"Japanese taste Inn corner tower" tenryu River underground subsoil water with soft giddy best bath

Japan ryokan of the Atsumi peninsula irako "Japanese taste Inn corner tower(Kakujoro) "of the passage between the main building and the annex、Is healing is another courtyard garden of flowers.、Here is the birdsong!

The courtyard where you can enjoy seasonal flowers season、Rain is dripping lush color shines will。

Overnight found in nokanzou as long as the flowers and lilac hydrangeas and agapanthus、It is thought that figure is standing still and heart is washed!


Go to the courtyard on your right、2005And there are new wing built in above the clouds Lou (Unjoro)、Building on the 3rd floor offers 夕 (Yuu) with 2 rooms newly created empty (Kuu)!

And、Also located on the second floor、Was born during a new gender "bath" is、Without replacement of the men and women from each!
* View large bath hours:15:00-23:00/ 6:00-10:00

Men bath [Kasumi-no-Yu]
View bath overlooking Mikawa from afar、To open all the partition window between bath and open-air bath and enjoy、The spacious feeling of openness.


Sunset near looking upon、Is the big green house group shine brightly to grow chrysanthemums electric light.、Night view of the electric light Chrysanthemum greenhouse in Japan not only as a byproduct of Chrysanthemum cultivation using the city's temperate climate, on a trial basis starting from 1949, was born here will be watching!
This is now that all has been Tahara attractions、Electric light Chrysanthemum tour guide flower expert which seems that there!
Tahara, soak in the bathtub was chosen as the "Japan night" heritage night and have fun!

Women bath [Akane no Yu]
And Heavenly whirlpool baths、Men and women both put in bath water、And using the underground water pumped underground for about 150 m from the tenryū River、It's not hot.、Giddy is very soft、And soft and smooth、Unless you keep your skin moist and the bath, very nice!

After a bath、In the rocking-chair of bath by fire (En) fan to cool down!

In the drink、Masara in the underground water pumped underground 150 m from the tenryū River、There was a cold iced barley tea、One cup of bath are great!

Japanese taste Inn corner tower
Address:Aichi, Tahara city Fukue city ground 38
TEL: 0531-32-1155

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