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Elegant breakfast served in the stylish restaurant of the popular "ACHOI" in amba taipei zhongshan.



2015Year 5Opened in January "Zhongshan amba Taipei"The、
In the Zhongshan North Road lined with trees、
"AMBASSADOR Taipei"2012 yearThe second brand established。
Talking about the 1st floor the hotel restaurant "ACHOI"The、
Shanghai restaurant "Jean Georges"The Executive ChefLin Ming Jian (Ming Kin Lam)Mr.、
It offers creative contemporary cuisine。
Also、Interior DesignerSong YiMr.、"House"The designed concept!
Open kitchen and wine bar、Established as L type can enjoy interacting with the chef's Chef's table。
Ecology of the incorporating、Using recycled wood and antique furniture、Garnish with green plants、
Modern-style comfort food。
Road side by side glass、Natural light abounds with spaciousness.


Our buffet style breakfast、
The room charge300TWD (approximately 1110 yen for Japan yen) / person extraWith it is possible。
Morning 6:30-10:00Until the went during restaurant、
The staff told the room number、Let us in the table.


And mix of recycled wood and antique furniture、Plus a warm and modern space。
Homely bathed in natural light、Is directing the floor feeling of openness.


The L-shaped counter placed full breakfast、Western and Taiwan cuisine is prepared mainly because、
At your choice、Served particularly as you like!


Grilled pork


Taiwan fried noodles


Dim sum


Stir-fried cauliflower


Fried egg


Bacon and sausage


For the kitchen、Ask our staff work。
At lunch and dinner、Counter can communicate with the chef is very popular.


Rice porridge


Vegetable soup


Topped with




Roast beef




In happend、Give the staff a freshly brewed coffee.


Salad with dressing


Fruit and yogurt


Coffee and soft drinks


Very good breakfast、Stay warm while providing potable uses、
Designed to control temperature and hygiene.


Main Street in front of the hotel's reflections freshness of trees、Enjoy a refreshing breakfast time。
1Morning of day's Western style、2Taiwan cuisine styles and sharing in the morning of the day, both were delicious!


Bacon in the salad、Fried egg、Ham、Western-style sausages to plate I.


After the Hotel ManagerElmo Chen.、
Introduced near the local information and recommended shops! Xie Xie!
And is that the stomach too full、I like to stroll while Zhongshan。
By saying that、Next in line、Is the introduction of the Nakayama area nearby.

Zhongshan amba Taipei (Taipei Zhongshan Italian House Hotel) amba Taipei Zhongshan
Location:Taiwan Taipei Zhongshan North Road two-57-1,
Contact TEL:+886 2 2565 2828
Reservation TEL:+886 2 2525 2828
Local toll free number:0800 88 2828

No. 57-1 Zhongshan North Road in Taipei Sec

AMBA Taipei Zhongshan Hotel

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Very stylishamBA-North mountain lodging affordable! Now on weekdays only and、Long nights、Booking well in advance,、Is the accommodation costs will be even cheaper campaign. of the best rate guaranteeamba Taipei Zhongshan official web site bookingClick here!

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boasts 30 m² "amba taipei zhongshan" comfortable large room type room introduction "amba Taipei Zhongshan" Walk the back alleys of Changchun Road near Taipei Zhongshan area
boasts 30 m² "amba taipei zhongshan" comfortable large room type room introduction
"amba Taipei Zhongshan" Walk the back alleys of Changchun Road near Taipei Zhongshan area


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