Enjoying 馨shii wine wine bar "antimitet"


Enter sakana-Cho Street from these city 30 meters on the left、New stone wine bar in the 2nd floor of the building "アンティミテ Intimite"Mr.。Taste delicious wines we selected owner field, Takenaka-Kun、2To settle down a bit in the second, you want to drink is recommended。Chefs are so、I can entertain wine dine!


Shop、The atmosphere was puchlyneuxal last year, giving the divider curtain is at a table in the back and had been、Will still enjoy conversation and Ryu-Kun at the counter leisurely moments to taste good!


After beer and shochu、Order a refreshing white wine。


"Domaine Schlumberger tail-2008 d'Alsace" France

It is a wine to enjoy the basic style of Alsace producer Domaine Schlumberger tail d'Alsace is made。Color is bright yellow.、Aroma is refreshing and expressive and delicate, refreshing and easy to drink.


Amuse 'the onion cold potage consomme'

Rich sense of dense and filled with cream、Sweet Onion and gently into the throat、Consomme a refreshing accent!


Next is a somewhat order of red wine。


「ビーニャ バルディビエソ シングルヴィンヤード サグラダ ファミリア カベルネ フラン レセルバ 2009」チリ

Variety is Cabernet franc 100%、Berry and cherry、I feel the strong aroma of plums。With delicate tannins good spice incense、Deep, elegant and lively fruit flavors is delicious ♪ lovely cheese platter、While picking the olives、Meeting with shinba now celebrates a long nights of summer. Yong-Kun、Thank you very late!

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sakana-Cho 312-8 new stone building 2F TEL:053-454-7081
Hours of operation 18:00-25:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

312 -8 sakana-Cho Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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