Arrived at Taoyuan International Airport! By inouchi tourists lucky bus journey to Taipei City.


TaiwanThe capital city ofTaipeiThe "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"What
"CHINA AIRLINES airlines", Arrived in good condition。
And travel weather continued very ill in the weekly weather forecast、
Spread thick clouds, although the、It seems somehow avoided only rain。
When traveling、Would be good to always bring a folding umbrella!


Average air temperature20℃By saying that、But engagement spring fashion、
2Late mayThe cold yet again wearing the inner、It is good you bring a jacket。
Less likely to wrinkle and easy to put together down jacket is recommended.


1979On February 26.The opening of the"Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"The、
TaiwanOfDayuan, Taoyuan CityIn the hotel、As Taiwan's largest international airport、
"China Airlines" And "EVA AIR"Is used as a hub airport。
In the United Kingdom based in the world's largest aviation research and consulting firm "Skytrax Skytrax"
Annual World Airport star rating "World Airport Awards (World Airport Awards / World Airport Awards)"of2014 yearIn the announcement、
Asian airport inIn theTaoyuan International AirportThe、As a scoreRanking top 10And will be less likely to、
"World's greatest immigration screening procedures Airport (World & # 8217s; s Best Airport Immigration Service)"In the category、
Regal's3 place world rankingHas been evaluated and。
It asked its aging facility is opening early only to superficial, facilities and food and beverage quality, such as、
Although the level of user satisfaction is still low、Improving hope will be improved.


In the airport、Currency exchange may 2。
The last、Bangkok, ThailandThe marks in the featured article is、
Basics、Recommend in relation to rates than Japan and entry into the local Exchange。
During the Exchange feeNT $ 30 (Japan Yen Yen around 117 yen)More to be added、
Would you like changing money at the airport and at a minimum。
Every Exchange of minutes using buses and taxis as a means of transportation to the city.、
On the first dayZhongshanUntil the legroom you can、
Zero CommissionThe want to introduce affordable teashop currency。
This time we are、The Taipei city busFree ticketsA for、Continue without changing money at the airport.


With a fast flurry of Chinese airport in frog。
Travellers from mainland China is often overwhelmingly。
In the specialized agencies of the United NationsWorld Tourism Organization (UNWTO)Of2014 yearThe report States,、
From overseasTaiwanThe number of international tourists in the visitors、Last year around the same time as the growth rate、
Of the countries and regions of the world 502Japan's largestHas become a sales。
2013 yearOfRepublic of China TaiwanOf tourism revenue、Would you believe123Billion US $ (Japan Yen about 1336200000000 yen)Also it is rising。
By the wayJapanFromTaiwanTo increasing visitor arrivals、2014 yearThe1600 thousand peopleIs over!


QuarantineAfterImmigrationAs、Passport, plane tickets and registration form of immigration and customs tax tableWill be required。
Because it is passed in the cabin、Will you fill out during the flight and smart!


ImmigrationAfter you have successfully、1Under the floorbaggage claimThe o!


baggage claim

Baggage claimNow、And passed from the airline upon deposit baggageLuggage storage cardReview and、
Properly to make sure no mistakes in your luggage。
That the suitcase that was deposited at the airport does not reach any chanceDownstairsTo have been hit hard when、
PromptlyLuggage storage cardToBaggage claimLet me submit to the counters in the area。
Professional staff and baggage matching in your PC and will make sure。
Normal、Is very likely that the luggage is delivered to the next day or within a few days、
The package does not arrive soon、Vanity & make-up、About bare essentials such as clothes and underwear thing、
May airline will guarantee on presentation of a receipt。
Preferably as a preventive、DownstairsEven had trouble、
Carry-on baggage in the luggage of one night (change of clothes and underwear)It is recommended to keep。
Also、How to contact、Glasses or disposable contact lensesYou will have a good。
In addition、Valuables and medication、Charger and GuidebookSuch as、Is not in the local alternative、It is safe in the baggage。
If the case cannot be found、In some cases airlines with certain amount of compensation?。
However、In foreign airlines、Language barriers and difficulties in negotiations and proceedings、Seems almost doesn't do compensation cases。
That should not be、Assuming a worst case、
May be compensated by an overseas travel accident insurance and additional insurance of the credit card, so check in advance。
The suitcase、And before deposit in advance, mobile photography should、Be helpful in the case of.


