"Taoyuan International Airport," the discount WiFi "iVideo" by rental to Taipei city at high speed bus


TaiwanThe capital city ofTaipeiThe "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"What
"CHINA AIRLINES airlinesAt the flight of "Night 23:00 tooTo have arrived safe and sound。
Taipei City, which is located near East Asia and the Pacific between 25 degrees north latitude,、
10Late mayIs currently、Entering the fall as well as Japan and the、Into the best season!
Temperatures average22~ 27 ℃ before and afterThe relatively mild climate and、
During the day、Weather permitting short sleeve、Or fine with sheer long sleeves dress、
Hotels and restaurants、For the attentive public transportation in air-conditioning system、
It would be good for morning and evening of the climate if carry a coat of lighter ♪


1979On February 26.It has been opened in "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"The、
TaiwanOfDayuan, Taoyuan CityTo as the Taiwan's largest international airport、
"China Airlines" And "EVA AIR"As a hub airport and use、24Hours a day it is!


Late at night, but there is、Unlike airports in September of last month、And filled with tourists, is busy!
In order to enter "Nyusakai inspectionLet's take the bulletin board that says "relying ♪


QuarantineAfterImmigrationAs、Passport, plane tickets and registration form of immigration and customs tax tableWill be required。
Because it is passed in the cabin、Will you fill out during the flight and smart!
In addition to the best season of October that I、Sunday may、Been pretty busy!


ImmigrationAfter you have successfully、"Baggage claim Baggage claimRelying on the bulletin board that says "
1Under the floorbaggage claimThe o!


Baggage claim

Baggage claimNow、
And passed from the airline upon deposit baggageLuggage storage cardReview and、
Properly to make sure no mistakes in your luggage。
That the suitcase that was deposited at the airport does not reach any chanceDownstairsTo have been hit hard when、
PromptlyLuggage storage cardToBaggage claimLet me submit to the counters in the area。
Professional staff and baggage matching in your PC and will make sure。
Normal、Is very likely that the luggage is delivered to the next day or within a few days、
The package does not arrive soon、Vanity & make-up、About bare essentials such as clothes and underwear thing、
May airline will guarantee on presentation of a receipt。
Preferably as a preventive、DownstairsEven had trouble、
Carry-on baggage in the luggage of one night (change of clothes and underwear)It is recommended to keep。
Also、How to contact、Glasses or disposable contact lensesYou will have a good。
In addition、Valuables and medication、Charger and GuidebookSuch as、Is not in the local alternative、It is safe in the baggage。
If the case cannot be found、In some cases airlines with certain amount of compensation?。
However、In foreign airlines、Language barriers and difficulties in negotiations and proceedings、Seems almost doesn't do compensation cases。
That should not be、Assuming a worst case、
May be compensated by an overseas travel accident insurance and additional insurance of the credit card, so check in advance。
The suitcase、And before deposit in advance, mobile photography should、Be helpful in the case of.


After receiving the baggage、Usually head to the bus terminal.
A rapid schedule was this Taiwan、Get the usual Wi-Fi rental arrangements、
Haste、Receive at Taoyuan International Airport in a convenient
"VideoPrior to me we have a reservation for net mobile Wi-Fi for overseas! "
Immediately、Let's to pick it up!


VideoAnd the、Provided by Taiwan businesses overseas for mobile Wi-Fi rental service、
Because it can very rental at a reasonable price、We are spreading Review overseas travelers!

1Day eyes、290TWD (Japan at approximately 1070 yen)、
2Days after the first、1Sunny 29 TWD (Japan Yen at around 110 yen) next、
It becomes cheap enough to be long-term rental!

If you rent overseas Wi-Fi in Japan、
Our one day depending on the region or ¥ 500-1000 yen for General、
VideoAnd pretty cheap rent。

VideoThe、Take at a convenience store in the airport within the specified、It is very useful!
(* Can receive time:Noon 12 pm ~)

Arrival at the airport earlier than 12: noon、If you miss or book、
Taipei Station facing during business hours "VideoTaipei station branch.、Or near the Taipei Songshan Airport "VideoMatsuyama airport store.、
Of the base electric large tower near the station "VideoElectric big Lou branch "of the can go directly to our store、And rental on the spot。

Sales Office was also open in Japan、
JR Shinjuku Station new South exit、Near Takashimaya Department Store "VideoShinjuku ", by receiving、In addition to mailed to your home!

Blog、Twitter、By posting comments to FACEBOOK、Campaign to refund the full or half the price here!
For more informationVideoDo visit the WEB site!



Taoyuan mobile Wi-Fi for overseas at the International Airport Terminal 2 "Video"The pick up location is、
It becomes Seven-Eleven convenience store located in the food court of the underground 2F!


