Impact through "Miyoshi Takumi because of" selected beef variety meat kaiseki taste!


Section of Gion in the hanamachi of Kyoto with its picturesque houses present.
Beef kaiseki "Miyoshi Takumi meat"Mr.。
The atmosphere upscale、Beginning to feel luxurious for its supper.、Expectations are heightened heart leap。
2005Open, from the time of ten years、Name of the buildingMiyoshiSan。
The shopkeeperItoh power (-)Mr. a、
"1My thanks for the best meat workmen."And、
The met for the first time in the past "best freshness" meat taste or smell、Texture、Sweet、All moved in and、
I want to taste experienced many customers in one and、"Miyoshi Takumi meat"Découpage.。


The reduced brightness in a moist atmosphere、Owner and face thoroughly counter 6 seats
Table 12 seats and as good sized modern and relaxed attire。
For more superb wine beef kaiseki or Japanese sake brand name、
Seat of the most important entertainment and dining、Or、2Who are Keio is recommended for dating。
Shop is your home、Previous、The mother had done the lounge shop has been opened。
10Variations in attack.、It's time to put refurbished。

On this day、Nagoya friends had me booked in advance for、
That same day here at the counter staff meal。
The course is、Parts of the meat into the day depending on thigh、
26,000JPY – Yen 41000Until the next、
Also on the left, at a higher price is negotiable upon。
This time the、I like best was quality of meat、
Kobe beef sirloin and you incorporating both OHMI beef filet
38,000JPY – Yen 41000Much of the course will be!


The shopkeeperItoh powerIs it (live 1975)。
From Kyoto Ito's earlier will be independent、When I was working in the food and beverage outlets
It was meat the best craftsmanship did eat cow just had tied on that day.
Not that I have ever met texture、Sweet、Fragrance、Ever have eaten all the meat is exceptional.
This taste alone experience for many people、
I want to offer the most delicious beef dishes、
Shop is opened in your。

Since opening、He explores every day with high-quality ingredients and cooking methods、
And various beef meat taste to take full advantage of the creative cuisine、Pursuing the possibilities。
To start using Wagyu beef appetizer or soup、Shabu Shabu、Rice dishes、
And steaks to choose parts from Rush and addon、The only desserts you can beef kaiseki、
Creative cuisine and seasonal dishes can feel all four seasons and will be。
Full-course beef Teppanyaki taste is also different as、
Cuisine of beef for the first time you interested in、Ago you begin will be observed just about fell to。

Hearty chunks of beef mould and begin the ownerItoSan。
Our couples、Because of the weak body fat of good quality as well、
And a crisp clean the chipped off me like that、I watched very good!


Beef treated with the、Kyoto、Kobe、Order directly from the producers of Shiga trusted brand-name beef。
Are used for disambiguation stock and parts to fit the 1 dish daily dish。
Nagoya friends saw this meat loaf "Yes! Hi ~ ♪"And 微笑mashikatta landscape greeting into the beef is (laughs)


"River Ranch, Kobe beef"

Surrounded by mountains and the kakogawa River、Pure water、And with the clear mountain air、
180Stuff head Tajima beef cattle are bredRiverside RanchAnd I'm of meat seems to enjoy this day!


Molded、Meat on this day you will learn。
While watching the old Cook meat loaf、So I already cool beer sign, isn't it?。
People who、Good ingredients to meet、Good workers out and meet、What wonder and stomachs become less。
Just up、While feeling the reverberations of the day "Oh、Painful"And I was lamenting to do (laughs)
If it took the meat to、Soul drawn。
Molding demonstration is simply just a prologue to the course.


Draught beer "masters dream' 800 yen

Suntory is half-over the course of more than a century, the continued pursuit of、
Said dream beer masters dream。
In the guge and dense taste、Pleasant sweet aroma with a subtle bitterness、And guests can enjoy a rich deep flavor.


Chilled soup of meat

First of all the、Starting to drink the broth of meat。
While clean and taste、The broth can be felt later filled with deep flavor、
Those made under the meat and broth with bonito and kelp。
Is a cold soup Shabu Shabu soup!


Next is wrapped in a kombu Sabrina appeared salmon meat!