After receiving the baggage、Head to the bus terminal。
Rather than pick up tour、I got very used to free travel。
The goodness of the tour、I think that still overseas trips for beginners is an integral part。
And even those speaking languages is still、I right or left;、Tour operator's help to do conversation is like Angel (lol)
But on the other hand、Some are familiar to travel abroad if、
Free travel at your own pace、Also excited about and certainly stay there again and recommend。
SmartphoneTranslateAndGoogle mapIf not scary ones!

So are summarized in the following articles regarding the facilities in the airport!

Arrived at Taoyuan International Airport! Let's explore the airport and check-in!


In the airport、Understand the Kanji characters used in other than English so easy、
TaiwanThe official language is、Chinese (Mandarin) in、Chinese characters are used in mainland ChinaSimplified Chinese characterBut notChinese traditional charactersAnd use、
TaiwanOf thatFormosa or TaiwanReferred to as the or。
Jōyō kanji of Japan at about middle of both "traditional rather than characters and simplified、
Simplified until the characters enough to not simplified ", right?。
Is pronounced、Pinyin (pinyin)Represented by alphabetic and symbol、
Read the other outside than language difficulties may not be。
Chinese405PiecesIn addition to pronunciation、4VoiceIt is configured with a combination of tones that from。
The language barrier is thick.、But as a means of communication、
Getting used to not even more often than not、Efforts one can say is the minimum, such as greeting words。
So is writing in Chinese characters and easy-to-understand each other、We recommend having a Notepad and a pen.


Bus ticket office out in the welcoming lobby, getting more to the right.、With a straight right angle。


Ticket counter


The Taipei city bus companyTamiya customers luck、"長榮 tomoeshi"、"With BA's.、"Flying dog 巴士"The four companies have、
This time the、2-ContactTamiya customers luckThe bus company will take care。
"Taiwan Tourism Association"The campaign inBus free ride voucherAnd presented at the counter、Bus ticketsLet's Exchange!


Bus tickets

Taoyuan International AirportThanTaipei A train stationUntil the bus I got two。
1Per capitaNT $ 115 (Japan yen and approximately 450 yen)
This time the、Thanks to the campaign、One way two minutes900CircleAlso deals with now!
If the taxi、One wayNT$1,000(Japan-yen approximately 3900 yen)As Kiki、
To thereHigh speed road tollAlso added more expensive to。The choice is up to you!


Take the mouth 3-Tamiya customers luckTo line。
This company is、2014/11More buses and operates late at night、Is very good access。
still、Current、Airport to Taipei CityBridgeMRT (subway)The construction has been started、
As early as2016In the summer ofUntil is has announced the operation scheduled to begin。
The dawn、Ride35MinutesIn is going to Taipei City。Looking forward to!


When the bus arrives、Put large luggage trunk。
Because the trunk are separated by a square to get off a bus、Make sureMake sure in your luggage into the trunk.




Seating in a bus seat, not so、Sit on the empty seat。
Bus stop guide、The notation and are announced in English and Chinese、
Thing to move itself and viewing in Google maps, etc.。
get off it ♪ Let's news in getting off button when the announcement the flow of bus stop

Bus route map


Taipei City40kmNext、By bus around1TimeMore highway driving.


Outside the window、Nothing has disappeared and the fog。
On this day、And to hear from the evening weather and、Temperatures are slightly cooler feel。


The Taipei CityZhongshanThe "AMBASSADOR Taipei"Before the
"Guo-Fang hotel"And get off at the bus stop written。
During a stop-off、DriverSee the luggage? 」If you're not sure and、
Always point to the trunk"There's luggage.Gesture by tell。
And from the moment I got off the、Please note that there will also bring luggage cases。
Now、We can safely landed in Taipei City、First of all,Currency exchange and conscienceTo go!

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Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport


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