"Mandarin Oriental Taipei" Popular Italian lunch in "BENCOTTO"


"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"of5 floorTo the all-day Italian sales "BENCOTTO"。
Michelin 3 starsI have won
Tuscan-born ItalyMario cittadiniAnd supervised by the chef、
In the classic what heart warming、Country-style restaurant will。
The chefs prepare your meal、Using the finest fresh ingredients、
Authentic immersive open kitchen with an Italian as well as、
Such as a variety of wine and cocktails that fit well in the Italian gastronomy are also available abundantly ♪


In the spacious interior、Other tables、And provides a homely sofa、
SpeciallyChef's tableAnd、
12~ 50Up to two private rooms available equipped with 1 room.


The wines won awards from around the world270BookAbout matching、
Sommelier You can leave it in peace They will select in accordance with the cooking and tastes ♪


This floor in the empty wine bottle lighting in the diagnosis、At the green light.


Landscaped open kitchen

Next to the open kitchen is a special chef's table。
It is to eat while watching a lively open kitchen seats。
Unfortunately bad timing、Even to this day、Men chef'sMr. Mario cittadiniThat has taken a long vacation、That and the holidays (sad)
I hope that next time you can meet。
In the original products for restaurants、Anchovy and olive oil、And picking the balsamic vinegar is popular.


This time the、Whether through a seat on the couch、Relax and enjoy the meal。
Similar to the previous、The staff speak little JapanDavis Wei LeeKun-OK、
From the Japan language menu you should tell。
Mandarin Oriental TaipeiIn the restaurant、It saved very much ♪ Since all are prepared to Japanese menu


The sommelierAlex Tsai-Kun、
"Also, thank you for coming!"Specially it was Please prepare the Champagne! (Xie Xie!)
This time the、AlexKun, you have me to select a wine that matches the cuisine ♪


"Ruinart Rose" France Champagne

1729And established bottle secondary fermentation process in、First magnificent champagne ruinart。
Ruinart Rosé reflects an elegant gold pink hue is、
The ratio of 45% and very high、5519% of total % Pinot Noir red wine is used and、
Elegance and finesse、And fruity wine is giving。
Picked fresh and delicate berry fruits such as fresh aroma and、Enjoy the nuances of spices、
Fruit flavors such as Mint-like soft and pink grapefruit。
And the elegant, well-balanced、Is a plump tasty champagne.


Mandarin Oriental TaipeiAnd full of elegant view of the world "BENCOTTO"In the、
Know the pleasure of coming home to a love hotel with Memorial Cup。
In each country where land is、Make sure "Welcome back ♪"And greeted me.、
Are there hotels such as home、Anyone else would be the peace may be.


"PC、Dried tomato bread、Home-made bread, baguettes etc.

Homemade bread you can choose as much as you like your pick ♪


"Aussie beef of beef tongue and foie gras-filled salad candied cherries served with" 550TWD (approximately 2,035 yen in the Japanese Yen)
牛 舌 鴨 肝 沙 拉 佐 糖 漬 櫻 桃
Beef tongue and foie gras salad, red onion and candied cherries

Australia produced beef tongue slices、With plenty of very rich foie gras salad、
In cherry sauce sour taste, beautiful color and will。
There's a filling volume of、Satisfactory though the salad dish.


「Vermentino Toscana Bibi Graetz 2013」
Vermentino BB Graz

The BB who grew up in a wealthy family of artists, Graz、
When inherited from mothers was producing wine winery、
Wine making in there much more possibilities to realize、Instead of relying on the traditional notions of wine production、
Newly launched in connecting the new Barrick directly into the grapes and from fermentation before ageing Winery。
His artistry is utilized on the label。
Vermentino species having distinctive character、
Got a bright shades of gold color、 Fruity and rich floral aroma、A slight herbal aroma fills the air。
It is a well-rounded white wine full-bodied harmony ♪


