Holiday healing touch and more than 120 species of animals at the Zoo "Hamamatsu Municipal Zoo" great deals!

Adjacent to "Hamasitsu Flower Park" facing Lake Hamana, "Exciting Hama ZOO"Hamamatsu City Zoo"To!

This is the first in Shizuoka Prefecture in Hamamatsu Castle Park, which is the site of the "Animal Corner" of the Hamamatsu Children's Expo held in 1950.Hamamatsu City ZooOpened the park、And start from about 30 different animal exhibits、1983In "still Hamamatsu flower park" to the next during the transfer、Extend 6 times in the former location of space、Grow a Zoo exhibit animals number commune with more than 120 kinds of animals、Long period of time、It becomes a municipal zoo that is popular with many tourists including Hamamatsu citizens!

This zoo is 800 yen for the entrance fee of "Hantsu Flower Park"、By using the "set ticket super deals" only adding only 150 yen plus、It is possible to enjoy all day full while going back and forth between the two gardens!
(Note:Admission to flower parks varies from season to season.

The back of the "Mizutori Pond" in "Hashimtsu Flower Park" leads to the entrance to Hamamatsu City Zoo.、We'll enter from there!
Also、For the common gate of the Zoo and offers during the Japanese iris garden "a white wisteria.、It is also possible to enter and leave from here!

The beginning of the vast site、Square of the play where the children can play from the beginning、Playground equipment such as slide and iron bar is installed!

The planting planted in the green garden is said to have been elephanted in the giraffe.、An adorable welcome is waiting for you!

The park is divided into 27 areas of animal s、The first place you will see is the kangaroo area!

Kangaroos that act at night are resting in a herd with a very calm face during the day! Occasionally、While lying down face up, "do you want me? "And even saying laugh is partitioned as reassuring face (lol)

Outside the fence、On the ecology of kangaroos was the brother of the Guide、While showing the photograph Panel had thanks for explaining!
Here, on Saturday.、On Sundays、13 public holidays:30-The Kangaroo feeding what experience is available!

Right forward (3) and the area of the "spider monkey"、You can meet "Jeff Leukukumozar", which moves around lightly on the playground equipment installed on the pond.

Full use of elongated limbs and tail、Spider seems hanging on the tree the appearance that is named。And now kept in pairs、Dark hair color is ' toque () "In the、Brown is "Nana (It is

Across from that is the (2) "Rama & Emu" area!

In full length、It's the emu of the bird which cannot fly bigger after the ostrich.、I bend down a small body and here is resting!

The llama next door was on herbivores.、When you notice our camera,、It's like, "Take a picture. Take! He came close to saying!
Stick out the jaw、Jumped out of the lower lip bottom teeth I can't face、I said to the camera, "Grinning! You can also ask as if you're laughing.

If you keep going,、Floor area: 816 m ² of (4) appeared in "flying scale"、You can watch free-range birds up close! (Birds do not touch! )

Including several kinds of toki、Pigeons and colorful parrots and mynah birds、Duck, Mandarin Duck、Pheasant、You can meet a variety of birds such as peacocks!

Above all、Let me shoot without being afraid of the camera、Plump, round and adorable figure "Juzkakebato"!
Because there is a black belt pattern like applying beads to the back neck, it is named "Beads Dove (Juzkakebato)"!

The tall gauge next to it is (5) in the area of "Eagle & Taka"、You can worship a brave figure with a sharp eye!


The building where the beetle's mark was painted、Children's Favorite "Konchukan" Area

Giant beetles and squabbles from all over the world、Dragonflies, etc.、Specimens of insects line up!

To a butterfly、You can see a rare bewitching butterfly with beautiful gradation feathers like a shell.、It is the contents of the exhibition of enhancement!

Take the two-way road to the right route and you will arrive at the "Monkey Mountain" area.

Japanese monkeys are bred here、Saturday、On Sundays、You can experience feeding at 15 o'clock on public holidays!

Next up is (26) in the "Crane" area.、Around the eyes and red and white-naped crane in flag of Japan、The head of pure white and the tip of the wind cut feather are black and the whole body has a beautiful feather of the bluish gray color with the color of the upper and lower object, and the hagiromozur with the beautiful feather of the bluish gray color is seen.

(25) Tigers and lions are bred in the "Beast House"、2019In March of this year, the Amur tiger that had just moved from Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa City3 years old"、I don't seem to be familiar with the environment of Hamamatsu yet.、There has been a note to watch quietly!

The square beyond (23) becomes "Elephant Square"、A giant Asian elephant weighing about 3,000 kgI'll see you! On this day、I could only see hanako's ass! (laughs)


Across from the square is the wolf , black leopard , snow leopard !
Everyone、It seems to be limp in the heat!

