By inouchi tourists lucky bus near Taipei station Taipei West station A building from Taoyuan International Airport


Taipei main station (Taipei June)
2015On February 26 (Thu) ~ 3/3 (fire)
Until the56 dayIn the stayTaiwan-TaipeiTrip's attack on final day
This time the、Taipei main stationNearBuilding A Taipei West stationFrom coming out "KUO-KUANG"The bus ride
"Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"Until the road show。
Go by taxi directly、Building A Taipei West stationTo ask and
MRTThose who use、Taipei main stationOf5 ExitIn the preferred、Walk 2-3 minutes walking distanceIs!


5 ExitThanZhongxiao East RoadStreet、 "Shin Kong Mitsukoshi-Mae Station Taipei store."Let's move on to the West, and then to the left.


The building looks at the junction "Building A Taipei West station"It is。


"Building A Taipei West station"We arrived at the front door。
The direction of a taxi、Directly ask them drop me off here.


"KUO-KUANG"ofTaoyuan International AirportThe bus terminal5GateIt is。


15-window with window "KUO-KUANG"Window appears、On this day、2-ContactWas discussed and。
2-Contact & service unitsBy bus into the hands。


This time the、2015On February 16, ~ 5/31/2015It has been held up "CHINA AIRLINES airlines"The campaign and
"Taiwan Tourism Association"The campaign
"One way of the Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei city bus free ride voucher gift campaign"I had、Both are applying for。
One way can get two in the double campaign、Go to Taoyuan International Airport from Taipei City.
Also、From home when Taipei Taoyuan International Airport bus becomes free、It is very good。
However,、UnfortunatelyOne way for Taiwan Tourism bus ride voucher giveaway、2015On March 2, has finishedBecause you're
Now、China AirlinesThe only campaign。
Check out the eligible、Thank you for a。

"One way of the Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei city bus free ride voucher gift campaign"Click here to apply!


Was brought from JapanBus free ride voucherAnd present、Ride ticketsI had to replace.


Waiting area
Wait until the bus arrives while。


Taiwan original Bowl chain store "Bowl five Pliocene"

"Nguyen of meat drying up"
Beef jerky shop


Tomoe Palm packaging
Meat shop。


"CoCo city-friendly"
Tapioca milk tea, etc.


"Orgins Pliocene"
Takeaway sushi


Fried chicken shop


Bus arrives at the next time is displayed on the monitor。


Taoyuan International AirportOfTerminal 1 or Terminal 2Of either
Vary by airline, so check in advance on this Board。
This time、UseChina AirlinesThe、Terminal 2In get me off!


When the bus arrives、Put large luggage trunk。
The trunk is、Because it is divided by the Terminal to get off、Make sureMake sure in your luggage into the trunk.


Taoyuan International AirportUp to approximately40kmNext、Buses in highway1TimeAs if driving is。
Sit in a Chair and、-Increased bag of souvenirs, etc.、Heavy luggage、Tired has been pouring fast and furious、
Comfortable bus jolted、It seems bogged down just a little rest time from airport.

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Taipei's West station, building a

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