Held in Toyama tour touring Maserati Nagoya 5-year anniversary!

2018/5/19(Saturday) is a one-night 二日 "Maserati Nagoya"I attended organized an annual touring!

And touring we commemorated the fifth anniversary of Maserati Nagoya、First sleepover touring furuhata Ling Mr. Tanaka of the factory manager and staff have been organized.

Maserati owners and join your family and your friends 23、New Maserati is 12 units (in one Alfa Romeo Giulia) suit、Go to the husband's parents in Toyama!

Touring operations


(1)-> Toyama with gourd months Dake service area set

(2) exploring kaiseki cuisine and old town "ISO syogetsu" Iwase, Toyama

(3) parent company of Maserati Nagoya "Mitsuoka Motors Toyama factory showroom" tour

(4) accommodation Toyama's leading hideaway resort "garaku.、Michelin one-star French "Revo" dinner


(5) Maserati picture and check out with the "garaku.

(6) the lunch at the winery in Toyama Himi 'SAYSFARM says farm.

(7) Himi fishing port outside market "procedures Banya town" at the souvenir stuff shopping、Each break!

MASERATI Nagoya 5th Anniversary Touring to TOYAMA!!

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From Mt. gourd months touring from Toyama

Iwase, ISO syogetsu, Mitsuoka Motors factory

River retreat Gagaku Kutchan

Touring from Toyama to Himi

Says farm and Himi Banya amaharashi coast

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