Walk on the cobbled streets from Hokan Temple Yasaka pagoda Kiyomizudera until dangling walks


In Kyoto、"Yasaka pagoda"The familiar name、Also a symbol of the Gion "Full view of temple (houkannji) 5-storied pagoda"。
Shotoku-Taishi in a dream from a nyoirin Kannon said 46 m in height, was built by five-story stupa (important cultural properties) is、Will be Japan's first City Tower。


Street to the slope (sanneizaka) that set aside three years up the cobbled streets、"Kiyomizu-dera Temple"Until the Let's explore and。
Kyoto summer、Because of strong sunlight?、See more women parasol。
In the crowded corridor、Umbrella tip in mind, I want to walk!


Although not steep、The long uphill、Inexorably thigh slowly working with will (laughs)
Still、While souvenir on the way in the Middle suggests and tea、
Walk slowly and nonchalantly。
Ringing the clop-clop of clogs also learn something cool!


On the way、All attendants a rickshaw、Kiyomizu-dera TempleUntil the will tell you the road along the way to enjoy in the backchannel。
Kyoto's last ride on rickshaw、I was running around this、
This time the、There is a mission to 空kaseru、I refuse the (lol)
Brother personality very refreshing rickshaw、It is recommended for those travelling for the first time.


Three hills (sanneizaka).

Three hills is in the middle of the Kiyomizu-dera Temple omote-Sando、On the stairs in the North corner of spices "chili pepper House launched.、
Roadside souvenir shop.、Ceramic shop、Restaurant row.、途絶emasenn visitors。
In the middle of the stairs、Sakamoto ryomaThe Niles said 'Akebono-Tei"Also there。


"Maiko Han, Shii-day! ~"In Office rose to fame chili pepper"Child"Mr.。
In much of the media in the sought after、Celebrities also attracts coverage better.


"Maiko Han day pheu-day!-"

Using domestic habanero and Japanese pepper.、Be 10 times the normal commercial pepper hotness、
Red pepper and chili pepper became a hot topic "Maiko Han, Shii-day! ~"。
Just imagine that naming it's cute (lol)
To try out the hotness、A tasting corner、Could you put together a cold tea.


When it comes to Kyoto sweets、NAMA Yatsuhashi otabe in bracken、Five-colored beans、Confetti、Lotus cake、
The tasteful sweets unique to Kyoto、Souvenir stuff is what pleases the dotted。
On the streets of this tourist、Shops will be good tasting too often、With confidence and enjoy your shopping!


Kiyomizu-dera Temple

Soar into the high ground "Kiyomizu-dera Temple"The main building overlooking the streets of the capital"Stage of Kiyomizu"That is just too famous。
On the stage made the overhanging high cliff、
Jump off the cliff and、Has been devoting its fulfillment time without injury、Or known dead and you can die、
Said Victor will throw myself off。
So jump off the stage、And implications of running in the desperate determination、
"Jumping from the stage of Kiyomizu"It is saying、
Even now、Or buy、Is the word used for example, when a big decision to take the plunge。


Three-storied pagoda

Absolutely gorgeous as well as the West Gate Pagoda architecture and luxurious look。
1632In the years of reconstruction、And approximately 30 m in height、
1994In the year "Historic monuments of ancient Kyoto"For as one on world heritage.。
Main Hall (national treasure), according to the fiscal repairs to repair the vessel、
2013After the painting was done in September than repair、Regain the beautiful shades of bright orange-red、
Many tourists are entertained.


For the main building is still under repair was、But I gave up the view from the stage of Kiyomizu、Views of Kyoto City landscape from the West Gate。
Hover over the blue skies of summer and sometimes number、The majestic shape of mountains with views、Breath deep breath。
More Yasaka pagoda in the walk up the Hill、10-Is a 15-minute walk、In this view to、No hardship。
The return journey、3 years 2 years ban from the Hill (second slope) to enter、You know it's going down the road、We enjoyed the landscape and go to different。
Now、While Temple Tour、Quickly it became during the evening meal time。
Your book "Miyoshi Takumi meat"Is it to go!

Otowa DERA
Location:Kyoto Kyoto Higashiyama-Ku, Shimizu 1-294 TEL:075-551-1234
Regular admission:Adults: 300 yen、Elementary and middle school students 200 yen
Nightly special visit:Adults: 400 Yen、Elementary and middle school students 200 yen

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