attention at the "amba taipei zhongshan ACHOI" unique fusion cuisine restaurant


2015Year 5Opened in January "Zhongshan amba Taipei"The、
In the Zhongshan North Road lined with trees、
"AMBASSADOR Taipei"2012 yearThe second brand established。
Talking about the 1st floor the hotel restaurant "ACHOI"The、
Shanghai restaurant "Jean Georges"The Executive ChefLin Ming Jian (Ming Kin Lam)Mr.、
Offers creative contemporary cuisine、Taiwan is talking about restaurants.


Interior DesignerSong YiMr.、Concept eco for incorporating、
Using recycled wood and antique furniture、Garnish with green plants、
Modern-style comfort food。
Road side by side glass、Natural light abounds with spaciousness.


While the restaurant is simple and stylish、Wooden furniture and arrangement、
There are the warm somewhere。
Even the lunch of the day、And crowded with many local people、Severe appearance around the table happily do.


Here you will、"EURO CAVE"The glass of wine that offers a wine server is recommended!
Tasting size、Half-size、Glass size、Bottle in course、Size choice、
Tasting and very popular for enjoying many different little by little。
There were those who entertain wine at lunchtime.


"House"The designed concept!
Open kitchen and wine bar、Established as L type can enjoy interacting with the chef's Chef's table。
At lunch and dinner、Underscoring its increased open kitchen live feeling、
Counter can communicate with the chef is very popular.


Chef:Lin Ming Jian (Ming Kin Lam) born in 1977

From the Hong Kong S.A.R.Lin Ming Jian (Ming Kin Lam)Commonly known as:KinChef。
Once Hong Kong S.A.R. Mandarin Plaza.、Gaining experience in New York and Paris the Michelin restaurant、
Celebrity chef in the world "Jean Georges"With more than 14 years has come along with the kitchen。
Come to Taiwan Kin chef of the year and a half。
Taiwan night city.、Stall hopping in love、And incorporated their dishes to uncover the characteristics of Taiwan gourmet、
Traditions of ethnic cooking techniques、Of his own spice、Serves as the modern cuisine。

Currently does not offer courses、
For all the dishes at the à la carte、It is possible select yourself what you like as you like。
On this day、KinHappy chef restaurant.


The food menu、English and Chinese language。
The restaurant has been produced by consultantsAmy Chen(Photo right) the more we're going to talk about。
It's me interpreting、Japan in the reception staff speakMisakiChan is!


"House-made Sodas own natural Su 打水" 240 TWD (Japan yen approximately 890 yen)

Here you will、We recommend the homemade sodas are。
On this day、With a refreshing aroma of yuzu citron soda
We have two types of white wine-based such as if we have cocktails!
A thick syrup, soda is often、Transderma in our non-alcoholic soft drinks.


Amuse "noodles wrapped brittle cake, flower Ed endeared main station.

You can enjoy the aroma of peanut butter sauce with plenty of
Happy with the crunchy texture of crackers。
And it will rely on alcohol、Pickable while in the car and carried meals nice appetizer is!


see fig toast, House-made ricotta, port, lemon fig sat 1,Craft own 瑞士-friendly Tower KIA,Wave special sake,Lemon "320 TWD
(Japan-Yen about 1190 yen)

Figs marinated in port wine with you bread with homemade ricotta appetizer。
Black pepper or lemon peel、And accented with mint leaves
Refreshing finish.。
The crispy and fried bread、Smooth and healthy homemade ricotta cheese and fig goes very well.


"uni, Yuzu, Nori, crunchy rice, shiso horseshit Echinoids,Citron,Seaweed,Rice brittle,Shiso "
(Japan-yen approximately 2670 yen)

Roll the Nori rice, and fried、The brahman-Hill with sea urchin was imported from Japan、Mini shiso leaf, served with yuzu foam。
Tempura in Japan cuisine and fusion dishes.


"roasted romanesco, Bayonne ham, Pecan, Parmesan, Amaranth roasted 1891 flowers 椰,Yonghegong Temple of fire power,Walnut,Auto Parts Alliance 馬森 KIA workers,Red 莧 plants ' 320 TWD (Japan Yen around 1190 yen)

Roasted romanesco and、Ham, southern France、Parmesan cheese and walnuts、Served with shiso sprouts。
Also from vegetable dish。
In romanesco pulls in to roast sweet
Will be adding a salty flavor of the parmesan and walnuts and Prosciutto.


""frisée aux lardons", slow cooked egg, glazed pork belly, chive sautéed winding 沙拉,Pride boiled mushroom pidan 檳,Braised jowl 5 flowers,Ezo vegetablesx o "
280TWD (Japan yen approximately 1050 yen)

Used in Lu meat Rice eaten in Taiwan "Braised jowl 5 flowers (pork stew)" is served with salad。
Like Caesar salad、For the crispy bread, in the middle is served with poached egg、
We will mix with the soft ones and braised pork.


