Journey from Taipei Main Station naturally full of resort in via Taichung Station bullet train to the "Sun Moon Lake"


In Taiwan July tour diary、The first "Sun Moon Lake"To continue。
Sun Moon LakeAnd the、Located midway between Taiwan and、Nantou Prefecture, Taiwan's largest lake、
And surrounded by high mountains around、Overflowing with nature、And the resort where you can enjoy the fantastic views。
Sun Moon LakeTo the、Taipei StationFrom a ride on the Shinkansen、
Approximately 50 minutes in TaiwanTaichung StationTo arrive、
Located in approximately one hour by taxi from there.


Taipei stationThe、1989 yearThe huge building was completed、
Chinese-style PalaceDecorated with a unique design that mimics the、Conspicuous, is presence.、Swaying palm trees。
Six floors above ground、4 basement floorsIn the structure、ExitNorth East-West and SouthEach set is.。
Also2 floorIs there a huge food court, gourmet venues are also popular。
Current、This station is in the conventionalLine of Taiwan Railway Administration (commonly known as:Taiwan Railway)Introduction、
Taiwan high speed railAndTaipei MetroFor freshwater and plate South lines connecting station。
1The guests of the day、Approximately400 thousand peopleThe has reached、Boasts the largest in Taiwan。
Here you will、Bullet train and train and MRTHas been operated。
The premises、6Is equivalent to floor atrium、In the open atmosphere of the magnificent。
Back at skylight、And bathed in natural light from the ceiling is、Will be comfortable!


Ticket Office of the Taiwan high speed rail

The high iron tickets、Iron station counter or vending machine、Or Internet, convenience store、
Reservations & ticketing and、You can buy a ride 15 days prior!


Taipei StationFromTaichung StationUntil the
Reserved seat tickets are per person.One way 630 TWD (Japan Yen:2270 JPY)Will be!


10 am:31Departure of the train、Taichung StationTo departure!


Overlooking the peaceful scenery from the train journey。
Due to low air temperature setting is the bullet train in the summer, Taiwan、
We recommend bringing a jacket.


In the capital city of TaiwanTaipeiMore than somewhere laid-back air to
Taichung Station


Taichung city、Year average temperature 23 degrees、Annual rainfall of 1700 mm and endowed with a mild climate throughout the year、
Also known as a city that does not meet the most typhoon damage from topographical conditions、
In addition、And by Shinkansen bullet train can be reached in about an hour one way to Taipei City and Kaohsiung city location、
Popular city.


Taichung Station


Taichung StationFromSun Moon LakeTo go by taxi!


Taxi drivers had reservation "Ted Taxi"And join!


Taxi is approximately one hour's drive.


Head towards the mountain,、Sun Moon LakeTo!


Sun Moon LakeThe town came into view!



Sun Moon LakeShould be behind the monument and Memorial shoot。
Sun Moon LakeThe、Just the other day、2016On August 28,Yasutomo SuzukiAnd the Mayor of HamamatsuHeita kawakatsuThe Governor's visit、
Lake HamanaAndSun Moon LakeFrom having a common tourism resources、
The South investment and tourism industry League AssociationLee YoshidaSigned agreement with the Director General、"Friendship exchange agreement signing ceremony"Just tied。
Also、Heaven tenryu hamanako railroadAndTaiwan Railway AdministrationAlso seeSister"From the、
Future、Taiwan spirit comes on both the development of cruise tourism products and to。
The agreement、Mutual communication, such as tourist information and、Cycling to the charms of Lake and ropeway、Boat tours、
Thereby promoting civilian exchanges and cooperation in specific areas、Is aimed at expansion of population。
We visited in JulySun Moon LakeAnd、LiveHamamatsu, hamanakoThe Exchange and the、
You feel the edge、We are extremely pleased!


This time、Sun Moon LakeThe indebted resort hotel、
Australia's world renowned architectural designerKerry HillResponsible design、
As well as the Taiwan people、With a lot of fans from around the world
Lakeside resort hotel "The LALU' Is!
The next time、Hotel check-in landscape, in the beginning、Look at the rooms and restaurant、
Introduce the information around the hotel and we will!

Location:No. 142, Zhongxing Rd, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
TEL: 049-285-5311

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