"OMI beef tongue tangle tighten thin build"

Here is、It is a staple food as directed with cooking courses。
Beef tongue ago mackerel lay in the fridge one day、3~ 4 hours seaweed 〆 offer。
Beef tongue of seaweed 〆! (Surprise)
Because of my favorite、Enjoy the flavor each piece carefully。
How to eat a、On the surface of thin beef tongue、Finely chopped salted kelp you lightly shake、
Round and round and wound up with chopsticks、Dipped in the Ponzu sauce with homemade, SIP is a rip-off!
Superbly in the smoothness of the texture along with surprise!
Certainly we feel the flavor of the beef tongue and texture。
The heck beaten parkroyal on Kitchener road、Seaweed 〆 and probably thanks to taste rich closers can be flavored with sour Ponzu sauce。
Not what I ever got、The ultimate beef tongue。
This would first、His stomach morning will be brought! (Intense effect)


"Prime Kobe beef grilled

Surface of Prime Kobe beef grilled with rare finish、With a sprout of white onion and perilla。
France Guérande salt、Black pepper、Let me turn and can be personalized with homemade Ponzu sauce from。
Less fat is the prime meats、And the strong flavor of the beef so guests can enjoy a nice texture!


"White SCAD and steaming bowls of abalone"

Steamed abalone total bunch and water shield、Dipping products wrapped in white SCAD umani OMI beef, steamed。
SAEKI (SCAD)、The petiole of taro grown in、In the color of the surface、Red、White、Can be divided into three kinds of blue。
The white Syke、In shrimp potato and taro leaf、When I was fat on roll paper、Having been grown, so。
The shrimp potato white Syke、Also called terms of the bleached white garfish、
It is prized in the world of Japanese luxury ingredients as。
With the softness of the abalone、Oozing with flavor of the beef Bowl is.


"Newton Chardonnay" 1000 yen

In spring mountain pioneer、The pioneers of unfiltered wine in Napa Valley
From Newton vineyards、Aged 7 months in French oak barrels of Chardonnay 100%。
Honey fruit flavors and crisp、Newton Chardonnay oak aroma in a masterly balance。
Long aftertaste、Finish with the impressive California wine is!


Next's original dish with meat truffles。
Remove from the hot steamer、Truffles over SSH, please finish!


"Sirloin and summer truffle rice steamed with caviar"

Sirloin is with flavor in miso.、With Japanese ginger, steamed rice、
Cut with plenty of summer truffle、With Latvia caviar starlet。
While enjoying the aroma of truffles、
With classy as condensed beef flavor with truffle miso、
Luxury rice are delicious no one will make you smile.。


Fried, fatty and Hawk mine pepper

Kyoto of grilled fresh fatty, fried, and、Along with the Eagle mine chili fried with homemade Kobe beef tallow。
Eagle mine pepper、Start cultivation from 0/1943 in Kyoto-Shi Kita-ku, Masanobu、
Thicker than Fushimi pepper、Red pepper and a little bit different、Not spicy、It is very delicious, fleshy pepper。
The fatty、At the thickest part near the ribs than the skirt steak、
Soft, elegant palate so I feel healthy through the oil.


Will be in a home-made red wine salt roast flavor of red wine and pulled out。
Great with meat!


A beautiful colorful lotus leaf、Continue dishing the dish: 1。
ItoMr. a、Food is really fun, seems unavoidable、
And the moment of the molding with the meat、You are dishing up throughout smiling smiley.。
And、Of course、Counter seats,、Consideration to your seat at the table、
While concentrating on cooking、Smart is also nicely done still say of craftsmen.


"Beef Shabu Shabu Lotus leaves assorted brown bean of sink"

And Shabu Shabu Kobe beef Misc whip、Align the sudachi jelly。
Served with steamed white gourd cooked the potato and corn、
Brown bean of sink in and will。
Choy in large lotus leaves、With a bright lotus flowers、Is a dish to enjoy the beautiful contrast of hue.


"Newton Claret" 1000 yen

Tannin is rounded with a creamy taste of Newton vineyard white wine as well as an attractive
It is a full bodied dry red wine。
Bordeaux blends to express the taste of black grape ripe from the Napa County。
Strong, smooth tannins、Oak and fruit flavors of dark Cherry and blueberry vanilla incense Pack.、
The sophisticated palate、Lean fit better.


Burning passion to provide with the most delicious dishes、
So can eat at most in good conditionItoAnd it has paid close attention to。
The second moment of burning becomes essential Shabu Shabu、
ItoHer own、Close your eyes, all the attention、While the temperature of the meat by hand make each piece、
From next and quickly under water is out、Wedge was again out、He served in the exquisite fire。
Does not interfere with the flavor of the meat, wrap it gently lift、
The dip in the ultimate of bonito and kelp soup meat、Pull the best taste!