Alex Tsai (Hsiao-Lun) Profile
1973/08/20 Taipei born

Learning for biology of the University of Leicester, United Kingdom、
1997Since worked as a laboratory assistant at the General Hospital of the Rong people Taipei。
2005From UK Friancy Wine Tasting Club, consultant and lectures。
2009Since engaged as sales at the wine shop Evergreen Laurel Collection。
Give up with academic career path、Wine and dating at work、Go to the sommelier road。
2011Since Taichung Pin J French Cuisine Restaurant in premium Beverage Manager & sommelier。
2012Since Taipei Salon Wine Bar Manager & sommelier。
2013Since Taipei Grand Victoria premium beverage Assistant Manager and head sommelier。
2014,Mandarin Oriental, Taipei BENCOTTOOf charge drinking today, and then became Assistant Manager。

Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 1, Level 2(2009) and Level 3 (2013) Certified
The Wine Academy of Spain Certified Educator (2011)
Taiwan Sommelier Association (TSA) Certified Sommelier (2011)
International Sommelier Guild (ISG) Level 1 and Level 2(2012) Certified
Interprofessional Office of Burgundy Wines (IVB) : Honour of Burgundy Wine Connoisseur Certified (2013)

Competition Awards
The finalist in The Best Sommelier Competition in Taiwan, Sep. 2012
The 2nd Place of Sopexa: Best Sommelier Competition of French Wines in Taiwan, Jul 2015

Spoken Chinese and English languageAlexAnd cum、
The communication is not balanced as they want to、
Yet through the broken English、I friend connect in mind and heart.。
"Always ♪ I have seen it fun lade"And gently voice over and will be encouraging that me ♪


"BEMCOT original mozzarella cheese (2-3 servings)" 1,500TWD (approximately 5,550 yen in the Japanese Yen)
獨 家 辮 子 莫 札 里 拉 水 牛 乳 酪 (建議 2~3 人享用)
Exclusively produced for Bencotto, handmade buffalo mozzarella from Naples,Served with condiments

On top of the Bemcot original tuna tartare
Put a thick rich sweet made from milk is milked from the Naples Buffalo mozzareladibuffara、
Served with tomato and basil sauce and chips、Tartar sauce tastes.


Davis Wei Lee
1990/2/15 born
Taipei origin
Ritsumeikan University、Meiji University、And the University of Alberta Learning.、
After working for Ogilvy & Mather consulting company、
Mandarin Oriental, Taipei BENCOTTOTo enter the shop and, to the present。

DavisThe、Because it has been working as a staff with Venkat Japan、
When you need help or something, try consult him。
Great manners and soft、Is a friendly young man.


「Valcanzjria Gulfi Sicilia IGT 2014 White」
Gulfi "Vulcan Tze rear"

Bed & Breakfast is currently、Will have the ideal Nero davola
Winery that owns a 60 ha field in the southeastern part of the Sicilian province of Ragusa, Chiaramonte gulfi, Bed & Breakfast。
Varieties:50% Chardonnay、Calicante 45%、Albanello 5%。
A clean yellow blue。
Is incense minerals such as lime.、As well, including nuts and lemon aromas、
In the soft palate and a clean palate feels relaxed acid, mineral and citrus fruit,。
Is the scent of the flowers.、Rich in minerals and the framework。
Pleasant sour taste with the stretch、Classy and rich taste.


"Asparagus and black truffles Penne" 650TWD (about 2,400 yen in the Japanese Yen)
Handmade penne, asparagus, black truffle, cured egg yolk sabayon

Homemade Penne with asparagus aromas of black truffle。
Zabaglione sauce。
Penne well entwined in a mild sauce is delicious.、
The people of Taiwan、To be preferred soft texture of the pasta、Relatively、Will be provided as soft.。
As a result、In order to seeIn al dente"Let's ask the ♪


"Traditional Italian roast duck served with foie gras and cherry source" 850TWD (3,150 yen)
義 式 古 法 烤 鴨 胸 襯 鴨 肝 及 番 紅 花 蕪 菁
use 2500 Years ago,Guluomati Tiberius large kitchen Di Yu Marcus G. Apicio spread recipes
Yilan duck breast, Apicius sauce, foie gras escalope, saffron poached turnip
From the recipe of Marcus G. Apicius, Chef of Roman Emperor Tiberius, 1st century A.D

