consultants Ltd. Ryan International"I launched theRyan Lin-Kun、
"Let's Ai if come to Taipei!"And it came all the way to an eye! (Xie Xie!)
6 months ago、As a staff member of a friend from a contact at the Club level toRyanCum、
Yet little 26-year-old.、It also launched his own company or by、Somewhat precocious, stout appearance seems。
Now、To put the company on track、Like every day devoted to the work、
If、We make our relationship into marriage、
Talked about the positive aspects for the love。
In the handsome actor like a nice young man.、
And、Promising futureRyanIf some want to married women、And acting as an intermediary to happy (laughs)





Take time to drip in、Extract to one cup of coffee。
Grind fresh coffee beans and use、While defending the extraction temperature and time、
Affection and rice and pour the hot water is ♪


Center to write a letter of"from"、Slowly and slowly extract。
Aroma High smell of coffee spread in the room takes care of creating a comfortable time ♪


This time、"EAVES COFFE"The travel coffee、
Explore the preferences、So you can eat、
And original blend coffee excellent aroma High richness to balance spread
Refreshing acidity has me allowed to examine the two brewed with a delicious Ethiopian coffee!
Both are very delicious.、
LeeFeels coffee BREW's passion、Was impressed by the balance between goodness and taste!
Pop-up coffee stand "EAVES COFFE"The、2015In late OctoberIn Japan、
Share workshop in Tokyo of Meguro "Makers’ Base makers-basedAlso decided store openings in "!
Ying and Taipei、Because it extends the playing field、Who want to enjoy come watch please!

Pop-up coffee standEAVES COFFE・Japan opened decision!
Date and time:2015October 23, (Friday)、25For two days, (Sunday).
Event venue:Makers’ Base Maker's base (near the entrance)
Address:2-5-12 black shimomeguro, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo
Hours of operation:10:00-22:00/ Fixed holiday

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