KinIn the chef and cooking techniques to learn、Of the many and growing young staff、
Now has amassed with a staff of 16 people.


"slow-cooked saimon, maitake, Cherry tomato vinaigrette, herbs pride boiled salmon fish, Chinese dance, cherry peach tubo plethora oil 醋 and herbs.
580TWD (Japan yen approximately 2150 yen)

We have、This time from Japan ceramists in Toyama's friend "Gaku Shakunaga"For had to bring instruments of-Kun、
In the restaurantKinAlso for his work in the chef "Raven series" And "Tree-ring series"Introduce、
"ACHOI"For we have collaborated with the food! (Xie Xie! )
"To travel with the series"And the title of this、"Petri dish for the Raven series"The、You for using fish、
In low-temperature cooking and heating carefully、The salmon moist and finished
Finished crispy salmon skin sauce、
Tomato and onion、Maitake mushroom、Serve with baby leaf herbs and other herbs.


"seared abalone, 'three cup' sauce, Thai basil pesto, Pink peppercorn decoctions abalone,Three cups of ED's,9-layer pagoda blue ed.,与 红字 pepper powder.
620TWD (Japan yen approximately 2300 yen)

"Tree-ring series"The、For using the shellfish dishes、
3 tablespoons sauce moist and soft flavor rich finished with abalone is now available!
Accented with pink pepper、With basil sauce.


"crunchy chicken thigh, chilled spaghetti, Sesame dressing, buckwheat cress
Incense brittle he selected,Handicraft Yoshinori cool noodles,Grass hemp Ed,Qiao wheat seedlings.

420TWD (Japan yen approximately 1560 JPY)

Popular dishes in Taiwan arranged in contemporary popular fried chicken。
Taiwan and did a bunch of homemade noodles served with。
The chicken is moist and soft finish、Served spicy and Calipari texture in clothing.


"caramelized Iberico pluma steak, carrots, Gochujang-mustard, Basil
香煎 Japanese Toshiaki jowl rib eye lids,蘿蔔,Korean spicy sautéed - 芥末 Ed,Luo.
880TWD (Japan Yen about 3260 yen)

Burning feeling good in the beautiful rose color pork roast。
And vegetables, served with a variety of colorful carrots、Korean chili sauce。
In Taiwan's culinary culture、Not long ago, offers "rare" or "medium-rare" seems to think too much、
Recent、Heard and accepted this kind of food tend to。
I'm sure from this、More and more Taiwan's culinary culture will evolve.



In the restaurant、Even time has its own、Has been through sales。
Dessert professional chef's and、Afternoon tea is very popular.


"chocolate earl gray ganache, cocoa tuile, yoghurt sorbet Earl Takumi, energy sweet, huh, applied under brittle-excellent price snow butyrate.
220TWD (Japan yen and then around 820 yen)

Rich deep, mellow taste of chocolate and arlgreiganash with yogurt sorbet。
Is a rich dessert enjoyed the texture of the crispy cocoachuirl.


After dinner I ordered coffee.


"coffee coffee" 180 TWD (Japan yen approximately 670 yen)

Where you will find at the big Cup coffee、In freshly brewed freshly ground and enjoy the fine Crema.


And then rebuild the Taiwan cuisine、
Fusion cuisine combines the food culture of various countries to meet "ACHOI"。
Because it is a popular restaurant, both on weekdays and weekends、It is recommended to be booked in advance if you wish to visit!
Now、Next in line、This designer hotel "amba taipei zhongshan"The shows different types of rooms.

Zhongshan amba Taipei (Taipei Zhongshan Italian House Hotel) amba Taipei Zhongshan
Location:Taiwan Taipei Zhongshan North Road two-57-1,
Contact TEL:+886 2 2565 2828
Reservation TEL:+886 2 2525 2828
Local toll free number:0800 88 2828

Location:Taiwan Taipei Zhongshan North Road two-57-1,
TEL:+886 2 2565 2898
Hours of operation:6:30-10:00 – Breakfast
11:30-14:30 – Lunch
14:30~ 16:30 – Afternoon tea
18:00To 22:00 – Dinner

Taiwan Taipei Zhongshan North Road two-57-1,

AMBA Taipei Zhongshan Hotel

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Very stylishamBA-North mountain lodging affordable! Now on weekdays only and、Long nights、Booking well in advance,、Is the accommodation costs will be even cheaper campaign. of the best rate guaranteeamba Taipei Zhongshan official web site bookingClick here!

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