Zhongshan area"sheng shang cha hang"Currency exchange of teahouses that Japanese are leading the conscientiously commission zero yen


Changchun Road.Along the right-hand sideFamily Martnext toCurrency exchange and conscienceThe tea shop.。
1981Year FoundedThe tea shop located in Changchun, jhongshan road,、Is glad to lead Japan to shop!


And、Unusual for tea、Official currency exchange serviceIn and down the authorization、In this Exchange is possible。
Further ExchangeZero CommissionAnd、In a very conscientious is a famous shop.


Here you will、Of the ownerHayashi, NoboruIs it the others would want to go to see his wife。
But Japan is good、Really friendly and greet everyone warmly charming mother? ".。
Had a reunion about six swing、MOM、Firmly remember that we gave.

The second daughter is proud of MOM daughterForest of Hagi (a.k.a.:Hagi-Chan)
Firmly taking over the blood of the mother and her vigorous spirit of service、
Japan language so fluent in、Is a bright, pretty daughter.


Shop、As you can see、Along with purchasing tea products、
Tea leaves from reasonable ones and range up to high-quality tea leaves、Among themHigh mountain oolong teaIt boasts the most popular ♪


OtherOolong、Tieguanyin tea、Urna oolong tea (also known as:Oriental Beauty tea)、Puer teaSuch as and、
Here is、So let the tasting free of charge、If you would like tea leaves、Let the tasting please do not hesitate!


Boost Xiang tea lineFor most of the staff speak smattering of Japan for、
Many Japanese tourists to shop、Usually rife in Japan Japanese。
This staffJeffMr. is also good very Japanese is you!
Aroma is elegant "Alishan high mountain tea"And optimal diet"Black oolong tea♪ that "I was allowed to tasting, etc.


Full Cup、Carefully pours the tea、Is a mild, sweet taste and smell better。
Even the same tea leaves、One decoction and two remarkable differences in decoctions、
Please try by all means enjoy the difference also because the taste is different ♪


"Alishan high mountain tea" 100g 400TWD (about 1,480 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Names of high mountain tea is、
"Tea leaves that have been cultivated in the sea level 1,000m or more locations"That's absolutely required。
High-altitude mountain climate is very cold、More clouds and fog that morning and night、Average sunshine hours are short, so、
Tea leaves、Less bitter and astringent component of、Beautiful jade-like green。
And good taste、Good taste、But it's a rich aroma is very elegant high mountain tea.


And is unusual for tea、For the approval of the official currency exchange service is down、
Currency exchangeThe service is available here。
If you want to change in the city、There are Bank depends on bank rates and fees、There is also a high。
The point、Here you willZero CommissionAnd conscientiously give money so very good!

During the Exchange、PassportThe presentation is needed。
We present the minutes you want to exchange banknotes、On the calculator will tell you the amount of cash。
No fees in this exchange with you、At the same time without cashing in plenty of money too、
When you run Exchange in the sense that no problem。
Once、The Bill had to change、Since the fees it is taken to revert when I left Japan Yen、
As you have for the next trip?、You would only need to change in the going up!


The Taiwan currency、Called new-evil (SIN tipe) or TWD (Taiwan dollar)、Unit is original.And will be。
This2015On September 23At the rate、1TWD = approximately 3.7 yenTo have become、
When you shop、Four times to TWDThen you can calculate the approximate yen ♪


Is your store、London bootsOfTamura AtsushiJust last year2014 yearAnd2015 yearThe two visits and、
Twitter TwitterSuch as in suggest that was famous for、Celebrities who are better carried foot shop。
On the wall、Display your photo taken to commemorate!


We also2015 February To visit as it happens when you、Atsushi Tamura of London boots # 1, 2,I encountered a san!
"Taiwan Transportation Department observations on light station"Let's be awarded 'Taiwan tourism award"It seems to have been Ki-dai for the award ceremony ♪
Last year、Because my mother had kindly、Glance at the cheerful face of the mother wanted to see
In the hectic schedule、So wander! (Surprise)

Please try carrying Come foot in here teahouse that luck is also seeing if you are happy entertainer!
Now、Next in line、Hotel "amba taipei zhongshan"To return、Restaurants "ACHOI"In It is the introduction of lunch ♪

Address:Taipei Mayor zhongchun road 52 號 TEL:(02) 2542-7205
Hours of operation:9:30-23:00
Open every day
(* Leads Japan Japanese)

Chang Chun Road, Taipei, 52nd

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