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"Gion and cute" wicket gate lol Michelin two star Japan restaurant lunch kaiseki



GionCalled "Yasaka Shrine"To and walk shimogawara through subsequent、
Standing quietly in the back alley of kaiseki restaurant "Gion and cute"Mr.。
The shopkeeperNishikawa, YoshiakiMr. a、Gion of well-established store "Gion looked trees"And I'm in and independence after a long apprenticeship、2009On January 22.In the open。
Independence and win Michelin in just one year、2One-star honors praised Gill is is!


From the entrance until the middle gate、The long and narrow stone-paved approach、
Bamboo with a covering on both sides、Relaxed in the cool blistering summer Kyoto。


"Lol gate"Hung" chumon "。
Lol the gate and、"Further descendants escutcheon"Of you fried Modo wheel ticketed and Cedar leaves hung、
And-and-good-luck charm、It is said that thriving family。
The original、"Further descendants escutcheon"Short and、"Masakado"As was、
To avoid the confusion of Taira no masakado and seeLol gate"And now is written seems。


Front door

This building is、Sukiya-style building with luxury, such as bamboo and cypress wood of various trees have been、
Because of its stunning appearance、Awareness will be added here to Kyoto。


Counter seating

Shop、Owner,Nishikawa, YoshiakiAnd it's 12 seats of which you can enjoy with a nice small talk piece counter plates and、
8Table seats 10 seat room with seating room、6There are more seats Hori kotatsu style parlor、
All are non-smoking.。
(Note counter near the smoking rooms are available)
Thanks to the friends of Nagoya was reserved in advance、I'm happy that at the counter offers。
Lunch kaiseki was、5,000Circle、8,000Circle、10,000Yen (all taxes and $) for three courses
This time the、10,000CircleThe kaiseki cuisine, enjoy!


First of all,、Meet and greet with the green tea cold。
While enjoying the cool pattern of morning-glory、Felt thick and heavy and glass weights、
Moisten the thirst in the heat.


"Thank you for your visit"And、
The shopkeeperNishikawaIs it than please aperitif in person enters the gourd in his solo's solo counter seats were!


Aperitif with yuzu sake

Standing firmly with yuzu citrus flavor、Rush concentrated flavor and freshness、At once arouses the appetite!


Champagne "Taittinger Brut reserve half" 6500 Yen

The champagne Taittinger、1734 established brick and mortar headquarters in Reims, no-show, produce。
In one of the most often using Court de Blanc Chardonnay Grand Cru ratings-intensive grape growers、
The high percentage of Chardonnay for、A very elegant、It is very easy to match champagne。
Then blend 40% Chardonnay、Got a great fragrance、
An attractive taste elegant and lively and fresh impression.


"Naginata Hoko"

While Gion Festival in、Yamaboko Hoko "Naginata halberd (naginatahoko)"For with a nice rendition。
Visit Japan restaurant、This is amazing、I think shop、I think it was different from the chopsticks。
Very fine sinuous chopsticks、Can you get carried her mouth easily and without straining food。
On top of the chopsticks、And there are bamboo spoon、Designed to produce。


During the、Classy Yam in agar, banging the Yam bean curd、Soft shellfish cooked with ginger、
And、Scallop、By shellfish and fit。
Of cool and refreshing dish with ginger!


The preparation of sashimiNishikawaSan。
Have maximum fun with counter、Enjoy and which the owner。
In the back、Watching a kitchen stove is Mr. big (kamado)、Dancing as dancing steaming in the fire in the kitchen.。
Boiled on wood finish of freshly cooked rice is a fun!


Bowl of

So enjoy the elasticity of the preppy、
The cut paste and small prawns with lobster POO、
So if you fancy more sweet、
And Uru I and Uru I of 蓴菜 noting. fit white gourd cooked with lumps。
Pleasant aroma of vinegar、Friendly bowls spread with plump shrimp broth with bonito broth is the thing!



That is a nice air of overwrought luxury Restaurant tangy feel to the first、
And beams.、Also cool your counter and the shopkeepers beat tempo conversation、It's also the best counter seat。
So good food is delicious、RIP people face.、Is the mouth loosely。
Even while small hidden knife on squid sashimi、Instead of watching the hand、I watch your eyes in conversation、Exactly what is nothing short of superhuman (lol)
Glitter and sparkle tone, full of sweet squid、Octopus from Akashi is still alive and、Enjoy doughy texture and body and bite、
On a roll of fat horse mackerel、Fresh, and bubble wrap texture of sea grapes、
All vinegar Tachibana and sashimi soy sauce to your liking and will be fit.


"Grilled Conger"

Hamo aboard sciacsciacsciacsciac and steady rhythm, the osteotomy chimes pleasant on the ear、
While watching the process until the food is carried in front of the eyes、
Visual、Hearing、The sense of smell is heightened。
And、Grilled Conger came out。
Only the skin and baked、To complement the flavor、You are completely finished with rare condition。
It was variously tried to conger、All the same so recognized and most delicious plum、
Us out of here and back to the starting point。
"According to the plum porridge, and mellow"And you're rightNishikawaSan。
"Mr. gruel"And"San"With will be、Even in Kyoto.、Good sounding, isn't it?。
Join the tactile and gustatory、Five senses enjoy the summer at all.