"Shabu Shabu beef"

Along with the ultimate soup、Ultimate quietly attached on the colorful Greens Shabu Shabu。
The Shabu Shabu、So I lost fine up to anxiety that appeared in shades of pink!
The cleansing and smooth、By dip soup、To be trapped and flavor、
Full of joy to overflowing as you bite for its flavor.、Love without words so not to、I 摩rimasu cheek (lol)
Along with the cool Greens attached as texture、It is recommended that dipped in the Ponzu sauce with homemade taste。
Up to now no、Is the polar of the Shabu Shabu here. "Miyoshi"To have!


We carved in charcoal-baked luxury Kobe beef and OMI beef steak main dish。


Kobe beef sirloin and OMI Beef fillet steak

In the far-infrared effect of Kishu bincho charcoal carefully through the fire、
This thick steak flavor filled with the flavor of the meat was born to enjoy。
Here is 1 serving 2 people before。
LuxuryRiverwalk Ranch Kobe beef SirloinHeifer Ranch Okazaki OMI beef filet 38 monthsOf the two types will be。
Okazaki RanchThe softness of the meat fillet、And not to mention the taste of red meat's、
Riverside RanchThe sirloin is、And the flavor of the greasy heaviness does not feel totally filled with gravy、Ill melt、Fragrance with excellent taste!
Here is、Steak sauce or salt、Black pepper、Mountain will be served with a Wasabi soy sauce to your liking!

Mountain came out with a spicy Wasabi is a fine seasoning of the meat is recommended!
Mountain horseradish has a unique aroma and flavour goodness、Include the appetite improvement as a condiment
Shoyu is soaked in sauce、Accented with spicy meat dish is irresistible!


So much delicious shuddering too、The meat does not eating、
Have to overdo it、Finishing the 折詰 as a BBQ lunch, please let me be!
Put the meat on top of rice、The last special sauce one time and。


Takeaway BBQ lunch

Bento too luxury completed!
Very good mountain Wasabi soy sauce pickle、Further in a separate container until the sauce was served!
Bento carefully packaged exactly became the ultimate gift、
Here is、Morning as rice was delicious.、
From this morning's meat! And can you imagine the、In the stomach without straining your what and and two half "trick (lol)


"Rice、Miso soup、Beef Fillet wrapped in kelp、Pickles.

Finish the set rice、Eyes of the Dragon in Gifu Prefecture Koshi Hikari。
Grains are large plump and sweet filled with deliciousness!
Horo noting continue rice on seaweed wrapped filet cooked to soft pull.


"Fragrant green tea sorbet hakushu"

In the rich green tea sorbet dessert juice come drooling in the Suntory whisky hakushu。
Overlap the green tea flavor and aroma of hakushu、Full product、Perfect finish for dessert now!
Than you think、Rather than、Received a stunner on the first taste of night。
While this article because now、And are facing the photo of the tea-ceremony dishes、
You will feel now anytime soon to fly to Kyoto (laughs)
I like meat、The cow、Not very good at...
That much is fine overturned who fixed our couples、
"Miyoshi Takumi meat"Her.。


MiyoshiAnd got in after a meal、Stretch legs in the Gion Festival、In addition to another "Gion music taste"Is it on way home stopped at、
Walking down the alley、By chance、Were headed to the storefrontItoMr. to encounter!
And chatting、Just、Asked for the maiko's photo。
Maiko who was taking your name was 伺eba.。
Just in the storefront was lively story、We have invited resting on the inside of the end break。

Together at the counter after your thank you's to cheers、When I heard the story、
ItoIs it the wife、Born in fujieda, Shizuoka, and、Many also feel closer to、
But it is about the direction of future work was received by discussion and、
Care、Oh that and until late at night during the、Enjoy evenings in the capital enjoyed and had spent a month。
ItoSan、Us your relationship to late thank you very much!
Also、And look forward to the day we went、
Adjust the schedule, it will let me always suggested to the shop!

Now、About the story、
Greetings again to Kyoto to visit if I wanted "Gion music taste"Are we to and let's!

Miyoshi Takumi meat
Kyoto Kyoto Higashiyama, Gion-Cho South 570-15
TEL:050-5868-1886 (Reservation number)、075-561-2508 (Telephone inquiries)
Hours of operation:18:00-23:00(LO.22:00-
Closed on Mondays:Sunday (open if a holiday on Sunday、Closed Mondays)

Kyoto Kyoto Higashiyama, Gion-Cho South 570-15

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