Day begins with the dishes happy morning "Japanese taste Hotel corner floor" relaxation and body

A long-established japanese-style inn with the scent of ShowaJapanese taste Inn corner tower(Kakujoro) early in the morning、The birds' accents sound pleasantly!

A flicker of light rain、The green shining on the terrace of the annex room [Fukuju] can be seen as it is more intense and glossy.、I'm at peace!

Taking a deep breath、Stretch and stretch!


Trying to warm up my body、Through the courtyard garden of flowers and heads to a viewing bath、A luxurious time to monopolize the open-air bath where there is no one in the early morning comes!

After bathing, the rain has subsided.、While on-site visits and、Let's feel the nostalgic era of Showa!

Although it is quiet without feeling the sign of the person still in the hall、1From the kitchen, I heard a small sound of preparing a meal in the morning!

2If you look at the large hall on the second floor、Breakfast is already set up for another guest!
Breakfast in this large hall、3It is possible if it is more than two people!
Breakfast where you can feel close to the courtyard、It will be delicious!

On the terrace on the second floor of the main building of Kakukami-ro、Forget the time、Cherish:、It seems like a place to think like that!

Our couples、In the private room located on the first floor next to the kitchen as well as dinner、We will prepare breakfast for you!
As the night before for breakfast、PottersWing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)"AndShimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)Mr. &Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo)Is it writer's unit "Shimoo DesignCollaboration with the vessel of]!

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day.、Here you will、Had been important since ancient times、A healthy, healthy, healthy breakfast will help your guests start their day!

It is soft and thick.、Very juicy "Dashimaki egg" is、What! I'm free to change.、If you like it, you have been asked to have 5.6 pieces!
My husband was also happy to have another!

The white rice of the freshly cooked earthen pot rice、Terraced rice fields in Chiba Prefecture, the landlady's family has been used、Rice grains are plump and glossy or in、You feel the sweetness and flavor、It's the best treat!
The combination with the delicious side dish which is accompanied by the companion of the rice is also excellent.、All the dishes are beautiful lying on your stomach!

[Kakukamiro Breakfast]
Appetizer (Salted Yolk Grated)、Boiled seaweed、Spinach with sesame sauce、Simmered eggplant" x "Vessel":Shimoo Design Floating Round Dish、Floating rim dish both 280 x H30"

Daikon radish and carrot salad with homemade blue shiso dressing:Mt. Tsubonaga gen Thin Bowl 18"

Chicken dumplings in a hot pot (chicken dumplings)、Tofu、Potherb mustard、Carrot、Shimeji)

"Dried salmon" x "Vessels":Mt. Tsubonaga Reversible Stone Plate .

"Dashimaki Egg" x "Bowl":Mt. Tsubonaga gen Table Plate .

"Chiba rice terraced rice"
Miso soup with aosa seaweed and tofu
"Green tea"

Pickles (Pepper)、Daikon radish、Yam) "x" with:Mt. Tsubonaga gen Thin Bowl 18"

"Yogurt with fruit" x "Vessel":Mt. Sasanaga, too much cup goblet"

After the meal、At the front lobby "Tan's Room"、11Until you have checked out at the time、A moment of bliss with yuruand and persimmon time!

After I got ready in my room、Check out at the front lobby while returning your room key!

The owner who took care of meUemura pure certified (JUNJI Uemura)And I'm getting、Tan-kun of Nakai、When Mr. Fujii, a clerk, went to see me off, I was taking a commemorative photo.、Miu-chan of "signboard cat" at exquisite timing (Appeared、"Don't you forget me?" And close to the match in the gesture as if you are whispering、Would you like to see me off?

To the extent that I had the urge to take him home、The touch with the friendly Miu-chan is the best healing! It is an inn that can not stand cat lovers!

For a moment here、Feeling the nostalgia of the old days、Tracing the memories of a long time ago、as if to touch a piece of memories of a good day、It is an inn where you can feel warm and peaceful!

Also、The inn "Kakukamiro" that you want to come back to! When you go to Amami Peninsula, please come!

Japanese taste Inn corner tower
Address:Aichi, Tahara city Fukue city ground 38
TEL: 0531-32-1155

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