"Japanese taste Inn corner tower" fishing main building rooms smell of old appeared in the tsuribaka nisshi 2 Showa

Traditional Japanese style ryokan Japan 0/1926 (1926) founded "Japanese taste Inn corner tower(Kakujoro) ',、Main corner-Lou on 5 rooms、2005New wing added in the year above the clouds Tower (Unjoro) in 2 rooms、Cottage on the Green Tower (Suijoro) and 3、All rooms have luxury compact only 10 rooms and long-established Inn!

That was the early check-in、While guidance facilities、Before heading back to the townhouse we become indebted us husband and wife Midori on Lou room、Founded with the main building rooms I'll have to visit!

On the 1st floor was built around the main courtyard, terrace of the dreaming、Courtyard view mukau, and only the center of the Ministry of food、Green surroundings overflows、Luxurious rooms every morning and evening meals.

Is the article、On the second floor staircase zelkova celebrates aging dark to landing、Is the warmth of the Showa era in the mirror for the first time in the "size" is known as one of the five beers before the war、Along with the sound of the pendulum clock、Slipped something like nostalgic feel to the skin!

Main terrace the atmosphere of Japan is spreading.、The established Rochereau place of relaxation overlooking the courtyard below the glass window that can be!

To open the glass Windows、While feeling the breeze of the summer reading time! While you read the local paper selected by owner of travel like Japan ryokan and hotels featured travel book, full of delicious gourmet、It would be nice to enjoy quietly ticking!

2In the floor corridor、Old-style tile sink! Water has been stopped now、Is part of the Interior with all there、Old and we are familiar with bath of old metal pail!

2nd floor, room [Hagi]

Specialty rooms in the main building rooms between here [Hagi]!

While the [Hagi]、1989In June, Shochiku films 'Fishing tsuribaka nisshi 2"The room was the scene and、Decorated with a picture photographing the landscape at that time paid to Japanese-style!

Nishida Toshiyuki Nishida ToshiyukiAnd I starred as Hama-Chan found was funny and densuke Hamasaki nude dance、As far as cleaning lady here has been worked long's mother at that time of us!

Also、On the wall of the bedroom、"Fishing Baka nisshi series", performed construction company President Sue guys with Suzuki ichinosukeRentaro MikuniAnd it's adorned with the。

The character of the flower it's beautiful and a good hand is recognized!

Here are 10-tatami and a living space、8 tatami mats laid hardwood tatami bedroom、There was a 広縁 overlooking the courtyard、Spreads cozy atmosphere!

Renovated in 2005, in addition to、1500In the open-air bath was set, a large corner bathtub、Stretch your legs will enjoy the spacious hot water bath!

On the first floor in the main building rooms [Kiri]

Is not fully accessible for disabled people、Between the Japanese and Western rooms with wheelchair universal design [paulownia] is recommended to our elderly people!

In the immediate、There was a hearth 6 tatami、Relaxing space overlooking the courtyard!

4.5Behind the Japanese-style tatami-mat equipped with Cypress oval bath。

6Provides on the tatami mat bedroom spacious double and single size beds 2、Sleep invites!

All 5 main rooms、To elaborate this other rooms or rooms provided、I would enjoy different times of the year!

Japanese taste Inn corner tower
Address:Aichi, Tahara city Fukue city ground 38
TEL: 0531-32-1155

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