"Japanese taste Inn corner tower" Michelin Guide on accommodation! Founded Showa in 1989 as Japanese-style ryokan

Traditional Japanese style ryokan Japan 0/1926 at the tip of the Atsumi peninsula is surrounded by ocean, blessed with a mild climate, irako (1926) founded "Japanese taste Inn corner tower(Kakujoro) "to the" Japanese adult trip "!

Atsumi peninsula Fukue city was、And the town flourished as a port of call of the peninsula only shipping、The"corner"、And the long-established Inn was founded 0/1926 (1926) as a high-quality restaurant in the corner of the town at the time was crowded with "entertainment".

The current headUemura pure certified (JUNJI Uemura)Mr. marriage passed than the predecessor to "corner"the、While carefully preserved the building feel of the founding of、After going through several、Building came up with a three-legged race "brand new、No nostalgic "hotel!

The total area of about 3000 m² premises、1925In construction the main corner-Lou,、2005Midori on Lou's House three houses are scattered and above the clouds-Lou's new wing was added in the year、•The Green 10 rooms around the garden rooms、Mind provides a soothing relaxing time!

Here you will、Sankaijuku nurtured in a local seafood and local specialities and delicious food and、Winter's first Italian good Lake Cape which Japan producing Mikawa Bay Enshu-Nada area natural Blowfish、Spring is all black.、Summer scabbard.、Also、You can enjoy the kaiseki, Japan food fish of the Atsumi peninsula each season that Kai horsetail season best with plenty of unique!

This year、2019Launched in may "Michelin Guide (Japan version)Aichi, Gifu, and Mie 2019 Special Edition ",、By star rating、3Two stars of "particularly comfortable" with featured inns as well as published in、Spend time like a hideaway、Very good hotel for adults.

Parking is available in front of landed、Welcome to cobblestone style building、Quiet atmosphere are gently stop the time。
Heart in the vivid light soft electric light shades settle with Navy blue white checkered curtain、Carved and your ryokan、Welcomes the signs of history!

Spacious farmhouse porch、Lantern lights gently corner tower。

Poised and halos 1 pillar of the gods、With cheerful look whenever I。

The green glass door into the courtyard of a distracted by it so! The atmosphere feels the warmth of wood and the nostalgia already excited about Goldfrapp

At the hotel、You immediately feel the tree for、And don't dare provides the "footwear"、You go up in bare feet and one passage pine plank、Mirza、Mishra then became、Incredibly soothing sounds!

At the front door、Glass door marked "telephone room" room.

Vintage rotary phone and hung in the、Insta Sheen spot!

On the lateral wall of the phone room、And covered in wooden reservation book used at the time、Shichifukujin Ogi aspect open another day another room in the hole、Mark as had been the booking situation is obvious!

Installed beside the entrance lobby ' Dan ' s room (Tan & # 8217s; s Room) "in the、Fill in the guestbook and we checked in!

Little has arrived early for、Mr. Fujii usually has been behind the scenes as a clerk gave support!

Here are glad to early check-in service is.、On the first floor in the main building at muse Salon 15.:00-17:30In during happy hour, guests can sit in the free-flow!

Show me the Salon the Tan Viet Nam who is serving as a waitress.、He came to Japan six years、Here at in 2 years、And now friend Japan language in it!

Here is the original、The place was in the kitchen on the first floor in the main building and relaunched as a salon、2017Happy hour provided from April、Born as a place to entertain guests!

The spokechair were placed around the Central hearth、Counter trees overlooking the garden、A quiet ticking pendulum clock、To invite the viewer into a world of non-daily but soothing rhythm is a good Salon!

Drinks are、Beer, red white wine、Oolong tea or orange、Must have a Nespresso machine such as grapefruit juice。

As a snack、Nice miso Oden on booze!

Using the dessert 福口 taste the local produce, fresh eggs and milk、Enjoy a brandy and baked charm Tanba black bean cake、Overwhelming!

Draft beer
The beer pours beer server automatically、Just put a glass with chilled in the refrigerator、Fine foam 7.:3The beautiful poured in drink tastes great!

Miso Oden
In the pot、Texture and puritsu Ho! lump provides konnyaku enjoy flexibility with a quail egg skewer Oden、Sauce will be thick miso!

Also other guests this nifty service has been fun、Fly auto beer server is running!
I drink beer "! lovely! "And I got off、Is also the sight of men Besides, fueled with yukata beer as early as in the bath.、That feeling was reflected in Nice!

7Earlier this month, marks the "Tanabata" placed on the veranda bamboo decorations、Found a strip of 色取ridori、Wishes has been raised!

Reed was prepared to stay for、Immediately、His pen we also "Reiwa everyone happy to lade" and wish we had with!

Get wet in the rain and dew、While the views from the veranda and Salon shine vividly green courtyards you can counter the healed、Heart starts at the hotel feel good!

Japanese taste Inn corner tower
Address:Aichi, Tahara city Fukue city ground 38
TEL: 0531-32-1155

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