Over the Kouri island called love Island, Okinawa island and luxury hotel "beautiful journey" to!

Uslade Gourmet & Hotel Web MagazineThe、This week we will go "Okinawa" beautiful journey""!

While living in Japan、Got a food differs from the Mainland, lifestyle、Okinawa world of exotic taste very enjoyable!

This "Okinawa"beautiful journey".、Trotting Okinawa Northern Emerald sea. "Kouri Ohashi bridge"First crossed the Islands"Kouri island(KOURIJIMA) "to turn out!

Kouri island、In the remote island gets attention from home and abroad、"Okinawa's premier" and praised the beauty of the sea!

Also、The lore surrounding the Kouri island、Island origins of "Okinawa, Adam and Eve legend" and、That holy land is called the "island of love"、Couples has become popular tourist attraction!

This time the、France restaurant was opened in 4/15/2018 that Kouri island "Restaurants 6(CIS)"The visit!

Here is、Last year until 2017 in Nagoya "France cuisine Chez Kosugi"、"Irreteteyunuhuwa (Il etait une fois) "as had been under France restaurant owner and chef, Hiroyuki Kosugi and his wifeKosugi Tae (Tae Kosugi)And it's moved to his parents ' home in Okinawa shop was opened in、From the previous、Core had heard from a foodie friend who also was、In the research phase before going stop thrills and spills!

Also、Restaurant and all rooms have ocean view condo-resort "Ocean hills Kouri(Ocean Hills KOURI) "with special use collabo plan、We enjoyed the stay at Kouri island and!



Then navigate to the Nago city、Adjacent to the golf course of Okinawa's largest five-star luxury hotel ' hotel and Ritz-Carlton Okinawa (The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa) "In the would conclude"Okinawa "beautiful journey" "stay! Full hospitality in the Ryukyu Islands.

More articles will be up upon my return in Hamamatsu, so please look forward to!

Restaurant 6 (Sith)
Address:Okinawa Pref. kunigami County Kouri interest now Nakijin village 499-1.

Ocean hills Kouri (Ocean Hills KOURI)
Address:Okinawa Prefecture kunigami-gun now back Nakijin village-Kouri rights 509

The hotel and Ritz-Carlton Okinawa (The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa)
Address:Okinawa City of Nago Kise 1343-1

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