In the cosy atmosphere of "Western food comptoir"、Feel free to taste French


-Iron train、Electric red known as 1st Avenue down to the station, located to the right toward the main street, small little bistro "Le Comptoir Western cuisine comptoir"Mr.。"Comptoir" refers "counter" in France.、Just as the name suggests、The distance of the counter seats, table seats、While feeling the warm people and cuisine while in a small space、As a shop where you can enjoy wine and food、Shop popular regardless of weekday weekend。Our chef Mr. Onishi、Originally, "Berkeley" in registered apprenticeship。Shop、While the soft lamp lighting、Sequence is a rustic wooden table and chairs、4 counter seats and tables 14 seats。Is not exaggeration to say bookings essential shop、Relatively、Monday and Thursday are vacant and。On this day、The real Buri while in too much、Turned out that Buri two years later if you look。Is a very nice place、Always in full because the head would not put、Get out of the shop list that I want to go?。From now on、Moon、I think you want to hear on Thursday aimed at.


"Chateau potash sack 1993" France Red

In no. 2 grade Château Léoville-Las cases and the same owner owned in recent years has been highly appreciated。Is not included in the 1855 classification because it is a bourgeois class、Has been treated in the evaluation rating of Chateau as well as from the quality of always。Got a unique fruit flavours like blackcurrant and Berry、Superior backbone and intensity、Pure, elegant、Good balance、Aged enough good workmanship, and is delicious!


"Green salad (many organic)" 1050 yen

Feel firm and crunchy, fresh vegetables。Original dressing is gently acidic sweetness of the vegetables and excellent compatibility.




Teppan Grill for the pig's ear (with watercress) 840 Yen

Pig-ear skin、Mimiga。Good crunchy crunchy of cartilage、Collagen rich because your skin is good ingredients。Lemon, and happy!


"Sauteed foie gras (with balsamic sauce) 1,890 JPY

Clemmie with foie gras sauteed crispy surface with rich balsamic vinegar soft acidity and is a rich source。Because the source is rich with baguette and taste delicious twice!


"Roasted sardines with olive oil (garlic hearty)" 840 yen

Ossicles are all just pretend she burst into sardine fired。From Calipari.、Must be accompanied by plenty of garlic hokku give it in.


"Chateau-Sox and Marais 1993" France Red

Wine that the Sox and male is no rating Chateau is 61、It is no doubt Château will be graded if there is review rating。In the field of terroir, the ideal、Has been made to close attention to viticulture、Of course in winemaking meticulously designed。Is deep.、With little strong reddish purple、Derived from Cabernet blackcurrant aromas and appears clearly、Discreet aromas from barrels of。Felt somewhat hard tannins on the palate、Good balance of sweet fruitiness and mild acid、Not too strong viscous、And have a solid body、Be lovely potential comparable to ratings Chateau!


"Veal beef tongue steak (cooked from there burn)" 1680 Yen

Slow cooked, slowly braised veal tongue (tongue) is toasted surface finish。Along with the cabbage with sweet tastes.


Not only in the "Neapolitan" * back menu menu、Is the special Neapolitan chef Onishi told us, to make them!


"Crème caramel (custard)" 420 Yen at as good smoothness、Caramel sauce is bittersweet adult pudding!


"Coffee" 420 Yen

Appetizer.、Small dish、More pasta, main location、At a reasonable price like a combination。Is is possible to book on the course, not à la carte、Cuisine of Onishi chef with this easy and steady, Fadeless say reasons for popularity。Also I think when they're available, you want to hear.

Le Comptoir Western cuisine comptoir
Address:Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-Cho 329-8 TEL:053-456-7120 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 329-8

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