Admire beautiful masterpieces we celebrate the Golden Renaissance at the Uffizi Museum


"Uffizi Museum"The、Italy is one of the world's largest museums with Italian Renaissance paintings in Florence.、1591from the year to the present、It is said to be one of the oldest modern museums in Europe.。Construction of the building began in 1560.、Architect Giorgio Vasari, who was commissioned by The Medici family Cosimo I, is in charge.、After building it as an administrative office (Upfitzi)、Build a large corridor connecting Pitti Palace to Uffizzi。After that、From the time of Francesco I, son of Cosimo I、The Medici family's art works are now collected here.。The collection increases every time the owner changes.、Collected art works other than the Medici family were added and opened to the public in 1765.。As a museum in Italy、Quality of collection、At the maximum of both quantities、1982It has been recognized as part of the Historic District of Florence, a World Heritage Site in 19。The exhibition on the third floor is mainly in the building.、It consists of ancient sculptures and paintings from the 13th to 18th centuries.、Leonardo da Vinci, one of the leading Renaissance artists、Raphael Santi、Including the three great masters of Michelangelo Buonarroti、Lorenzo bought that talent to the luxury king、Sandro Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" and "Spring (Primavera)" are so famous as the Medici family's official painters.。


Mr. Kobayashi, a local Japanese guide, serves as a tour guide for Florence.。The Uffitzi Museum can be viewed efficiently in a short time.、Focus on the representative works of each era、Through Ear Taro (Voice Guide)、The explanation in the background of the author and the picture is detailed.。Because there is no guide in each work, the appearance changes greatly.、When you visit by yourself、It is a good idea to rent a Japanese audio guide at the rental counter in the museum.。Rental rates、1For people, it is about 5.80 yen (about 812 yen in Japanese yen)、2For people, it's about 1,120 yen in Japanese yen.。Pass your passport as a deposit、I return it at the same counter after viewing it.。


The very popular Uffizi Museum is recommended to book in advance.。Even if you don't make a reservation、It seems to be able to enter comparatively smoothly early in the morning or after 16:30 in the evening.、Let's be careful about fun sightseeing.。This time, the entrance is、Because it was assembled on the tour、Pre-booked by group。The ticket、Admission fee for the special exhibition period is 11 + reservation fee of 4 yen, total ingress is 15 yen (about 2,100 yen in Japanese yen)。Normally, the admission fee is 6.5 + the reservation fee is 4 yen, which is a total of 10. 5 (about 1,470 yen in Japanese yen)。If you're booking、Check the admission time written on the ticket、Let's go to the entrance (No.1) for the reservation ticket♪


Security check is entered immediately when entering the building、I'll leave my big baggage in the cloakroom.。3Take the stairs or elevator up to the second floor.、I have my ticket cut off and the entrance is complete.。From here, photography is prohibited.、I'm afraid I can't show you the details of the masterpiece.。The building is divided into rooms from the first room to the 45th.、If you go on your own、It is a good idea to purchase an official guidebook (japanese is also available)。The Uffitzi Museum is not so big.、If you only want to see the main work、You can turn it in about an hour.。It will take at least two to three hours for those who want to watch it carefully.。The works in the museum are also wonderful.、The ceiling of the corridor is decorated with grotesque patterns.、The pattern similar to the corridor of Raphael of the Vatican is noticeable.、No matter where I look, I'm going to have a sigh.。


Photography in the building is prohibited.、The only thing that allows me to shoot is、View from this building。The beyond is "Vecchio Bridge (Ii):Ponte Vecchio Ponte Vecchio。Across the Arno River、As the name "Old Bridge" in Italian says、It's Florence's oldest bridge.、It's Florence's only bridge that survived the last war.。Once after being washed away by the flood、1345rebuilt in、16In the middle of the 19th century, the vasari corridor was expanded.。On both sides of the bridge、It is known for its rows of goldsmiths.。


3There is a cafe with an outdoor terrace seat at the end of the 45th room on the second floor.、Espresso and cappuccino、It is a space where you can enjoy snacks.。Palazzo Vecchio towering over the open blue sky。Because I was fascinated by the masterpiece and continued a little lethargocity、It's a great place to take a break♪.


Out of the Uffitzi Museum、We'll take a step down to Piazza Dellioria, which overlooks the entrance to the Palazzo Vecchio.。Michelangelo's "David Statue (Replica)" at the left side of the entrance。And on the right flank、"The Statue of Hercules and Kirks" by the Medici sculptor Batchio Bandinelli。Even though it's a replica、Next to the beautiful David statue、The British newspaper Gardian、He describes the Hercules statue of Bandinelli as "a rotten apple during the Italian Renaissance."。


Certainly, if you look at the statue up close,、The difference is obvious.。Previous、If you want to see the original David statue that was here, please click "Accademia Gallery"To go!


Lanzi Corridor (Ii):Loggia dei Lanzi ロッジア・ディ・ランツィ)と呼ばれるアーチが3つ並んだテラスは華麗な彫像が並び古代およびルネッサンス美術の野外彫刻展示場(無料)になっています





Uffizi Museum
Location: Piazzale degli Uffizi, 6, 50122 Firenze, Italy TEL:+39 055 238 8651
Opening hours:8:15To 18:50 Closed days:Monday、一部の祝日

Piazzale degli Uffizi, 6, 50122 Firenze, Italy

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