"amba Taipei Zhongshan" Walk the back alleys of Changchun Road near Taipei Zhongshan area


"Zhongshan amba Taipei"The road ahead"Zhongshan North Road double"is history, beautiful trees are。
With its luxury hotels and renowned brands boutiquesZhongshanOf the city。
The car is running to the right、As no different than Japan and better security atmosphere usability so spent is flowing。
The climate in Taipei on September、Come many and Japan as well as the hot weather as well、
Good weather during the day、In a short-sleeved or long-sleeved sheer。
Women、Would you have one rain parasol umbrella.


Last night also passed through this crossing、Dunhuang and or. "GUCCI"Is because it is very easy to remember。
Seven-Eleven's is close to the、Easy-to-drink, such as shopping and where。
The intersection、Mark Walker and the number of seconds are counted on the green light, so easy to understand.、
Or avoid the people crossing and turning at the intersection to cars and motorcycles so no sense waiting for、
And speed, so rushing、If you feel the danger in the car holds up the hand、
"Stop!"The 差shi出shimashou gesture。
Mobile and guides、Please note that distracted around the accidents!


Is further East at the intersection of Changchun Road Street。
Changchun Road、Tea shop、Food and beverage outlets including the Xiao Long Bao、Coffee shop、And there are plenty of Nice shops。


If it is coming out in the next large intersection South to the right department stores and parks is、
Specializing in tea that you can change if you go straight and Xiao Long Bao "京鼎楼 Beijing Ding Lou"Such as、
North to the left and if you dining can be found in souvenir shops and back alleys。


South of the intersection with Breeze department store and the Regent arcade、Hope Park。
Previously introduced24Hours a dayThe Taiwan family "吉星港式飲茶"Still ahead.。

"吉星港式飲茶" Family restaurant specific breakfast set menu 24 hours a day by far Desc.


Famous Xiao Long Bao here is "京鼎楼 Beijing Ding Lou."。
"鼎泰豐 Ding Tai Fung"The top Dim sum nurses served more than 20 years
Chen 3 brothersThe independent '京鼎小館 Beijing Ding Xiao Kan"The No. 2 store。
And deploy multi-store in Japan、Shop for the familiar may、
The store is crowded with Japanese customers!

京鼎楼 Beijing Ding Lou
Address:One Taipei City Changchun Road 47,
Hours of operation:11:00-15:00(Day-month) 17:00To 22:30(Tue-sat) 17:00-24:00


There is a teahouse next to FamilyMart to Exchange!
1981Year FoundedThe long-established tea house in、Good news is that Japan language spoken。
And、Unusual for tea、Official currency exchange serviceIn and down the authorization、
Currency exchangeZero CommissionAnd、In a very conscientious is a famous shop。
Here is、Introduce your article later.


Big intersection just north to the left to seeamba taipei zhongshan"In the back while exploring back alleys.


In the back alleys of the morning、That is like this stand out more、Ask the locals eat breakfast appearance.


A little to the North from "金光鐘錶"That turn the clock shop、
And proceed to West Street "amba taipei zhongshan"The can go out on the road next to the。


The alley various boutiques.、This restaurant is noticeable at the beginning。
The recently-opened Japanese dining "天八 日式居酒屋"。
Sashimi、Mainly offers pub food such as fried chicken, sushi, such as。
With Japan dishes popular in Taipei、Such shops are numerous open!

(Note) just opened but also already has closed I like。


The recent、A lot of trendy cafés in the open like this alley!
Space with a warm wooden furniture have been laid "MYS Kaffe"The、
Home-made cakes, quiches, cute cafés where you can enjoy delicious coffee。
Scones and tiramisu is better!
Please visit Japan staff too so feel free to guess!

Mys Kaffe 睦偲咖啡
Address:Taipei municipal Zhongshan, Zhongshan North Road two-stage 59 Street 48 No.
Hours of operation:January-Friday AM11:00-PM10:00Saturday am 9:00-PM10:00Sunday am 9:00-PM9:00
Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays


In the back alleys、Fruit stores and boutiques。
Stock up on Taiwan fruit、Would be nice breakfast to chilling in the fridge.


Further down the alley、Are lined with local restaurants。


This is spare-rib meal and meat meal.、It seems Taiwan rice across the Board65TWD (Japan yen approximately 240 yen)In eat
"新皇家"That is a local food shop。
I need a courage into the very first store was、
This shop information、In advance "Eat Taiwan"The safe reviews and you can hear it! (laughs)
Eat TaiwanThe blog、Is a recommended site to find local food in Taiwan.


On this street、Noodles and dim sum、Rice porridge that is lined with shops around where you can enjoy local food in the Bay。
Japan-style noodle shop I also and、Intrigued!

Young French toast and sandwiches are popular "APP CAFE"。
Casual and colorful interior is young and OL is very popular!

APP Cafe
Address:Taipei Zhongshan North Road double 59th Street 16th issue
Hours of operation:10:30-19:00
Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays


Here is、Coffee stand chain restaurant that revolves around Taipei "LOUISA COFFEE 路易莎咖啡"。
Sells sandwiches and small engine space.
Workers like a morning was full of men!
2Retro coffee shop ambiance matured in F "茴香"Also there。

Address:Taipei Zhongshan North Road two-59 Street 4 No.
Hours of operation:07:00To 18:00(Weekend) 09:00-17:00

Address:Taipei Zhongshan North Road two-59 Street 2 No. 2 House
Hours of operation:15:00-24:00


Alley continues "amba taipei zhongshan"The arrival is the"Zhongshan North Road double"。
I tried exploring the surrounding area about 1 hour!
"amba taipei zhongshan"Is because there is no breakfast plan、
Morning、Get up early and take a walk while、It recommended that local food breakfast in the nearby shop!
Now、Next in line、Exchange Commission zero "昇祥茶行 SHENG SHANG CHA HANG" introduction!

Zhongshan amba Taipei (Taipei Zhongshan Italian House Hotel) amba Taipei Zhongshan
Location:Taiwan Taipei Zhongshan North Road two-57-1,
Contact TEL:+886 2 2565 2828
Reservation TEL:+886 2 2525 2828
Local toll free number:0800 88 2828

No. 57-1 Zhongshan North Road in Taipei Sec


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    Thank you for your referral!

  2. Myskaffe clerk

    Thank you for your referral。
    Hours of operation below is correct。
    January-Friday AM11:00-PM10:00
    Saturday am 9:00-PM10:00
    Sunday am 9:00-PM9:00

    Yet,Now again closed during December is next to heaven 8。

  3. lade

    To Myskaffe shop

    Thank you for your comment!
    We have to change hours of operation。

    8 heaven is opened that was
    Oh that was closed while I'm (sweat)
    Should include the information here!


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