2500Years ago it was Okakae chef of ancient Roman emperor
Chef.Marcus G. Employing a recipe handed down from Apicio、
20The roast with spices over and marinate for 48 hours。
Enjoy the flavor of the spices and herbs in a rich sauce of foie gras and cherry I can't believe my duck meat moist and。
Vegetables、Served with daikon marinated in saffron and jujube。
We have、This time from Japan ceramists in Toyama's friend "Gaku Shakunaga"For had to bring instruments of-Kun、
Here also "To travel with the series"And entitled、
In his work "Raven series" And "Tree-ring series"Introduce、
"BENCOTTO"I was collaboration with dishes! (Thanks inspiring!)
The main meat dishes "Tree-ring series"Thanks for using。
For the white uniform and most of Venkat、Feel the fresh breath due to collaboration with the ring.


"Gulfi Nerojbleo 2014" Italy Sicily
Gulfi "Neroibureo

Built in Sicily same as the previous white
That depict the characteristics of the vineyard in Nero davola 100%、Featured doing revolutionary work of Bed & Breakfast。
Characteristic of a blackish tinge、While with the rich aroma of spice and dark black fruits、Without losing clarity、
To make me feel the iron and mineral elements、Taste with a personality overflowing deep!


Patissiere ofJulia Kuo.、Venkat push popular original Panna cotta,、
"Raven series dish"And he told me to collaboration! (Xie Xie!)


"Downy Nkotto special panna cotta Wild berries and smoked milk gelato served with" 350TWD (1,300 yen)
義 式 奶 酪 配 野 莓 及 煙 燻 牛 奶 冰 淇 淋
Vanilla panna cotta, berries, smoked milk ice cream

In the whole、Is that voters like the mushroom forest "Raven series dish"In a reversible、
To fit the size sense of this vessel
FairylandSuch as if the image of a "Mushroom Village"It was me up creating a! (Praise!)
The Venkat original Panna cotta、
The vanilla Panna cotta、Chocolate red finish using top、
Green ground cover is formed in the pistachio、Sugar and air chocolate to resemble a rock, solid。
And plus the acidity with fresh raspberries and a sources、Served with smoked buttermilk ice cream。
Eat will of is is cute enough without undue importance! (Xie Xie!)


Julia Kuo

Vancouver, Canada-born
Learn about the bakery and confectionary in the Vancouver Community College。
To improve the technology as a pastry chef at the Four Seasons Vancouver、
Now、While active as a confectionary of the Mandarin Oriental Taipei Venkat!

Patissiere ofJuliaHanging out、Fairy tale of endless possibilities that you would like to view the world、
Right or wrong、I order the Venkat original Panna cotta!


Mandarin Oriental Taipei
General manager Paul Jones

General Manager after a mealPaul Jones .
In that the US is returning、Us frees to greet them! (Gusto! )
He、Oberoi Group、The Oberoi Rajvilas、Jaipur、The Oberoi Vanyavilas、Ranthambore,
Do you have career involved more than 30 years in the hotel industry veteran。
2005Years at the hotel manager of the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok、
2008Mandarin Oriental Singapore GM for years、
And、Currently served as GM of the Mandarin Oriental Taipei!


Commemorative photo enclosed Paul Jones's general manager (the center of the photo)!
Alex (pictured right)、On Devis (pictured left)、Staff、Thank you very much! (Xie Xie! )
My Venkat、See you again!

Mandarin Oriental Taipei
Location:158 Dunhua North Road, Taipei 10548, Taiwan (10548-Taipei dunhua North Road 158-go)
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888

Dinner:18:00To 22:00
Trattoria & Bar:12:00To 22:00
* Reservation is required because、Reserve your room as soon as possible。

No. 158, Dunhua N Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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