If you go ahead, you will enter the Capybara Yamaarashi area.
Of course, it is easy to take a picture in the area without the fence.、For me come nigh with any luck、As long as you can enjoy the observation at close range!
that walk of、It is healed with the capybara of a lovely face in a hail!

In the back is the area of "Lesser Panda", "Knack Mecha Wawaso", "Meerkat".
Meerkats with deep collective ties、I can't say anything about the way i'm sleeping on top of each other、She was so far away、Sat and sat so severe、It blows out unintentionally in the appearance like a human being!

The adorable appearance of the knack mecha waso to play happily with parents and children is also a must see!

"Let there be、It's a stuffed animal. Lesser panda that did not move with pikuri to the extent that it is confusing、It seems to be a rest time with open eyes!

(20) "Small Monkey House" Area
This zoo、By and large primates such as the Gorilla exhibit when it comes second in Inuyama-Shi, Aichi Japan monkey Centre in one of the largest、The only "Golden Lion Tamarin" that is said to be the only breed in Japan is also being bred two
The mane of the red head which was fusafusa like the lion like the name is very beautiful!

Three generations of children are blessed with treasures.、Common marmo set with white hair of fusafusa in the ear [em (" and "Iroha (The family of the family is also popular.

The back of it is "Pony & Bison"、(18) "donkey" area、Pony "Tony () "And the" Cha Cha、Ruby (In breeding the head of the

This is Saturday, too.、On Sundays、13 public holidays:30-14:00In between the、A photo session will be held where you can take pictures with your pony!

The most overwhelming part in the park was the size of a giraffe.、(17) "savannas" area、Ostrich、Follow Zebra、Be pegged to spend leisurely giraffe in a spacious meadow、I've been holding my feet for a long time!

Born in 2009 in this garden, "RyoIt's not like i'm、2014From Kyoto City Zoo in the year of The Siun (We live together in a friendly relationship.

If you go downhill, you will become a "mini-pig boar" area.、A female Japanese wild boar is a pig of the potberry kind with one head "Linker"、Karin (Two are bred

(13) In the "Peacock" area、A beautiful macjak with hair、Indian Peacock、I saw a white peacock.、If the timing is right, you may be able to see the figure to spread the wings!

"Brown bear" to advance on the road、To the "Black Bear" area!
Tsukinoigma's "Sailing (Wataru) 2017.2.7 Raw ("、"Hana 2017.2.7In breeding

Ezo brown bear's "Goro" (I was just sleeping rumbling.、"Pilica (Very friendly、You shake your head in front of the camera.、They showed me the figure of walking as if they were dancing!

(11) In the "Flamingo" area、A beautiful, gorgeous pink color with a slender neck and legs attracts the eye!

(10) In "Fureai Plaza"、Saturday、On Sundays、Holiday 13:30-14:15There is an experience corner where you can interact with rabbits until、It is very popular with children who can hold the rabbit of the mofumofu!

In the "Polar Bear Sea Lion" area、2016In June of this year, there was a mother and daughter of "Baffin", "Mother", and "Momo- daughter", who had been transferred from "Osaka Tennoji Zoo" as a mother and daughter.、In the pool below it、"Lucy" showing the swim comfortably"、"Anko (In breeding the head of the

Across the street is The Penguin.、(7) Become an area of "Beaver"、Humboldt penguins are softening with yochiyochi walking!

(15) In the area of "Ape-sha"、Gorilla、Orangutan、Chimpanzees、You can see the owl in addition!

2003In March of this year, we visited Bali from the Japan Monkey Center.Come on, come on.、Glare through the glass!
1983In March of this year, we visited from Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya City.It seems to be very nervous.、I couldn't see him on this day!

In the final area near the common gate (16) "Monkey's Apartment"、Blue-yellow red and flashy complexion mandrill and、The gray mane is dignified sisiosal.、Adorable Squirrel Monkey、You can enjoy the appearance of a fox lemur snuggling up with a parent and child!

Use the common gate to return to the "Hashimtsu Flower Park"!
It takes a whole day and it takes a long time and it is in a relaxed time.、Looking forward to shooting、And natural landscape and rich flowers makutta healed in contact with a number of animals per day、20But the first time in years、Thank you, great date spot!

To get to Hamamatsu City、Enjoy the four seasons ' still Hamamatsu flower park "and"Hamamatsu Municipal Zoo"healing please come visit!

Hamamatsu City Zoo
Address:Shizuoka, Hamamatsu-Shi, Nishi-Ku, Tateyama-199
Entrance fee:410 yen (high school students and older)、Junior high school students: no charge
* Still and Hamamatsu flower park admission ticket is good!
Opening hours:9:00~ 16:30(Admission is 16.:00Until )
Closed::12April 29-12/31
Parking lot:Chapter 1、Chapter 2、Third parking area (fee required:200Yen)

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