Here of Seven-Eleven cashier "VideoWi-Fi will receive the "♪


And bring the print out advance registration confirmation e-mail.、
Convenience store clerk and submitted with your Passport、"Video"And you can receive if I tell ♪


This bag is received at a convenience store、During the "Video"ofWi-FiThe ♪ Contains


During the、Wi-Fi router and charger、And the return envelope。

Returned on the final day with the ibon's eleven in the same airport in the Terminal、
Return procedures dealt with touch panel operation、
Put to return bag is very smart and simple flow that only returned to the cash register!
Not only the airport, Taipei City eleven can receive anywhere in、
Well as eleven return when received、And return it to any store is OK!
Please note that only convenience stores called highlife will only same-store pick up and return。

How to return articles is available here!
How to return rented at 7-Eleven in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport reasonable WiFi "iVideo"!


Next is "Passenger bus Bus to city"And is ♪ Let's head to rely on the bus terminal a bulletin board that was written

If you have just rented a ivideo Wi-Fi、
While abroad、Can be used in the same sense as when you are in Japan Smartphone、
Or take advantage of translation app、Google map to start、At all times、A stable Internet environmentBecause it is a great help to me!
How you can be anyone easily connect so very simple ♪

If the international airport、Free WiFi connectionTend to be flying.、
Potential risks associated with and connect to free WiFi abroad has said generally。
Everything dangerous is that there is no、Basic Internet access, and、
Remains in the connection information (log)。
Also、Connected to the same line or gets the information across。
What you mean、Become a cleanliness Smartphone with what?、
If the lock-free WiFi、An unspecified number of people at the same time to connect、
More effectively increases the risk of。
That doesn't mean don't connect absolutely、
At the very least、While you are connected、You should consider, such as login and enter personal information!


Ticket counter

The Taipei city bus companyTamiya customers luck、"長榮 tomoeshi"、"With BA's.、"Flying dog 巴士"The four companies have、
The last time as well of the second window is also newly "KUO-KUANGAnd Thank you for your help ♪ to the bus company. "


This time the、"Taiwan Tourism Association"The campaign、
We were allowed to apply for serving a free one-way bus ticket from the Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei city ♪
The site of the Taiwan Tourism Association、Such campaigns in addition to sightseeing spots for Taiwan and、Event information is packed!
There is also a guide to the site can view on the WEB。
The ♪ Let's frequently check deals campaign information that is regularly planning
Since the free bus ticket campaign will end as soon as there is no there is a very popular stock
But please try to sign up as soon as possible!

Taiwan Tourism Association

Bus free ride voucherAnd presented at the counter、Taoyuan International AirportThanTaipei A train stationUntil theBus ticketsIt was replaced with!
Are usually used in cache utilization、Let's Exchange in advance at a currency exchange in the airport。
Airport currency exchange rate is high、Take charge、In Exchange for minimum required、
The rest is in the Zhongshan of Taipei cityCurrency Exchange at zero commissionIt can teahouse "Boost Xiang tea line"We recommend。
The bus fare is、1Per capitaNT $ 115 ~ 125 (in the Japanese yen yen approximately 430 to 460)
If the taxi、One wayNT$1,000(About 3,700 yen in the Japanese Yen)As Kiki、
To thereHigh speed road tollAlso added more expensive to。
The choice is up to you。
To the taxi drivers in Taiwan、Drivers speak English not only because Japan Japanese、
The ♪ a good idea to prepare the ones describing the destination in Chinese notation


Ride port 3 No. "KUO-KUANG"To the line。
This company is、2014/11More buses and operates late at night、Is very good access。
still、Current、Airport to Taipei CityBridgeMRT (subway)The construction has been started、
As early as end of 2015 operation scheduled to be announced。
The dawn、Ride35MinutesIn you can go to the Taipei City、Looking forward to!


Leave your suitcase、Receive the baggage delivery ticket。
The seats in the bus、Seats that can sit on the seat so no。
Bus stop guide、The notation and are announced in English and Chinese、
Thing to move itself and viewing in Google maps, etc.。
get off it ♪ Let's news in getting off button when the announcement the flow of bus stop


Route map of Kunimitsu Kuang


Late at night in that crowded the road driving、Arrived at Taipei City in approximately 40 minutes from Taoyuan International Airport。
This time the、Hotel in which at the endTaipei main stationIn left off。
Without making a mistake and another suitcase entrusted、Please note that baggage delivery tickets receive passes.


Get off the bus from、You can change to the taxi at a taxi stand near the、
Of scheduled stay hotel "amba Taipei Ximending"In towards the ximending。
Often only the Chinese language (Mandarin) language of the taxi driver、
Almost didn't speak English and Japan,。
In advance it's a good idea to prepare the Chinese representation of the destination!
Next in line、Youth and family on the popular designer hotel "amba Taipei Ximending" introduction!

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport


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