"Shunkei Kyo uchiwa basin"

Wakasa tilefish (GSI) is moist and melts in your mouth texture is fun、Scale is different, and deep fried、Enjoy the crispy texture。
In the sweet corn kakiage、
This menu item in the mackerel sushi、Sansho refreshing and exciting to give Conger sushi、Align the noodle squash a salted pike conger、
Osaka crab out of jelly and together with、Grilled Eggplant and sesame seeds combined zunda is miso、
The attached decorations Chinois、Good health、Is filled with meaning for the hot summer purification ceremony、
Will be removed when eating。
Shunkei Kyo on litter leaf fan tray、Old、Using less paper era were used instead of paper oak leaves、
It is the contrast between red and green colors vivid and beautiful fan trays 8 inch.


"Kamo Eggplant"

Part of the Kamo Eggplant with fresh calyx and lid、See entire Kamo Eggplant and quirky has just、
Actually,、Under the lid using pottery dinner、
And are bespoke to fit this pottery also Kamo Eggplant color、But look like real! (Terrible)
Is quite a playful lots of treatments.


Kamo eggplants and radish season using radish rice cake and Lotus tubers so、Vegetable fired match。
Bean jam melt gently Wasabi beat gently、Most I'll korito!



Salad with pumpkin、Eggplant、Cucumber。
The cucumber slices and、Look for the crest of the Gion Yasaka Shrine、
This season it is not sliced cucumber。
It is absolutely nice of them unique to Kyoto!



Serving counters、Tea ceremony becomes complete.、Green tea at the beginning、Roasted green tea、Gyokuro、Us prepared to green tea。
The old "Ippodo"And it was being used、
The recent、"Round hirohisa Koyama Park"Is it of in the factory and tea experience、
Has switched to your yukata。
Healed by the aroma of roasted green tea、Even without gumisawa was clean and refreshing taste of roasted green tea.


Finish the cauldron rice is coming。
Cook each carefully please confirm fresh beauty (lol)


"White rice"

First of all the、Shiga Prefecture Mt. Ibuki 3rd if cooked in a kitchen stove is Mr. (kamado) come light white rice。
Be ordered in brown rice、3Day one ask for rice is sticking Buri will be。


1377in Mt. Ibuki with 3 m、Rice naturally grown in the fertile region is surrounded by small mountains、
Grain contains moisture large, plump and glowing cooked up and、You spread sweetness!


"Miso soup"

Light and elegant mushroom juice。


"Eel rice"

2A cup of rice、Conger eel rice in Awaji island。
Luxury and conger eel has plenty of、Mellow and thick egg.、Enjoy the scent of budding.


Conger eel pot in plump with rice and then soften charged、
Well familiar with rice cutlet、Continues with the chopsticks in the mellowness of the poached egg。


"Conger with green tea"

3The second cup、Hamo rice & porridge topping。
Conger has been Braised clean firmly for、Dashi are decorated in light of the ultimate seasoning。
Relieves pike conger、Sansho ride while enjoying the smell and irritation、
Smooth and finish of hamo rice & porridge topping。



Peach and SATO Jin、Served with Mint。
During the hung in peach sauce、Calpis has been charged、
Enjoy again concentrated on the sweetness of the peaches.


"Covered the tea"



And Michelin-starred、Is there very difficult to book store、
Pieces and elbows pulled no ownerNishikawaIt's your personality, he became a fun dinner party from beginning to end。
It's the same space that is luxurious、
Staff's and their spectacular behaviour that is、
In many of the treatments offered in the spirit of hospitality、Able to fully enjoy the kaiseki lunch in the capital。
NishikawaSan、Thank you for a wonderful time!


Days after the Japanese kaiseki、Then for the night walking around the city of Kyoto、I like hungry hungry。
Nostalgia from Yasaka pagoda、Would you like to amble up to Kiyomizu Temple.

Gion and cute
Shimogawara, 473 TEL down shimogawara through Yasaka entrance Higashiyama-Ku, Kyoto, Kyoto:075-525-1776
Hours of operation:12 pm:00-15:00(Stores)、Night
Closed on Mondays:Sunday、Noon of Monday.、Sunday's day national holiday

Gion and cute

"So it's Kyoto、Let's go "and in a stack of gastronomic tour trip to Kyoto to the Gion district to the Gion Festival Walk on the cobbled streets from Hokan Temple Yasaka pagoda Kiyomizudera until dangling walks
"So it's Kyoto、Let's go "and in a stack of gastronomic tour trip to Kyoto to the Gion district to the Gion Festival
Walk on the cobbled streets from Hokan Temple Yasaka pagoda Kiyomizudera until dangling walks


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