Irako "Japanese taste Inn corner tower" fresh local seafood and regional cuisine where you can enjoy your thread road food

Japan ryokan celebrates summer nights "Japanese taste Inn corner tower(Kakujoro) ',、Soft light lamp、Be moisturized more ambience to start out!

Bath may、Pleasant breeze on the skin、The hotel is very quiet、Sound healing take the cool wind and the chirping of insects!

The all dims、Private rooms are ready by the time、Celebrate your dinner time here! This time our course、Course of sea waters and climate cherish the blessings of the Atsumi peninsula regional dishes and thread road dishes for fish dinner! From the tip of the Atsumi peninsula here Italian good Lake to silk to Ise Jingu Shrine road、Once the Oito line (oitoji) and is known had it!

In honor of such "Oito line"、And with numerous dishes utilizing sankaijuku nurtured in the Atsumi peninsula seafood specialities、This time our featured travel with a series of Lade、Potter appeared in the project part 1 ""Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)"The sharp instrument boasts a simple stripped-down useless、Who participated in the planning part 2Shimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)San&Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo)Is it writer's unit "Shimoo Design"The symbolizing the beauty of Japan、And will be reasonable and not forget the beautiful wood instruments and collaboration!

Click here also、Tan Viet Nam who is serving as a waitress-Kun will served our dinner!
Because it is a very pure youth、A somewhat less than a term so far is the Domus!

Head with arms, wield as a CookUemura pure certified (JUNJI Uemura)Is it to ask sake dishes、Aomori's sake "Nishida brewery"The rice wine special junmaishu sake we have cheers! A fine sake made using the "China Snowstorms in the Aomori Prefecture of sake rice、By flavor、You can never get tired of drinking a refreshing and delicious!

♦ "appetizer Yam of streaming down ' x ' instrument:Gaku Syakunaga Too much drinking glass goblet.

On the brink of Yam 釋 Yong Yue chilled with thin glass poured a try、On gumbo sauce、While shellfish slipped into the screen that has、Thick spicy Yam's taste and throat as、A fast start!

♦ "control units daily seasonal gem" x "with:Gaku Syakunaga Reversible Petri Φ 25.

Irago, Atsumi peninsula shell known in、For different shellfish specialties every season、In the course of this shell included in abundance!
From the left "clam sushi、Cherry tomato Compote、Edamame、Grilled young corn、Natural pumpkin soup、Pork sauce "and、Tender seasoned none felt the quality of the material with alcohol on our happy weekly!

♦ "control of seafood and land vegetables making" x "with:Shimoo Design KAZARIDAI W500 × D90×H30 "

Of the headUemura pure certified (JUNJI Uemura)And I can enjoy fresh vegetables of the vegetable Kingdom boasts a production high kicking himself in the Italian good Lake market buying ground fish and Japan's Atsumi sashimi! With lushly crunchy sciackishaki、The Super fresh sweetness of ground vegetables、Cabbage、Zucchini、Green asparagus、Red yellow peppers and pretty、Moromi miso and salt will be with your choice! The sashimi、Ponzu is a swell rolled scallion、Puffy nipples clips and white giant clam, snapper、Crunchy and enjoy the delicious food of the Sazae-San with soy sauce and salt.

♦ "pottery Rock oysters steamed" x "with:Gaku Syakunaga New áge Φ 30.

Rock oysters just until a spill from an oversized、Shell each steaming baked in、With our tightly focused lemon、In the overflowing mouthful the size expands the scent of the sea!

♦ sake "Heilongjiang pure singing junmai ginjo"

Yonemoto come with Fukui Prefecture, 5 million stone flavor is.、A refreshing fragrance!

♦ "nabemono Naomi pork Portuguese pot" x "with:Gaku Syakunaga Carpenter cutting Φ 30、Φ 20.

A safe and delicious meat and a simple goal、Without using any medicines such as antibiotics to prevent disease and antimicrobial agents、Atsumi peninsula and brought up in open brand pork "Naomi pig(Houbiton) "is used. Potherb mustard、White onion、Tofu、Enoki mushroom、Naomi pork with carrot top、Cover and continue burning while murashi! Dried sansho, mill, finely crushed、It's sprinkled with、Southeast Asian Pan you while enjoying the aroma! Precise, detailed and beautifully tinted and、Moist and fleshy in flavor and sweet mouth

♦ "boiled summer vegetables 炊合せ" x "with:Gaku Syakunaga Gen light Bowl Φ 23.

Braised chicken Terrine、Carrot、Eggplant、Winter melon、Pumpkin、Okra rice and alignment、Wishes me a little yuzu!

♦ "Conger, fried dish, savory' × ' instrument:Gaku Syakunaga Gen-plate Φ 20.

Hamo winding perilla、Lemon, fresh and tastes!

♦ "rice rice" Shirasu "with" x "with:Gaku Syakunaga Mars bowl Φ 10.

Rice just cooked in a clay pot、Sprinkle the shiso leaf and、And enjoy the flavour with scents of Shirasu gem、Can you burn with your the best! Instead, there was、To Whats left over rice ball snack for!

♦ "flag Bowl cuisine 8 tablespoons soup ' x ' instrument:Gaku Syakunaga Gen bowl Φ 11.

♦ "pickles, homemade pickles.

8 cups and dishes, juice、Has been named, also the 8 cup rice up to refill it from delicious too、In the us with plenty of vegetable soup、Niboshi dashi fragrance whets the appetite! The homemade pickles、Daikon radish、Carrot、And eggplant、It is a good seasoning for rice to soak condition!

♦ "sweet Conger" x "with:Gaku Syakunaga New mars flatware Φ 25.

Chilled zenzai、Watermelon、Melon、And cherries、Hydrangea motif colored jelly and milk agar with cool mind!

After the meal、Uemura's head with a hand listening to the "corner House" history and anecdote chat time! Thank you very much!
Uemura, originally entirely out of their line of work engaged in is not was is but、Married to、So packed was involved in parents of its predecessor, this hotel maintains commitment to。However,、The management situation at the time、Because it was near waste Museum to be exhausted by the predecessor State、Somehow drew the idea in the trial again、Twists and turns and、A brighter place, slowly add the hands、It has been playing as well as leave right now!

The now historic ryokan has played admirably、Looking back at that time to、Without that sprang up in thanking you can talk please so curious、In the plain, modest and honest attitude、Such as family friendly, even feel kamimura and I。The atmosphere here "corner tower.、Mind also feel the hospitality, cozy and warm、Given such training because of may!

Current、Mr kamimura's represent "corner House"、As the first step in connecting to the future young generation、A new attempt and powered targets、Every day is like being busy!
To realize someday that talk、It would also introduce if possible!

Japanese taste Inn corner tower
Address:Aichi, Tahara city Fukue city ground 38
TEL: 0531-32-1155

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